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Re: Tracing The Flow Of The Gulf Breeze Money -

From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac.nul>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:29:50 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 07:31:45 -0500
Subject: Re: Tracing The Flow Of The Gulf Breeze Money -

>From: Jerry Black <gulfbreezeinfo.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 19:13:29 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Tracing The Flow Of The Gulf Breeze Money

>February 4, 2004

>Part I.

>.Tracing The Flow Of The Money

>To Mr. Bruce Maccabee and other interested parties,

>Mr. Bruce Maccabee, I've taken the time to read over your
>response to my one hour, taped interview, concerning the Gulf
>Breeze sightings.

>Your replies are filled with illogical conclusions to very
>simple events, in some cases outright lies.

>For years, investigators inside the MUFON organization and
>outside the MUFON organization have wondered why there was never
>a disparaging word in print against the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze
>sightings. In many of the journals, in your reports and other
>investigator's reports in the MUFON organization, I cannot find
>one disparaging word against Ed Walters's sightings or his
>claims of abduction.

>Early on in the investigation of the Gulf Breeze sightings, Mr.
>Ed Walters offered to pay the MUFON organization thousands of
>dollars to help defray the cost of the investigation of the Gulf
>Breeze sightings. In another words, Ed Walters offered MUFON
>money to help them investigate his own case.

>Mr. Walt Andrus, at that time, director of the Mutual UFO
>Network, accepted that money.

>By accepting that money, he
>certainly created a conflict of interest. He also did not
>acknowledge, to the general public, that he had received
>thousands of dollars from Mr. Ed Walters to investigate the

I am not aware that Andrus accepted any money from Walters. I do
not recall anything of the sort. However, you should take this
up with Andrus himself.

>Several investigators in the MUFON organization including
>your self, Mr. Bruce Maccabee, knew this information. I have
>never heard, in the history of ufology, of a subject under
i>nvestigation by a UFO organization, paying for his own

I didn't know about it. Perhaps you can name those who did...
assuming it happened!

>The agreement that Walter Andrus had with Mr. Ed Walters was the
>money would then be given to either the Fund for UFO Research or
>to the MUFON Organization.

>At that point, the monies were then given to you, Mr. Bruce
>Maccabee either from the Fund for UFO Research or directly from
>the MUFON organization. This was done because you were one of
>the lead investigators in the Ed Walter's Gulf Breeze sightings.

>Mr. Bruce Maccabee, you have said, for the past twelve years you
>never received any monies from Ed Walters, other than the
>eighteen thousand dollars for your part in writing a chapter in
>his book. However, you did receive, as I stated early, thousands
>of dollars, some saying as much as twenty thousand dollars from
>the Fund for UFO Research or the MUFON organization, which was
>donated to them by Mr. Ed Walters.

>So no matter how you look at it Mr. Maccabee, the money came
>from Mr. Ed. Walters pocket.

>You neglected to tell people about the thousands of dollars you
>received from one of those two organizations. This explains why
>every time Ed Walters stumbled during his reporting of his
>pictures and his abductions, you were always there to pick him
>up. You Mr. Maccabee, were Mr. Ed Walters paid investigator. You
>were not working for the Fund for UFO Research or the MUFON
>organization, you sir, were working for Mr. Ed Walters.

And You, Mr Black, have apparently become delusional.

The Fund for UFO Research DID authorize me to expend Fund money
to fly to Florida to investigate the case after a suggestion by
Budd Hopkins that I should evaluate the photos. At the time
(early February, 1988) I did not know who the photographer was
and I was aware of only the first 5 photographs by Ed The cost
of my plane ticket to Florida was about $300. I stayed overnight
at the home of CHarles Flannigan, so there were no hotel
expenses. Transportation was supplied I and mostly bought my own
food. Hence the total amount of money paid to me by the Fund was
about $300.

Ed Walters never gave money to the Fund and, so far as I know,
never gave money to MUFON, but as I said before, you'd have to
take up the MUFON situation with Andrus (or Scheussler). I
presume you can produce some evidence to back up your charges...
evidence besides your own claims.

>It clearly shows in the way you handled the entire
>investigation. Both, Mr. Walt Andrus and yourself are to blame
>here for accepting monies from the subject during an ongoing
>investigation. You gentlemen are embarrassments to the UFO

I took no money from Ed Walters or MUFON or the Fund (except
about 300 to cover air fare).

>This also explains why Mr. Ed Walters was privy to all
>information, almost immediately, that was given to you in
>confidential basis.

