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Re: Russia Surpasses Americans In Space Race -

From: Nick Balaskas <Nikolaos.nul>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 18:03:30 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Fwd Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 10:25:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Russia Surpasses Americans In Space Race -

>From: Frank Warren <frank-warren.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:39:06 -0800
>Subject: Russia Surpasses Americans In Space Race

>Source: Pravda



Hi Everyone!

The author of this long review piece on the history of the early
days of the spaceflight, including his list of "Russian" firsts,
has tainted it with some very dubious and unsubstantiated facts
that give away his true motive for writing this article - he is
a sore loser!

Many of these so-called "Russian" firsts were really Soviet
firsts, thanks partly to the help they (and the U.S.) got from
captured German rocket scientists and engineers after World War
II and the skills, resources and facilities provided by other
the Soviet Socialist Republics and help from eastern European
"satellite" countries of the U.S.S.R. too.

Although the first American to ride a rocket into space was just
months after the first successful Soviet attempt and it took
nearly half a century before a third country duplicated this
feat (China), if the Chinese do become the next people to walk
on the Moon or the first to send astronauts to Mars, I would not
be surprised to read similar bitter accounts by Russians and
Americans that they must of faked it too!

>In 1968, Russia's unmanned rocket Zond-5 became the first to
>travel around the moon and return back to earth unscathed.

I am surprised that this author overlooked another important
"Russian" first regarding Zond 5. It was the first spacecraft to
travel to the Moon and back to carry a biological crew - and
this just three months before the flight of Apollo 8, the first
manned mission to the Moon. No, the passengers on Zond 5 were
not dogs this time, they were turtles and other smaller

>Russians had wanted to go to the moon. However, there were many
>concerns with safety. The Van Allen Belts released a deadly
>radiation that could easily fry a person to death.


>One cosmonaut who was sent in far outer space reportedly
>experienced the Van Allen Belts harmful effects firsthand.
>According to various sources, while he left white, he came back
>black; he was cooked to a crisp due to the harmful radiation.

Who was this mysterious Earth orbiting cosmonaut that allegedly
ventured into the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

The inner Van Allen belt consists of much more highly energetic
particles than the larger outer belt and begins at an altitude
of only 650 kilometers above the equator. During the flight of
Gemini 11, the crew (Charles Conrad and Dick Gordon - who were
to fly again together on Apollo 12, the second manned lunar
landing mission) flew their space capsule to a then record
altitude of about 1370 kilometers well into the inner radiation
belt with no ill effects and not even a tan! One of the
experiments performed on Gemini 11 dealt with radiation biology,
the findings of which helped to clear any doubts about the risks
of a manned flight to the Moon.

>But if you look at the facts, you really have to wonder: Has man
>made it to the moon yet?

If one only looks at the facts, not just speculation, faulty
reasoning and lies, the answer to his question can only be
"Yes". Some of these doubting Americans of this generation who
were not even born when man first walked on the Moon could very
well become the first lunar colonists.

Nick Balaskas

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