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Reports To HBCC UFO - 02-05-04

From: Brian Vike - HBCC UFO <hbccufo.nul>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 22:09:29 -0800
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 11:35:50 -0500
Subject: Reports To HBCC UFO - 02-05-04


A couple of things I have received. Also I have been receiving
abduction reports every week, some are very good cases. I will
keep all updated as I roll along.

I have the new site up and running, it is a great looking
website, and this is thanks to two wonderful people, one who
donated the domain name and website, and another who built the
site up from scrach. I can't thank them all enough.


Houston, British Columbia

Date:  February 3, 2004
Time:  7:06 a.m.

This sighting took place approx: 5 kilometers west of Houston,
British Columbia. The area where the sighting took place has
been a very active location for numerous sightings over 2002 and
2003. The farm I visited today (February 4, 2003) sits high
above the Bulkley Valley and these folks and their neighbors
have a terrific view of all the surroundings.

A witness called me on the morning of February 4, 2004 to report
that she and her husband both saw something that didn't look
right. The woman gets up early to get her husband and children
ready for the day's work and school. As she made her way through
her home at 7:06 a.m. she walked by the kitchen sink, stopped,
backed up and gave a call out for her husband to come and have a
look at what she was watching.

Both stood inside their home looking out the window at a moon
sized object. It's color was very bright, (a good example would
be if you were sitting looking into a camp fire watching the
bright colored flames shooting up). This object was "bright"!
The witness only could guess as to the shape of it, but thought
it was circular. She reported to me the top of the object was
domed shaped for sure. (also what is very important in this
story is that it was completely dark outside, the sun had not
started to rise).

The farm the family owns is very large, and there is a great
deal of pasture. From the kitchen where they observed the
object, there is a clump of poplar and spruce trees. Then behind
that is another opening of pasture area, then another row or
clump of trees. In-between these rows of trees,  is where the
object was seen moving about. Not in an erratic fashion at all,
it just dropped down slowly and "stopped"!

Since the orange glowing object was staying stationary at the
time, the lady grabbed her video camera and started to shoot
some film from the kitchen window. Because what she and her
husband were watching was certainly strange looking, she thought
about making a move to the outside onto the patio. She ran
quickly to the front door, opened it and went outside with video
camera in hand. When she looked over to the area where the
object was sitting, or had been ....it had vanished. The woman
ran back inside to the kitchen window again, and there it was,
sitting stationary and shining very brightly. So she shot a
little more footage until it just blinked out.

After I took the call about the sighting, I asked was she going
to be at home for a while, and if so, I would like to come out
to have a look around. I also wanted to take a look at the
footage and do the report of the sighting. The witness said it
would be fine if I wanted to come up to their home right away,
so I grabbed my keys and headed out.

I was greeted by the witnesses when I arrived and she explained
exactly what they saw, showed me where the object was located
and where she was standing when filming. The lady then showed me
into the kitchen and told me that this is where she first
noticed it. She then took me outside and pointed to where the
object was when she tried to capture it on film.

I said you are kidding, because it would not have mattered from
either location the lady was filming from, the object should
have been visible. With winter here the popular trees had
already dropped their leaves months ago. There were not many
spruce trees in the area to block out such a large object. Why
the witness could not see it when she went outdoors is a mystery
to me, there was nothing to block out this large orange glowing
object. I could see clearly through the first set of trees to
the second row. So why the light disappeared has me baffled.

We went back into the house so she could let me view the footage
she shot. What I viewed was a totally blackened area, there was
no light from an approaching sunrise. The object as the witness
described to me was sitting exactly where she told me it was. It
was a brilliant orange light and extremely large in size.
Something else I found interesting was one of the larger popular
trees which was in front of the light, (closest to their home
and at the edge of the open field) there is what looks like a
string of lights which is running down the tree. When I first
looked at this part in the footage it reminded me as if one was
looking at a set of Christmas lights running from the top
branches downward to about half the length of the tree. The
lights also spread out over a few of the larger branches as
well. These streamers of light were also very bright.

I eventually left the witnesses home and drove up the road to
look around away from the site where the object had been seen.
But from the vantage point I was at now, I was able to look over
all the fields and the valley below. I did not see anything out
of the norm. I also drove back down the road and stopped at the
side of the road and looked around the area where the large
object was spotted, again I saw no signs of any kind of
disturbance in the snow or around and on any of the trees.

So what the husband and wife witnessed is an unknown for now.

