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Re: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You? - Hebert

From: Amy Hebert <vanguard.nul>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 20:30:52 -0600
Fwd Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 12:36:55 -0500
Subject: Re: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You? - Hebert

>From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 11:26:54 EST
>Subject: Harrassment - Has It Happened To You?

>Often we read or hear or watch on TV where witnesses to UFO
>events, investigators and experiencers mention that they got a
>'visit' either by persons posing as government officials or bona
>fide government officials. Also stories of shadowy characters
>who seem to know more than the average bear.

>Since many of you have been in the fight either as researchers,
>skeptics, experiencers, has any of you ever been harrassed,
>warned or threatened?

>How did you handle it?

>Is this a real situation or overblown?

Hi, Greg:

Now that you mention it....

(I will have to do this in two-parts because it is such a long

On June 7, 1997, around 9:50pm, I walked into my back yard to
calm my two dogs who were going absolutely berserk barking at
something behind our house. I then saw something in the sky to
the west that looked like a crescent moon but was definitely
_not_ the moon (long story). About fifteen minutes after it
finally disappeared from it's position behind my house, two
people 106 miles south of my location saw the exact same thing
_and_ saw two smaller, shiny, cigar-shaped objects go into it
before it descended into the field below.

I posted my sighting to a UFO List I (not UFO Updates), left a
report on the NUFORC answering machine and called the FAA, the guy
only laughed. But what I saw that night changed my life forever.

(I don't call this harrassment but @ 22 hours after I first
contacted and interviewed the other two witnesses, two large
charcoal-colored airplanes followed by a helicopter with a dark-
tented canopy flew real low over my house - shook the windows,
circled then the helicopter circled and landed, circled and
landed at the exact spot where the object was that I saw on June
7th. After they left, I called the other witnesses and before I
could say a word, the witness said a helicopter had just circled
their house and the area several times.)

About 3 weeks later on June 26, 1997, I received an E-mail from
a guy who claimed to work for the federal government - "OSI" -
 asking me to call his office in Langley, Va. He also wrote to
the other two people who saw the same or similar object that I
saw on June 7th and told them he was with the OSI and wanted to
talk to them. What was unusual was that the only place I posted
my sighting was completely separate from the list where the
couple had their report posted. Only one person had contacted me
about my sighting prior to this "OSI" guy. In other words, no
one seemed to care about what we saw and most people dismissed
as a misidentification.

I wrote the "OSI" guy back saying that I doubted he was with the
OSI and he would have to prove it. He then wrote back giving me
a brief bio about himself, gave me his phone number and again
asked me to call him at his office and said to ask for "agent
Eddie Thomas" (he also signed with the name "Edward Page" in one
of our correspondences). I called the operator and she told me
the area code indicated a number in Oklahoma. I then called the
number, got an answering machine with some kind of rock music
and what sounded like a teenager telling me to leave a message.
I died laughing.

I E-mailed "Mr. Thomas" and told him I was very busy and didn't
have time for his little games. He replied that the number I
called was his home number but his office was in Langley, Va. He
said that if necessary he could have me "completely checked out"
and gather any information he wanted about me. This, of course,
ticked me off so I just ignored his letters after that. (I
advised the other two witnesses to let me handle him because he
sounded like a joker.)

Mr. Thomas kept E-mailing me asking me to call him and he wanted
to arrange an "interview" with me - in person. He was nicer in
his subsequent letters but quite persistent. Finally, I figured
"what-the-hell" and called him just to get him out of my face.
This time he answered the phone and we talked. He was nice
enough on the phone but I thought he seemed to talk more about
what _he_ knew about UFO's than ask me questions about my
sighting and what the couple had seen. We made an appointment to
meet at a restaurant in my town a week later and I would show
him where I saw the object (I planned to take him to the field
near my house but not to my house and take a friend for
protection because I didn't know this guy).

Not once did I believe Mr. Thomas was who he claimed to be. I
only agreed to meet with him because I am friendly and it seemed
so important to him. As I expected, Mr. Thomas E-mailed me a few
days before our scheduled meeting and said he could not keep our
appointment and would contact me when he returned from wherever
it was he had to go. I never heard back from him.

