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Jim Mortellaro #2

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg.nul>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 09:01:17 -0600
Fwd Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 11:24:32 -0500
Subject: Jim Mortellaro #2

Time for more embarrassing self-disclosure, folks, but I can't
very well stand still for extremely significant threats serially
communicated to me - and to my family! - by a person acting, in
my opinion, like a piqued and spoiled infant because I refuse to
support him , believing him, or credit, in any way, his
incredulous story!

My opinion is my own, formed from _my_ experience, and is a
result of _personal_ filters - like all of us... - _however_
canted or biased! I won't apologize for it or them!

I could be all wet regarding my position on the verity of the
good doctor! I will; however, express my opinion, sir, madam,
and other entities (or infants!) lurking, and will not be
intimidated by litigious bullies communicating their scurrilous
threats through harried third persons!

Forwarded to me through another party, the following missive
from Doctor Jim Mortellaro is the latest installment in a string
of written intimidations from same, threats of civil action, and
one even trying, in my astonished opinion - also sent through a
third person [and how *intelligent* is that?] - suggests
extortion(!) ...because I'm "off the hook" regarding a costly
civil suit, if I facilitate his business plan by writing a
glowing report for him on UFO UpDates!

Forwarded Message from Dr. Mortellaro follows - my comments


>From: Jsmortell.nul
>To: [removed]
>Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2004 1:00 AM
>Subject: Fwd: bufo radio

>'Fraid you won't get any good news from me.

Thing is, Dr. Mortellaro _never_ had any good news - in my

>Your friend is spreading his venom to any
>venue he decides is appropriate in which to
>hurt me.

I am expressing an individual opinion on a public List and I
remind the good Doctor that it wasn't "venom" while it was
employed in his service, and all injury in the matter
experienced by same is, and has always been, in my opinion,
largely self-imposed! Moreover, there is no _less_ injury
imposed than the threat of even _specious_ legal action for
daring to speak out in a free society, unfettered by serially
bullying, litigiously intimidating and self-aggrandizing
neo-cons! <imo>

>[name removed] ... this is undeserved.

_That_ would be the good Doctor's opinion.

>With respect, I
>don't think I will take more. Here is proof
>positive of liable.

"Liable" is communication of an 'untruth' as fact. Reasonable
opinions, even expressed publicly, have some protection. "Proof
positive" would appear to be an artful, convenient, and
arbitrary stretch on the Doctor's part.

>He can't afford attorney
>fees, let alone my winning a liable suit.

Doctor Mortellaro is quite correct about that... several years
of suffering persecution for rational/ethical interests
involving UFOs (and abductions) and the lost annual wages that
that implies, _has_ made attorney fees impossible to afford. Set
point, Doctor. But, neither can I afford an obnoxious bully who
would <imo> control my thoughts, threaten my wife and very
critically-ill mother, or try to extort behaviors from me that
hull-breaches my self-respect, despoils my pride, and
compromises my _earned_ integrity! In your _eye_, sir!

>I can handle both. Quite well.

An activity in which, I would predict, the good Doctor has had
no small amount of practice...

>All I need now is proof that he has indeed
>affected my ability to be successful at my
>endeavor, whatever that might be,

Denied, even justifiably, profit in one venue the intrepid
'entrepreneur' will seek another? No one is meant to be
'threatened' or 'intimidated' in the exercise... it's "just
business", after all? Sad that my holdings are burned at
the stake of Dr. Mortellaro's fickle pique and justifiably
deflated pride, but that's the way the "cookie crumbles"?

>...and he
>belongs to me. Lock, stock and home.

"Lock, stock and home..." What would the reader feel upon
receipt of this communication?

It's been ten long years in cyberspace and no one, to _this_ sad
point, had yet threatened to destroy my life, appropriate my
home, and put me out on the street for becoming disenchanted
with him -  and I _am_ disenchanted with him.

It _is_ true that I no longer believe him. It is _fact_ that I
can no longer testify to his verity or provide a quality
reference for him - even under threat of litigation -
_especially_ under threat of litigation! Were I to succumb to
this discomfiting scurrilous intimidation _I_ would become the
unbravery that I decry everywhere else! What would the reader

Can one be sued for refusing to believe?

>He's your friend. In'he?

>Jim Mortellaro


I was the doctor's respectful friend once, his best friend for a
time - a friend that helped him with his health, supported his
assertions, and believed his incredible story. Now I don't.

Consequently, I won't be threatened, intimidated, and bullied
for changing my mind for reasons I find personally compelling.

Sorry Doctor - I suppose you're just going to have to do your
worst... your threats are unconsidered and fatuous, your
intimidations are impertinent and immature, and your juvenile
attitude says a whole lot more about you than it does about me
(in my _opinion_). All three are now public. ...Another bed you
made. Verily.


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