>When you pay thousands of dollars to an organization, you expect
>to be part and included in all aspects of the investigation.

>This certainly was true when Rex Salisberry turned in his report >
>requested by the MUFON organization. Immediately upon his report
>being turned over to the MUFON organization, Ed Walters was made
>aware of everything in the report.

>Also, my own personal experience was with Mr. William G. Hyzer
>concerning his report that was issued to Rex Salisberry and to
>Walt Andrus. The understating was, this report was to be read
>only by people in the MUFON organization and of course, Mr. Rex

>Within 48 hours after his report was issued to the MUFON
>organization, Mr. William G. Hyzer received in the mail a
>letter, airmail express, stating to him that these pictures were
>copyrighted and he was not to use them in any of his journals.

>So how did Mr. Ed Walters obtain information on Rex's report and
>William G. Hyzer's report almost instantaneously, when they were
>received by the MUFON organization? The answer is he was privy
t>o everything because he was paying for the investigation.

Paying for the investigation? What evidence do you have of that?
(Note to the amused reader: The Gulf Breeze investigation
discussed here by Black took place in the spring of 1988.
Numerous skeptics have levelled all sorts of claims against the
Gulf Breeze sightings, but, so far as I know, this is the first
time in 16 years that someone has expicitly claimed that the
investigation was "paid for" by Ed Walters. If he had actually
paid a large sum of money to the Fund or to MUFON I am sure that
SOMEONE would have mentioned it years ago!

>In talking about the tracing of the flow of the money, we
>certainly don't want to forget the five thousand dollars that
>Mr. Bob Oechsler received from Mr. Ed Walters for doing some
>work with the original pictures.

Yes, this did happen. Oechsler spent several weeks with a
professional photographer in a darkroom making prints and slides
after learning from Polaroid how to clean the original pictures.
He made many copies of each photo, varying the exposure times in
order to get the best possible print and slide copies. An
important rason for obtaining the best possible prints from each
photo was to allow for careful examination of each to look for
evidence of hoaxing. If Ed had hoaxed the photos he probably
wouldn't have allowed anyone to copy and study the photos as
carefully as Oechsler and I did.

>Mr. Bob Oechsler was Mr. Maccabee's 'yes' man. He also got into
>Mr. Ed Walter's pockets.

I don't know what you mean here. Bob essentially carried out his
own investigation.

>I thought this was pretty much common knowledge throughout the
>UFO community, but surprised to find out that many investigators
>were not aware that Bob Oechsler had received five-thousand
>dollars from Ed Walters.

That fact has been published numerous times in the last 16 years.

>There is a very clear pattern here of Ed Walters trying to buy
>support for his Gulf Breeze sightings case. In the case of
>Bruce Maccabee, Walt Andrus and Bob Oechsler, he received that

>Mr. Bruce Maccabee it's time for you to come clean with the UFO

Jerry, you have been at this since the early 1990's. You level
the same sorts of charges over and over again. You have in the
past misinterpreted a card written to you by Ed Walters in which
he explained the $5,000. Apparently you still don't understand

Had Ed offered large sums of money... or any money at all... to
either the Fund or MUFON soon after the investigation started
(spring, 1988), this would have been considered grounds for
immediately assuming a hoax and thus ending the investigation.
In other words, had Ed offered beaucoup $$$ for an investigation
there woudn't have been an investigation... at least not by me.

I have never accepted remuneration from a witness for an
investigation. As I have pointed out numerous times in the past
15 years, my investigation was largely complete by the time of
the MUFON symposium in July, 1988. I was not offered a contract
to write a chapter for Ed's book until late November, 1988, long
after I had made my investigation results public.

A particularly important aspect of the history of this
investigation from the point of view of photo analysis is that
by June of 1988 I had analyzed the stereo photos which Ed took
and concluded it would have been too difficult for him to fake
the images in Nimslo (4 lens stereo camera) photos and the
similar image in the May 1 "SRS" camera photos. This
photographic fact combined with all the other witness stories
indicated to me that Ed had not hoaxed his photos. At the MUFON
Symposium in July that year I discussed all the potential hoax
hypotheses and presented arguments against each. This
information was made available to the general public through a
document ("A History of the Gulf Breeze Sightings") that was
(15 years ago!) sold by the Fund. If the Fund made any money
from the Walters case it was from the sale of that document.

So now, Mr. Jerry Black, it's time to let the Gulf Breeze case
fade into history while we spend our time on much more recent

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