About two years later, I came across his E-mails while cleaning
out my files so I wrote to him and asked how he was doing. I
told him, again, I never believed he was with the OSI and I knew
he was going to cancel our appointment. To my surprise, he
answered still claiming he was with the OSI working and
traveling a lot. We corresponded for a while but he continued to
insist he was an agent with the OSI. (I found his character
interesting and the psychotherapist side of me wanted to
understand why people pretend to be something they are not.)

About every year or so I would contact Mr. Thomas just to see
what he was up to. He eventually moved to a town in Texas and
told me he was writing a movie script and opening up his own
movie studio and still insisted he worked for the OSI..

One time I wrote and asked him to send me his employee ID number
and fax me a copy of his employment ID (as he had offered to do
in one of our correspondences). As to be expected, he replied
that "internal policies" required the information be kept
private or it would get him in trouble. I finally gave up and
forgot about the "OSI" guy. Never did get him to tell the truth
but it was an interesting study.

One day, in response to something I had mentioned on the UFO Updates
list about an encounter with an "OSI" guy, a subscriber contacted me
wanting to know more about my experiences with this individual (I will
not specify this person in public because he is still on this list and
I admire and respect him). He-who-must-not-be-named (henceforth
referred to as 'Nameless') asked me all
kinds of questions which I answered to the best of my abilities.
Luckily, I had saved all my correspondences with the OSI guy so I sent
copies of these to 'Nameless'.

After reviewing my answers, 'Nameless' said it appeared that I had
been contacted by the _same_ individual that he and another person had
been investigating for years, since 1997. As it turned out, my "OSI"
guy was contacting others around the same time he began contacting me
in June, 1997 - only with a different story. After comparing notes,
'Nameless' said
that not only did the names used by this individual match the names
to the other person involved in his investigation ("Edward Page" and
"Eddie Thomas" - publicly available), the phone number given to me by
Mr.Thomas/Page matched the phone number given to the other person by
same Mr.Thomas/Page (not made public).

After corresponding for a while, 'Nameless' asked me
to keep the "Page situation" confidential until they obtained more
information and the other person had decided on a course of action. I

"I promise to keep the situation confidential until we obtain more
information and some course of action is decided upon, acted upon and
Mr. Page is reported and stopped. I can't promise to keep quiet
forever because people need to be warned about those like Mr. Page and
told the truth. If "friend of Nameless" takes care of it, fine. But
if he avoids setting the record straight, I will not be part of any
cover-up or lie."

I was already writing an article describing my encounters with
the "OSI guy" and my own subsequent investigation I planned to
share with the public long before 'Nameless' first contacted me.
Although I didn't think anyone would really care, I wanted to
warn others about people like Mr. Thomas/Page and alert the
public to these types of hoaxers. Due to 'Nameless's request, I
decided to put off releasing my article for a while.

From June 4, 2002 to October 3, 2002, 'Nameless' and I continued
to correspond. I began to feel like the truth about this
situation might never be told and became concerned that the
other person involved in the investigation might have more to
lose than gain by going public with the truth and might be
trying to bury it.

I asked if either 'Nameless' or his friend had ever contacted
the OSI about this guy to ask questions or report this guy. I
also asked 'Nameless' if they had reported Mr. Thomas/Page to
the authorities for impersonating an OSI agent. 'Nameless'
replied that it would be "first on the list".  I asked
'Nameless' this question again several months later and he
replied, "Not as of yet."

In August, 2002, in the course of my own investigation, I
contacted the OSI office in Hampton, Va. (actual location for
the OSI office of Langley. Va.). I asked the guy who answered
the phone who I needed to talk to about an individual who had
contacted me in June, 1997 claiming to be an "OSI agent"? Since
he wasn't sure what I was talking about, I briefly told him
about my encounter with the "OSI guy" who had E-mailed me from
an AOL address. The fact that Mr. Thomas had been E-mailing me
from an AOL address (the OSI uses AOL?) seemed most amusing to
him but he was very nice. He then put me on hold and transferred
me to someone who gave his name as "Special Agent -----------".