I was also given a copy of the tape to have it looked at.

Prince George, British Columbia

Date:  January, 30, 2004
Time:  9:45 p.m.

I received a call on the toll free line from a woman who resides
in Prince George, British Columbia. She wanted to report seeing
a circular ball of red light approx: one block from her home. It
was bright and the witness watched the object rise up from
behind the trees in the neighborhood. It stopped briefly then
moved slowly towards the west for a short distance before it
came to a complete stop. The red light dropped down towards the
trees, but stopped just short of the tops. Again it rose up
rather quickly, then stopped and sat stationary for a few
seconds. It finally continued it's travels maneuvering in a
strange fashion towards the west. The witness said as it flew a
long it would make a tight maneuver on a curve, in other words
it looks as if it was going around a bend. The object continued
in this motion until it was out of her line of sight. Also the
lady I talked with had called her Mother out of the house when
she first saw it, both daughter and Mother observed the object.
No sound was reported associated to it.

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.


Prince George, B. C.

Date:  January 5, 2004
Time:  approx: 4:00 p.m.

A lady called me from Prince George, British Columbia to file a
report on something unusual she had witnessed on January 5, 2004
at approx: 4:00 p.m. She was standing by the Future Shop with
her back to the building. The lady said it was almost completely
dark out when she spotted it just above the horizon over one of
the local hills. A short contrail, coral red in color. She
mentioned if it had of been light out she may have been able to
see the body of the craft, or something that may have been
making the colored contrail. But because of the time of day, and
being almost pitch black out she could not see what was causing
the contrail. The witness said it was very bright, defined
trail. The lady said she didn't believe it was very high up in
the sky and the object did not have any flashing strobe lights
on it. It traveled on a steady, straight path not making any
unusual moments as it flew along. The witness said she observed
it for approx: a couple of minutes and then she walked back into
the store. The object was still visible at the time she stopped
watching it. So we have no idea just how long the lady would
have been able to observe it for.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Nelway, B.C. Sasqutach Sighting

Date:  Tuesday 20, 2004
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Four witnesses traveling highway #6 south of Salmo near Nelway,
B.C., claim to have seen a large hair covered creature crossing
the highway approx: 200 feet in front of the car. They said the
beast must have been well over 7 feet in height and was
completely covered with hair. Due to it being dark out, the
witnesses all describe the creature as being darkish in color
even when the headlights from their vehicle shone on it. The
driver stopped the car a short distance from it, ( approx: 100
feet) he rolled down his drivers side window and watched as the
manlike figure reached the shoulder of the highway and then it
stopped. The witnesses reported that the it turned towards them,
glanced briefly at the folks in the car, then turned and started
to walk from the highway down into the ditch which ran along
side the road, gave out a loud screaming sound before walking
off into the woods.

All four witnesses said when they first spotted the creature it
just walked slowly up the small incline to the highway and did
not stop until it was on the other side of the road, what ever
it was kept walking very slowly and it didn't seem to care if
there was anyone else around at the time.

Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research is talking to the witnesses in
hopes of gathering any other possible information on this.

Thank you so much for the witnesses for their report.


Nelson, British Columbia

(Two Reports) - Beam Of Light & Objects Splitting In Two.

Date:  January 11, 2004
Time:  8:15 p.m.

HBCC UFO took a telephone call from a fellow who resides in
Nelson, British Columbia. He wanted to make a report on
something unusual that he and his family witnessed on there way
back home from Salmo, B.C. which is a 41 kilometer drive to
home. Approximately 8 kilometers south of Nelson the fellows
wife pointed out the passenger side of their vehicle and said
look at that. There teenage children in the back got rather
excited when they saw it but the husband said it must be a
helicopter. Due to the man's wife insisting he slow the vehicle
down so they could have a much better look at it. What they all
saw was a narrow beam of light coming from the sky and lighting
up the side of a local mountain in the short distance. A rough
guess to the distance between them and the mountain where the
light was hitting it would have been approx: a half mile. Due to
the slope of the mountain side they could easily see the beam of
light hitting the forest.

As they followed the light back up into the sky they could not
see any type of aircraft or object. The fellow did say that
where the light originated from it was like it came from
something as they certainly could see where it came from, but
again could see nothing in the form of a craft of any kind. He
said it was like the light came from no where. Seeing it was at
night and being very dark they were not able to see what was
causing this light to shine down upon the forest. His wife did
roll down the passenger side window and could not hear any
sound. A guess to the altitude the light was originating from
may have put it just above the mountain top.

