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Filer's Files #41 - 2002

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 16:37:02 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 17:04:59 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #41 - 2002

FILER'S FILES #41 - 2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 9, 2002, Majorstar@aol.com.
Webmaster: Chuck Warren

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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
world. Features this week are: New Planet like object found past
Pluto, Possible ET habitats on Europa, New York sightings and a
daylight disc photo, Pennsylvania man died from cocaine, North
Carolina red and white lights, Florida pilot sees UFO and
fireball, Ohio streaking light, Illinois teardrop craft,
Tennessee spheres and space formation, Texas lost time, Colorado
light, California flying triangle video, Oregon UFO chases
airliner, Washington UFOs, Hawaii green fireball, Ireland flying
triangle, Netherlands 12 UFOs, Italy white teardrop, Azerbaijan
disk, India boomerang, and Australian UFO shoots past office
building. Boeing plans to build biggest Pelican.


CalTech astronomers have discovered an object more than half
Pluto's diameter in the Kuiper Belt. This belt is the collection
of primordial icy bodies that circles our Sun beyond the orbit
of Neptune and represents the "leftovers" of planetary
formation. "This helps to displace the opinion that Pluto is a
planet," says Brian Marsden of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center
for Astrophysics, who thinks Pluto is instead the largest Kuiper
Belt object found so far. The size of the new object, named
Quaoar, was measured by the Hubble Space Telescope. It is about
1250 kilometers in diameter, making it the largest object found
in the Solar System since Pluto itself in 1930. Mike Brown and
Chad Trujillo of Caltech first spotted Quaoar in June after
months of surveying the Kuiper Belt with an automated 1.2-metre
telescope. They announced their discovery on Monday at the
Division of Planetary Sciences meeting in Birmingham, Alabama.
October 2, NewScientist.com news service


Galileo space probe data suggests there's an ocean on Jupiter's
moon Europa, which is Earth-like and could harbor life. The
moon's icy crust is relatively thin, with cracks and vents,
which would allow gases, heat and organic matter to reach water
underneath. This is same situation that probably exists on Mars.
Europa's Ocean may be like the icy bodies of water on Earth,
such as the Arctic Ocean, which is our smallest ocean and
occupies the area around the North Pole. It's exposed to air and
heat through its cracking and melting ice. Another similar body
of water is Lake Vostok in Antarctica, which is one of the
deepest-known bodies of fresh water on Earth and resembles the
ice-covered oceans that are being discovered elsewhere in the
Solar System. It may even harbor undiscovered forms of life. Dr.
Cynan Ellis-Evans says, "These new interpretations suggest that
a Europan ocean could be dynamically interacting with the moon's
surface atmosphere over short time scales that increas e
opportunities for life to exist and evolve." Clouds of sulfur
spewing from Io, another of Jupiter's moons, could be reaching
Europa. "If we're getting a sulfur source going into the lake
it's an exciting possibility," he says. "It increases the
opportunity for life." One theory is that a meteorite carrying
microbes could have crashed into Europa. NASA is considering
sending a robotic probe to Europa to drill through the ice and
look for life. Another possible ET habitat is a planet orbiting
around another star that has a circular orbit, meaning it could
be Earth-like. Researcher Chris McCarthy says, "Now it's seeming
like there is a sizable and well-populated class of giant
planets that have circular orbits." This newly discovered planet
orbits a star called Tau Gruis, which is about 100 light-years
away. Thanks to London Sunday Telegraph October 6, 2002


STATEN ISLAND -- On September 28, 2002, at exactly 8 PM the
witness reports, "Myself and my landlord witnessed a strange
bright white light moving northeast. We live directly in the
flight path of JFK and LGA and we can easily distinguish types
of aircraft. I served at Otis Air Force Base in Massachusetts
and based on my experience, what we saw last night was no
aircraft. Firstly, its altitude could not have been more than a
3000 feet, and it was traveling quite slowly. We reside in
Emerson Hill and have a great view. This object was emitting a
singular bright white light, and had no port, starboard, or tail
blinking lights. It made no sound as we watched it fly right
over the house and then up the coast. This is the second
sighting in the last month. The other was a satellite moving
faster than anything we've ever seen, all moving in exactly the
same trajectory at the same distance away from each other again
moving in a northeasterly direction. The objec t we saw last
evening was no aircraft, we don't know what it was and have been
unable to receive help from the FAA, Coast Guard or local media.

