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Re: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You? - Novak

From: John Novak <john.nul>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 15:10:39 -0800
Fwd Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 07:52:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You? - Novak

>From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 11:26:54 EST
>Subject: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You?

>Since many of you have been in the fight either as researchers,
>skeptics, experiencers, has any of you ever been harrassed,
>warned or threatened?

While a few years old now, this article I'm including from James
Gilliland (www.eceti.org) and myself reflects the harrassment
we've had over the years. The most direct harrassment I had came
a year after we wrote the article.

On arriving home to the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, WA after
visiting family in Seattle, we found our bedroom had been
ransacked and everything gone through. It was quite upsetting,
especially after hearing from our housemate that two FBI agents
showed up the night before we returned and gave warnings about
an imminent terrorist attack that would take place in Seattle.
This was only a few weeks after the plane crashes on 9-11-01.

After cleaning up the mess, I sat own at my computer to send out
an urgent email about a UFO event that had taken place over the
weekend while we were gone. As soon as I hit the "send" button,
my computer crashed. It crashed so hard that I had to get a
whole new computer system. Hard drive, processor, modem, video
card...everything. The entire computer was wiped out.  I still
do not know if that was a legitimate terrorist warning they were
privy to, or if it was meant to intimidate after thrashing our
room and computer.

I really began to get scared at this point. Like I said, we had
just returned from Seattle. While in Seattle, I met up with a
different researcher who passed me along some very intersting
information that is now evidence in a class action lawsuit
agsinst the Federal Reserve (see our website for those details).
When returning to the ranch, there was a physicist and his wife
who had been doing research on "free energy" systems amongst
other technologies with James. After we all talked over what had
just transpired, he helped me calm down and suggested my wife
and I go get a meal at the restaurant down the road.

Sounded like a great plan. However, on the road to the
restaurant, we began noticing white vans and Chevy suburbans
passing us by, making sudden u-turns and then following us. All
of them had US government license plates. In all, there was
around 8-10 of these vehicles. Here we are out in the middle of
nowhere, suddenly getting surrounded by white governement
vehicles. We pulled off the road once we got the to the
restaurant and ran inside. We were followed in by a gentleman
you would call the typical "MIB". Full black suit, tie, dark
glasses and he continually spoke into what was probably a
microphone on his sleeve collar. He took a both across from us
and never took his eyes from me.

I went from being scared to being pretty freaked out. I had no
idea what was going to happen. Wasn't sure if they were going to
take me away in a van or what. And there I was with my wife and
child. I had heard the stories about people who just dissapear,
never to be heard from again, and I feared that this was the
last meal I would ever share with my family. I just hoped that
if they did take me away, that they would do so away from the
eyes of my son. That was not the last memory of his father I
wanted him to have.

I finally put my head in my hands, closed my eyes and said with
a heavy sigh and a few tears, "I think it's time to forget all
this research and just go back to Seattle. I'll find a regular
job and we'll just pretend none of this happened."

After about 30-40 seconds of deep thought, I looked up and the
guy in the booth was gone. The white vehicles outside were gone.

Three days later we were packed and on our way to visit family
in Michigan for 3 months.

I have not had the harrasment since. James continues to have
problems with state officials, but after talking with some black
budget boys who went to the ranch to see the UFOs for
themselves, it seems the federal harrassment is over. James told
them that the harassment needed to end, and for the most part it

The only thing now I can say may be harrassment is my wife lost
two jobs since then. Both times it occured right after
publishing research over my own website. Coincidence? Perhaps.
But the timing has been uncanny.

I know many of you think James is a fraud and we faked or
misinterpret the videos and photographs. That he's nothing but
another New Age whacko. Neat. Your right to think so. However, I
can tell you that nothing was ever faked under my watch, and I
was his webmaster for many years. I also lived there for 6
months in 2001. I visited regularly.

I do not know if James is truly speaking to ET. I do not know if
there are pilots behind these unknown craft that fly over and
sometime land on Mt. Adams on a regular basis. But it sure seems
something very real is happening in that place and has been for
centuries. James just happens to be the most vocal and
charismatic personality to go public about his experiences

It is such as shame that the people who could do the most
scientific study on the place are the ones who have been most
upset by James and his spiritual message. In many ways, I think
the UFO community itself is much more harassing, intimidating
and outright manipulative than any MIBs.

For instance, James sent the state director for MUFON here in
Washington a copy of all the best video and all the background
research materials done on the area by ourselves and from the
research commisioned by Hynek's UFO group. The director took all
this to his small group of people that he said included a
minister, lawyer amongst others.

After going over all the material, he said they came to the
conclusion that there was definitely something going on over
Trout Lake, but because of James' spiritual beliefs, they were
not interested in continuing the research!

Say what?!#&^%!%@#!

Who the hell cares what James believes? Investigate the damn
UFOs, please!

Then Peter Davenport went on a spree of slamming the UFO
activity at the ranch as nothing more than satellites and
calling us all liars and charlatans at all the local MUFON and
other UFO and paranormal events in the Seattle area. He even
denied that UFO hotspots existed when interviewed by Art Bell!
And he never even bothered to look at the evidence or go there
to investigate for himself.