The total time the event lasted was approx:25 to 30 seconds
before the light went out. The witness I talked with said that
it sent shivers throughout his wife's body after it was over.
The kids thought it was pretty cool so he said.

They all arrived home safely and a strange story to tell their
friends and family.

What it was is anyone's guess. But what i do know is that "no"
aircraft were flying at that time in that area.

Thank you to the witnesses for their report.


Nelson, British Columbia

Date:  January 12, 2004
Time:  9:40 p.m.

A witnessed called from Nelson, British Columbia and explained
that he had observed a brilliant ball of white light traveling
slowly and extremely low over the town of Nelson, B.C. The
object was traveling in an easterly direction and as it got to
around the Cedar Street area it broke up into two pieces, one
then flew off to the southeast and the other went almost
directly to the north. The piece that went northward moved off
at a very fast rate of speed as the other moved a long slowly at
about the same rate of speed as the main ball of light. The
witness said there appeared to be no type of explosion when it
separated, they just seen to break in half. There was no sound
reported when he first noted the light and there was no sound
coming from it when it separated. He guessed the whole event
happened over a period of 7 or 8 seconds at most.

After breaking a part, the witness said the ball of light moving
to the north was gone in a split second as the other heading
southeast he was able to watch until he could not see it anymore
because of the distance from him to the ball of light. The
witness hope someone else will come forward to report this to

Thank you to this witness for his report.

HBCC UFO would like to ask if anyone may have been witness to
either of these sightings would they please be kind enough to
contact me with their report.


Sicamous, British Columbia

Date:  December 26, 2003
Time:  approx: 11:30 p.m.
Sightings continue in this area.

I was wrapping up my year end reports for 2003 when a telephone
call came in on December 31, 2003. A lady had gone to the
internet in search of a Canadian UFO Investigator so she could
file a report on some strange on-going sightings which had been
taking place in her area. At one point the objects seen were so
frightening to her and the family, that the RCMP was called to
the witnesses residence to investigate. The witness did state
that she was not going to call this a UFO, meaning something
from another world because she really did not firmly believe in
this. The lady went on to say that what she and her family have
been observing was something they could not explain. Be it
military or something else, whatever these objects are, they do
some very bizarre things in the sky.

On December 26, 2003 the dispatcher for the  Sicamous, British
Columbia RCMP detachment took a call from an excited woman who
requested the RCMP  come to her home and look into the unusual
sights that had been taking place over a period of time. Whilst
making the report she felt that she wasn't being taken seriously
... and that maybe they thought her to be a little crazy..
however when an hour passed and the RCMP officer arrived in her
yard it was a different story.  As soon as he saw the object he
stood and looked in amazement.  He had no idea what it was.

I was told that the officer left the families home and drove
towards the mountain where the object was sitting to get a
closer and better look. (HBCC UFO Note: So far I have left two
messages with the Sicamous RCMP detachment to have the constable
call me back using my toll free number and as of yet he has not
returned my call. I am not giving up on him, and I will keep
trying until I get a hold of him even if it means becoming a

"An important part to this case is that excellent video footage
has been shot by the family".

As the tape is rolling you can hear the children in the
background commenting on how quickly the object was moving all
over the sky. It appears to be moving rather quickly, zig
zagging, etc.. I asked the witness about how she was holding the
camera, knowing that any slight movement while video taping can
make "something" appear to move. In the footage it shows the
object moving erratically around the sky. The other members of
her family who stood watching this event unfold saw the very
same thing with the naked eye..... something flying all around
the sky.

The witness said  these objects (plural as there are more than
one at different times) ..... was also seen by her husband
whilst he was up in the mountains which is around their area.
 He described one of the objects as being as big as a house and
covered in lights.  At the time, he was waiting for his daughter
and her cousin to return with the snowmobile.  He watched the
object with his naked eye and estimated it to be approximately a
mile away from his location.

He was so excited and frightened at what he saw whilst he
waited...  that he immediately drove back home, ran into the
house and told his wife of his adventure.  She thought he had
been drinking as he was acting strange and obviously was very
scared.  Knowing they had to go back out to that location where
the object was seen because they had to pick up the kids, the
gentleman said he was not going back out there alone !  The
husband's sighting took place before December 26, 2003, and what
the family caught on tape on December 26, 2003 was the same
object.  It had returned.