Again, I explained my encounter with Mr. Thomas/Page who had
sent E-mails using AOL claiming he was an OSI agent. I asked if
a Mr. Eddie or Edward Thomas or an Eddie or Edward Page had ever
been employed by or worked for his office and he said he'd never
heard of him. He then explained that they do not investigate
such claims (of people impersonating OSI agents) in his office
and referred me to the FBI. At that point, after telling the
story twice, I began to feel quite foolish for going that far in
investigating Mr. Thomas' outrageous claims.

It had barely been one year since 9-11 and here I was taking up
the time of these fine federal employees who had terrorists and
other threats to our country to deal with. I called the FBI and
they gave me the number of the office to call that handles
people like Mr. Thomas but I never called it. Mr. Thomas was,
afterall, nothing but a two-bit hoaxer and hardly worth _my_
time let alone the OSI or FBI's time.

Five years after the encounter with the "OSI" guy, 'Nameless'
and his friend were _still_ investigating. The friend of
'Nameless' had published his story on the internet leading
others to believe the OSI goes around 'contacting' and
'watching' UFO researchers and investigators. With increasing
suspicion, I wrote to 'Nameless' and asked him why his friend,
knowing what he knew about Mr. Thomas/Page continued to make his
story and video available on the internet. 'Nameless' replied,

"There is nothing questionable about the data, only about the
individual's motives that instigated the event! Moreover, when
this ordeal comes to its conclusion, and if it proves to be a
100% hoax, very little changes will have to be made to the "----
-------- video" if _____________ continues to offer it to the
public. Personally, I believe that the "------------"
information is important to Ufology either way."

'Nameless' went on to describe his friend's upstanding moral
character and how much mental anguish he had suffered as a
result of his encounters with Mr. Thomas/Page. At the end of his
letter, 'Nameless' finally told me to contact his friend
directly.  After 5 months, I still had not been contacted by the
other person involved in the 'investigation'. All correspondence
had been routed through 'Nameless' to his friend and from his
friend back to me.

I wrote to the other person involved in the 'investigation' on
November 3, 2002. I introduced myself and indicated that he
should already know me through my correspondences with
'Nameless'. The friend of 'Nameless' replied that he didn't know
me but only knew "of" me through 'Nameless'.? From there, he
went on and on about our experiences with the same person being
completely different, how displeased he was that I would
question his motives for not coming forth with the truth (yet
continued to post his story on the internet - with accompanying
video), and since I wasn't there during his 'encounters' with
the OSI guy, I had no right to make assumptions about how the
truth should be handled.

The friend of 'Nameless' also made it quite clear that he had
copyrighted his story with the Library of Congress and anyone
using any portion of his story as described in his 2-hour video
or as posted on his web site would be violating copyright laws
and subject to the consequences of such copyright laws by using
any part of it without his permission.

However, this friend of 'Nameless' holds no copyrights to MY
story nor can he copyright the truth. No one owns the truth, it
belongs to all.

I asked the friend of 'Nameless' if we could cooperate and write
an article together detailing what we had learned about Mr.
Thomas/Page so he could never do to others what he had done to
us. The friend of 'Nameless' said he planned to make everything
public when his investigation was complete but he wasn't there
yet. Repeatedly, this friend of 'Nameless' emphasized that he
_still_ didn't know for certain that it was all a hoax. And his
explanation for keeping his original story and video available
on the internet was,

"Of over 2000 web sites on Roswell on the www, mine is
considered one of the top ten, which I'm extremely proud of. The
reason for that is my method of doing research and my honesty in
sharing information with the public and letting them decide what
they want to believe."

Well, I hardly have a web site so it's definitely not one of the
"top ten". It's been almost seven years now since my encounters
with the "OSI guy" first began. I've waited more than a year and
a half for 'Nameless' and his friend to do something about
setting the record straight but the story and the video remain
posted on the internet, unaltered, still letting people decide
what they want to believe.

As it turns out, Eddie aka "Ed", "Edward" Thomas/Page was
nothing more than a truck driver. According to his ex-wife,
Eddie enjoyed spinning wild tales and used the materials for his
scripts and short stories he liked to write. Mr. Thomas never
worked for the OSI.

But then, who knows, perhaps the more modern MIB's drive 18
wheelers and wear baseball hats advertising "Joe's Crab Shack".
It is, after all, a new millennium.

A. Hebert

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." --Franklin Delano

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