What is wrong with this picture? Dr. Hynek commissions studies
of the area and calls it ideal for UFO study considering the
massive amounts of research, documentation and ongoing sightings
and anomalous activity. Other researchers make similar
conclusions as the years go by.

20 years after Hynek, James Gilliland and a whole host of
independent investigators come along and get the video and film
that has eluded past researchers.

Even the video clips that have been shown on television such as
on the History Channel are not the best ones James and others
have. The editors keep leaving out the good stuff and putting on
skeptibunkers. I could not believe my ears when I saw a
skeptibunker saying that these were nothing more than sattelites
as they were showing a clip of a UFO on the frickin' side of the
Mt. Adams, morphing, splitting into 4 and coming back together.
A sattelite on the ground? And then no follow up comment on such
absurdity? Come on people!

And this is just my own personal experience with one UFO
hotspot. I am only one of many all over this planet with similar
tales of harrasment from MIBs and Ufologists.

-John Novak



The bringing of this message to you has been very costly and has
been met with great resistance. It would be in error not to
mention the dark side of contact with benevolent, spiritually
and technologically advanced off world visitors. There is an
elite of which their main goal is to keep you in darkness,
subservient and dependent upon them for all of your physical and
spiritual needs.

There are three things which threaten this elite group most the
most of which is sovereignty. Each individual making their own
personal God connection is a threat. This would do away with the
hierarchical structure where men put themselves between God and
the individual to control and enslave the masses. The
realization that the Creator is not separate from creation is a
threat.. When one realizes the true meaning of Omnipresent,
warring on the other children of God in all their diversity
ends. Warring on and the destruction of Nature, our environment
ends. The ability of those to capitalize at the expense of
Humanity and Nature ends. This is the greatest threat to the war
industry. Enlightenment, Sovereignty, Universal Peace and the
right to free will and self determination all threaten this
elite group.

These are the principles by which we operate. There have been
serious consequences for standing on these basic human and
divine rights.

Our first attacks came from above. Choi, a good friend who had
filmed a Pleiadian ship after a telepathic contact which told
him to take his video camera on a plane from Portland to LA, was
hit with psychotronics. Shortly after mailing out 9 video copies
of the tape, we were visited by black helicopters. They circled
the ranch at low elevation three times video taping the ranch,
after which they dropped down 2 feet above the ground thirty
yards away in a stare down. I could see the mole on the right
cheek of the pilot and the tan jump suit with an insignia he was
wearing. This was in the presence of two families and a couple
of friends. It was an intimidation run and the noise shook the
two houses.

Late one night Choi was hit by some sort of beam. It caused his
heart to skip. He could not breath and he broke out with lesions
all over his body. The Pleiadians intervened and healed him. The
lesions disappeared as quick as they came. He was later told his
student visa was no longer valid and was sent back to Korea.

My other good friend Paul was arrested and sent to jail on a
trumped up charge for a year. It had to do with using safe and
natural means of pest control not sanctified by the industry. I
myself have had a fictitious job and income assigned to me, have
had liens based on fraudulent information placed against the
property by the State of Washington. This has gone all the way
to the governor's office, yet nothing was done. So much for
truth and justice.

I have also been hit on a regular basis with psychotronics, have
had my truck sabotaged on several occasions, one of which the
entire wheel and rim came off on the highway. My books were
taken off the ISBN list or shown to be out of print.

Our web site has been attacked and our account erased. The
people at the server said that if they did not know me and were
good friends with me, they would have to say I never existed.

My webmaster's computer was hacked into somehow earlier this
year. The perpetrators were able to invisibly disable his anti-
virus software so they could then upload a swarm of computer
viruses, causing him to have to reformat his hard drive several
times. This coincidentally happened on the same day some big
name computer hardware and software corporations (one who makes
the processor and one who makes the anti-virus software on his
computer) and military intelligence people gave the site a look.
In just the last few months, his personal website was disabled
the same day he left to come visit the center here. On his way
home with his wife and 2 year old child, his entire rear wheel
and rim came off his car while driving. The next day his health
took an immediate turn for the worse and he was in and out of
the hospital 4 different times with two extended stays for
pancreatitis that the doctors still have no answers as to why it
happened. During his first hospitalization in early April, he
had an NDE and came out enlightened. He also had to be taken by
an aid car to the emergency room earlier this month because of a
full grand mal seizure.

Our phones went down constantly at crucial times and we had some
power outages that destroyed most of the equipment in the house.
It happened at the pole. Was it tampering? I have also had my
checking account stripped of all funds.

This has not deterred us. It has only made us more determined to
get out the truth. Although it has been very costly on many
levels to friends and family, if asked I would do it all over
again [webmaster's note: so would I!]. I believe in honesty,
integrity, courage, and universal justice. They are our true
nature and cannot be suppressed forever.

These people who would like to hold you in darkness and
subservience have been very clever. They have, however, not been
wise. What ever pain, suffering or loss they have brought upon
others, they will have to endure. There is a greater force they
cannot fight nor run from. That force is pressing hard on upon
them and their days of tyranny are coming to a close.

Most of the attacks have ceased other than a few covert
disruptions. I believe it is due to the fact that we came out
with the information rather than hide. I am a little fish in
this process. When enough fish get together you have a school. A
mystery school. Don't let our efforts be in vain. We need your
help individually and collectively.

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