They also saw the object through their binoculars and described
it as being in the shape of an acorn or a diamond.

It was an extraordinary sighting because not only did the object
shine brightly and move around erratically ... but at one point
when it was stationary ... it shot out a large red fireball,
then six bright orange lights appeared in the sky around it.
 Each of the orange lights had another two white lights on them.
   These white lights shot a beam of light towards the ground.
 Approximately  half an hour later four more of the large
acorn/diamond shaped objects showed up and sat either stationary
or moved around the sky. The witnesses said the objects appeared
to have hundreds of lights on each of them.

These folks have recently moved into this home, but the previous
owners said they used to watch in the daylight hours ... on many
occasions silver disk shaped objects flying over and around the
mountains behind the house.

This case is under investigation and this is only raw data at
present. Video tape is currently being examined.

A foot note to this. The lady who reported the sighting and who
rang the RCMP told me that when the constable arrived and saw
the object .. he commented to her that he knew of nothing that
moved that quickly ... nor of anything that could stop like it
did on a dime.

This story proved interesting enough that the television station
(CHBC TV out of Kelowna, British Columbia) sent a news crew to
interview  the family and to get a copy of the footage. CHBC TV
is a part of the Global TV network which is one of Canada's
giants in the media business. The story ended up airing not just
on that station, but aired all over British Columbia on Global
BCTV. They ran the story at least three times as a part of their
news. Once at 6:00 p.m. Friday night, again at 11:00 p.m. and
again on the Saturday morning news.  As I was the investigator
on the case they also called me a number of times and
interviewed me about the story. The news gave this story a good
length of time to play out on TV which was really great to see.

Something else of interest prior to these sightings but in the
same area was when an RCMP officer who was out on his usual
rounds in his patrol car ... noticed an object in the sky and
was instantly hit with a beam of light from it.   After his
shift was over and upon his return to his detachment he informed
his co-workers of what he had seen.  They thought he was seeing
things.   Now perhaps they have a different interpretation of
the event.

Sicamous, British Columbia Update:

Update: Sicamous, British Columbia Sighting
Date: Tuesday, January 20 @ 20:13:20 CST
Topic: British Columbia Reports

RCMP Report.

Date: December 26, 2003 Time: approx: 11:30 p.m.

This report is a short update on the case I am working on. After
the witnesses from Sicamous, B.C. contacted me over what they
had saw, I immediately started an investigation into the case. I
called the Sicamous RCMP Detachment and requested to speak to
the Constable who attended to the call. I was told by the
dispatcher that he wasn't in that day and I left a message for
him to call me back at my toll free number. I did talk briefly
to the dispatcher who took the call that night from the excited
witnesses. He did confirm a report was made and a RCMP Constable
did go to the witnesses home to see what all the fuss was about.

After several days had past I received a telephone call from the
RCMP officer who drove out to take a look at what the family was
reporting. (the reason why there was a delay in the officer
calling me back was due to him being off for a few days)

The police officer was pleasant to talk to and we had a nice
discussion. He was very helpful in providing me with information
on what he saw when he arrived at the location. He was directed
to where the object was sitting in the sky. At this point the
witnesses said to the officer that the object had moved slightly
up higher in the sky and that they had taken video of it. The
constable also told me that the witnesses said that it looked
more like a diamond in shape when it was lower and orange lights
had kept coming and going from the object.

The RCMP constable said the witness did point out one orange
colored light to him, which he admits to seeing, but he did say
he did not see it move. On the large object which caught
everyone's attention that night, I asked the officer if he would
be able to describe this to me. He said it was stationary, blue
and red lights with clear lighting, almost white light in the
middle. The officer also said he did not know what it was. It
could have been a number of things. The constable did look
through the binoculars at the object and gave me the description
of what he saw and whatever it was, was just sitting there. So
the officer did see it but he cannot testify to it moving around
as he did not see this happen while he was there for a short
period of time. The member went back to the detachment to get a
phone number for a UFO group who might want to look into the
sighting and passed it along to the family. The family called a
UFO group and left as message but no one returned their call.

They kept searching on internet and found HBCCUFO ...

Another update will be coming shortly with the results of what
was caught on video.

If anyone in the local areas around Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Chase,
Sorrento, Enderby and communities in-between have maybe noticed
this object, or something else unusual in the skies would you
please be kind enough to contact me with the information.

Thank you
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 - Free call.
email: hbccufo.nul
Home phone 250 845 2189

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