CENTER MORICHES -- We were at a birthday party on September 28,
2002, where there was no alcohol or any other mind altering
substance being used. I'm an 47 year old female with a BA in
Human Relations. The other two witnesses are male about 40 and
50 years of age. We noticed aircraft in formation at 8:15 PM,
and the first was a plane with the usual red/green blinking
lights, heading west, following that was a white light moving
about the same speed, not fast but steady, but with no blinking
lights. One of the other eye witnesses made the observation that
it was much too close to the first object to be a plane, because
they're not allowed to fly so near each other. The third object
was the same short distance away following the 2nd object and
was also a white light with no blinking lights. We watched until
they were out of our view. [ http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC

NEW YORK CITY -- Paul Greco was driving his car on FDR Drive
near 96th Street at 4:45 PM, when he saw a disk shaped UFO
moving at 20 to 30 miles an hour on June 21, 2001. He was in
heavy traffic when he noticed a dull orange craft moving near
the highway an above some apartments buildings. Paul grabbed his
camera and took several pictures as he drove along. He zoomed in
to get a close up while dodging cars and took a shot of the
craft just as it flew behind a building. He showed his
photographs during my recent briefing to the Yonkers MUFON
meeting. He missed the close up shot, but the best photo is on
my website. Thanks to Paul Greco and a wonderful MUFON audience.
See: [
http://www.nationalufocenter.com/files/2002/index.php?id=73 ]FF


NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY -- Point Township Police Chief Gary
Steffen announced that 39-year-old Todd Sees, who was found dead
August 6, 2002, near his home after a two-day manhunt, died from
a cocaine overdose. "The immediate cause of death has been
determined to be cocaine toxicity. The manner of death is listed
as accidental." Toxicology analysis was done by Northumberland
County Coroner James Kelley. These tests were requested after
the autopsy back in August failed to determine Todd See's cause
of death. Unanswered questions remain: why would a healthy
outdoorsman and husband, and father of two sons go on a Sunday
morning hunting trip on August 4 and ingest enough cocaine to
kill himself? Further, what is behind the "eyewitness reports"
about four witnesses seeing a silver disk over Montour Ridge and
seeing a man "drawn up into it?" Thanks to Linda Howe

Editors Note: The witness reports of a UFO to Peter Davenport's
National UFO Reporting Center may have had no connection with
the unfortunate death of Todd Sees.


HOLDEN BEACH -- On the evening of September 19, 2002, the
witness reports, "My husband I were fishing at 9 PM, when we
noticed on the horizon at low cloud level bright red large
lights. Early in the sighting one of the red lights split into
two and faded. After we watched these lights for about ten
minutes my husband stood up to walk down to the surf to reel his
fishing line in and suddenly just beyond the surf and very close
to us, four white lights lit up one at a time in a row as if
they were attached to something. These lights stayed lit for
about 4 seconds and faded out and the red lights on the horizon
lit up again. One at a time the red lights would light up and
fade after about 4 seconds. I ran into the house to get
binoculars and told my father in law to come out and watch. He
came out with me. My husband told us, "Two more red lights had
lit up in the sky." As soon as I sat down two more red lights
lit up and one of the lights emitted a beam from the side of it
and within the beam were small white lights in a row. After the
last two red lights we saw nothing else for the rest of the
night. Thanks to Peter Davenport [ http://www.ufocenter.com/


