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Yukon UFO Buff Fascinated By The Unexplained

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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 04:19:44 -0500
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Subject: Yukon UFO Buff Fascinated By The Unexplained

Source: The Whitehorse Daily Star - Yukon, Canada


UFO Buff Fascinated By The Unexplained
by Chuck Tobin

UFOs continue to drive Lorraine Bretlyn's curiosity.

So too, however, do stories of Big Foot and pretty much anything

And there is no shortage of them.

As the mainstay behind the local paranormal network, Bretlyn
runs advertisements in the classified ads asking for accounts of
anything seemingly inexplicable.

Responses are steady, and provide Bretlyn with more material
than she's able to investigate. She finds it hard to even cover
off her own files and personal experiences.

She points to a picture her partner, Dave Lavoie, took on Grey
Mountain while they were up there exploring a cave that's
popular with hikers.

The image superimposed on the landscape photograph looking south
from the mountainside is spherical, with three other small
spherical images inside.

There was nothing there when the picture was taken, she insists,
and suggests the image is too perfect to be sun flare from the

Bretlyn says to the untrained eye, a photograph might just be
another photograph. To her, however, they can be clear evidence
of paranormal activity.

She points to a night time picture dominated by what most would
see as snowflakes. She says without hesitation, and with no fear
of ridicule, that they are dinner bells. At a second glance,
they look like bells.

A friend who passed away recently gave Bretlyn a set of dinner
bells before she died.

Photographs of the three remaining houses in the Shipyards area
have produced some of the most active scenes of the paranormal,
says the 50-year-old audio-metric technician.

But so too has the Fish Lake Road site of the Pueblo Mine
tragedy of 1917.

"Even some of the older buildings around town were obviously
important to somebody or something, because I do get paranormal
things showing up there."

In another photo she took of a friend of hers, she points to a
speck in the sky she remembers nothing of when the picture was

Enlarged, it clearly shows dimensions not typical of any common

Bretlyn once lived next door to Martin Jasek. He was among those
largely responsible for starting up the monthly UFO column
published in the Star. The column ended when Jasek moved south.

"He was a closet ufologist," Bretlyn quips. She helped push him
out into the light after she struck up a conversation with him
when she noticed he had carved his Halloween pumpkin in the
shape of an alien.

Bretlyn continues her campaign for stories of the unexplainable
with her P.I.G. Publications =96 Paranormal Information Gathering.

Though having something of a broader focus, she still gets
regular reports of UFOs, like the one she witnessed a couple of
weeks ago along the Fish Lake Road.

She and Lavoie decided to check out a tip at about 9 p.m. They
had received a call from an Arkell resident who had been
watching an object through a telescope.

Sure enough, recalls Bretlyn, they witnessed an immobile object
that then moved and reappeared, in a fashion that was
inexplicable by any of today's common standards.

"I can't ID it; it is in the air and it is not a jet, so chalk
it down and it is a UFO," she said. "At the same time, people in
Arkell were watching it with a telescope.

"We had quite a few calls from around that area."

The interest among Yukoners in UFOs was quite apparent when, in
the fall of 2000, the UFO society hosted a conference on the
subject. It was sold out =96 standing room only, as it was
estimated more than 300 people attended at one point or another.

There is too, however, the terrestrial unexplained.

"One year, we had almost 100-per-cent Big Foot stories," Bretlyn

One of the callers, she said, wanted to know if she could make a
foot cast.

"And they were all different," she said of the Big Foot reports.
"And the most interesting one was from the Fish Lake Road."

But Bretlyn pointed out she's received a report from a Dawson
City woman who was most taken by footprints she came across in
the Tombstones area.

Whether it's in the sky, on the ground or in another plane,
Bretlyn says, there remains a keen interest among Yukoners in
the paranormal. Some are not adverse to speaking of their
feelings, and others are still shy about sharing their

In any case, says Bretlyn, P.I.G. Publications is still there,
and so is her interest in the unexplainable.

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