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Re: "Sight Unseen:" Distortions and Innuendos -

From: Luis R. Gonzalez <lrgm.nul>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 10:10:45 +0100
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 12:37:09 -0500
Subject: Re: "Sight Unseen:" Distortions and Innuendos -

>From: Katharina Wilson <K_Wilson.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:43:10 -0500
>Subject: "Sight Unseen:" Distortions and Innuendos

>I am truly disappointed in the way my case and Hopkins' and
>Rainey's one or two possible explanations relating to it has
>been distorted and misquoted by some on this List.

Sorry, Katharina, up to now I have considered you a serious
person, even if I do not believe in the objective reality of
your stories. I only mentioned your case, just because _you_
wrote about it first and I wished to take advantage of your
presence here to learn more. Remember I wrote:

>>But, taking advantage of Katharina Wilson's presence,
>>I would like to learn more about her "airport incident".

>>As presented in the book, Budd's "Strange Case of
>>the Relictant Faucets" goes like this (please, correct me
>>if I get something wrong):

Can you explain precisely what I so grossly distorted and

>I gave Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey permission to publish my
>case in their book. With all due respect to Errol, I did not
>give Luis R. Gonzalez permission to re-write, summarize and ad
>innuendo to it, to be published on UFO UpPates or any other

>The material is copyrighted and in my opinion, the way it was
>used does not fall into "fair usage" under copyright law.

>Because of misstatements of the facts and personal innuendos,
>people who do not read the book are going to have a completely
>biased view of that particular case and possibly the entire
>book. That must be what Mr. Gonzalez was after in the first

Please, what personal innuendos did I write in my summary? I
have read it again in case I missed something offensive I might
have written, and do not find a word. Which misstatements? Any
summary is precisely that, summarized, but I think I did not
leave outside anything important or distorted excesively the
situation..... In any case, I sincerely have never intended to
insult anybody, and ask forgiveness if I have offended you

You make a terrible accusation: that my "real" intention
probably was to infuse in potential readers a biased view. You
cannot be more wrong. My personal position is always trying to
get the first hand version of anything. This is why, to mention
an example I already used in this List, I got and read
"Nighteyes" in reference to Linda Cortile's case; to ponder by
myself if the alleged similarities were such. So, here and now,
again I say. Please, do not trust any opinion here, reach your
own one, reading "Sight Unseen" and even, if the persons are
willing and cooperative, asking them (publicly or privately) for
clarifications. In this case, you Katharina, just a few days
Linda Cortile, some months ago John Velez.

Unfortunately, it seems that you cannot accept any other
interpretation that the one you are already committed to. If I
began dissecting any incident trying to get the real facts (not
coloured by _any_ interpretation), the response I got is always
a tantrum, accusations of disloyalty or worse, and the severance
of any future exchange.

>What you have read by some on this List are not the facts
>pertaining to my case or the way it was presented in "Sight

>If you want to understand all sides of the issues being
>discussed here, go buy the book, or better yet, since Mr.
>Gonzalez thinks it is such a bad book, maybe he can mail you his

Sorry, I am a compulsive reader and book-lover. If I had thrown
away all the bad books I have bought, my library would be quite,
quite small. I sincerely think the book is worth reading, but
not worth buying. In fact, I have just read it from cover to
cover. But I was confirmed in my initial idea (not surprise
here, you surely think), it is not even original, if only I miss
any discussion about antigravity. It belongs to the old lineage
of ufological books (almost since the early 50s) which
extrapolating wildly from the scientific knowledge at the time,
tried to explain why those magical UFOs are not so unbelievable
after all.

>>I got it last Christmas, read the dust covers, leafed through
>>it, and put it back behind some other titles like Howe's
>>Glimpses... (I finally decided to get them after the recent
>>debate about that alleged Brazilian abduction's photos). But I

>Mr. Gonzalez, could you please tell the List and me what Linda
>Howe's "Glimpses of Other Realities" and the alleged Brazilian
>abductions have to do with my case?

Absolutely _nothing_. Believe me or not, I was only explaining
why I have delayed the reading of "Sight Unseen".

>The question is rhetorical - your innuendo is perfectly clear.

You are reading malevolent intentions, where there is none.

>Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but keep the facts
>straight and don't _rewrite_ any more portions of my case to
>serve your preconceived notion of what you _think_ happened to

I do not know what happened to you. But I cannot avoid my
surprise. As I said at the beginning, I really considered you a
serious and intelligent person (and before you say so, I do
_not_ think you are hoaxing anything). So, it really surprise me
that such an intelligent person would be unable to make a
"reality check" at the restroom: stop and look clearly for her
reflection in any mirror, touch anybody, etc. If what Hopkins
wrote about your incident is precise, it really shows that you
were far more agitated and confused that you really acknowledge.

After following the reactions in this thread, I have abandoned
all hope of having a rational debate here anytime. If I dare not
to agree with your interpretations of your anecdotal stories, I
am not only an idiot, uncapable to see such a clear reality
(this could certainly be true, even if it would be hard to
admit), but I am also a bad person, purposely trying to insult
and denigrate other people for my own dark interests. And that
is _neither_ true _nor_ acceptable.

I try never to read intentions behind words. I am quite fed up
others do that continuosly as an excuse not to debate.


Luis R. Gonzalez Manso

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