DAYTONA BEACH APPROACH -- On October 4, 2002, an Embry-Riddle
pilot was flying northbound at 10:40 PM, and in contact with Air
Traffic Control (ATC)on 132.65. He broadcast very excited, "I
just had a near miss." ATC asked him what type of aircraft he
saw and where it was? The pilot responded, "It was not an
aircraft, it was just a short way off my right wing. It came
upon me very suddenly and soared upward and was about the size
of a baby carriage." ATC asked him if it could have been a bird?
The pilot responded "No it was no bird, it soared upward fast; I
have no idea what it was!" The controller related some unusual
sights he had seen during his career flying USAF C-130s, and he
tried to calm the pilot, but the he remained a bit excited about
what he had seen, insisting that it was a strange unsettling
sight. Eventually the ATC handed him off to 125.8, another
Daytona Beach Approach frequency. Thanks to Allan Stern

KEY WEST -- The witness was out walking his two year old before
bedtime on September 28, 2002, when he saw flying behind a
neighbor's house and over the sea was a large object traveling
southeast. It was losing altitude as if on approach to the Boca
Chica Naval Air Base at about 8:45 PM. It traveled too fast for
a plane, too slow for a meteor, and seemed a bit orange colored,
bright and fuzzy around the edges. 'We've never seen anything
like this.

VERO BEACH -- On September 28, 2002, the witness was standing at
the bus stop at 7:06 AM, when he looked up and saw a fiery
object hovering above me. He reports, "I watched it for about 1
to 2 minutes, then it flew backwards." At that time I was
distracted by someone coming out of their house and I looked
towards that direction, then when I looked back up at the object
it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport [
http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


WESTERVILLE -- The witness was driving northwest on a non-
lighted country road on September 23, 2002, when he saw at about
75 degrees in the northwest sky, an oval light that was about
half the size of the full moon. It flew west to north for about
two seconds after it appeared and shot across the sky at 10:22
PM. The brightness was as bright as the full moon but moved too
fast to be a plane. It vanished into the darkness without
leaving a streak in the sky. It happened so quickly, but I will
never forget the intensity. This is the first time I have ever
experienced this type of phenomenon. Thanks to Peter Davenport


RIVER FOREST -- My father and I were outside in our backyard on
September 28, 2002, with our binoculars and telescope to try and
see the stars. When all of a sudden this teardrop craft just
shoots on by traveling towards the west with about 8 dark yellow
lights revolving lights around it in opposite direction of its
movement. It moved so quickly we cant describe it any more

TAYLORVILLE -- We were traveling west on September 21, 2002,
with my daughter, my neighbor, her stepson and my grandson. Our
ages range from 8 to 49. I first noticed what I thought was a
large bright star in the lower sky at 7 PM just after sunset. I
thought it was a star, but I started seeing up to 7 at once.
They were very bright silver and moved after a few minutes and
appeared to have tails and were flying over Springfield. We
called our husbands on the cell phone who were in the truck just
ahead of us, and they saw them too. These were not airplanes
because they sat in one place to long, moved, then changed
formation and stayed there. Thanks to Peter Davenport [
http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


GERMANTOWN -- While photographing cloud formations on September
28, 2002, the witness noted a shining object in western sky and
obtained a photograph at 4:40 PM. The object was near faint
clouds at about six thousand feet. The witness states, There was
a metallic flash of light, and I computer magnified the image to
20x and it consists of at least two silver spheres connected
together by possibly a third sphere or other object." It is a
small image which is viewed from one end of the object with the
opposite end offset to the right and therefore visible in the
picture. The area between the end spheres is obscured by the
near end.

MEMPHIS -- At 7:51 PM, my mother and I were in her back yard
watching the space station flying directly over head from a
southwest to a northeast direction on September 28, 2002, The
entire time we were viewing the object, we were also viewing
another object following the International Space Station keeping
the same distance always. The station looked bigger and whiter
than the second vehicle being smaller with dimmer white light.
The two could have been at different altitudes? If one were to
take both fists, join them together at the thumb knuckles and
hold them up to the sky at arms length, and another doing the
same as you, with both sets of fists touching pinkie fingers,
side-by-side, that was the approximate distance by which the
second vehicle was trailing the station and matching it's speed.
We were both stone cold sober.

(NUFORC Note: Witness is correct. ISS passed just south of
Memphis at 19:49-19:54 hrs. on this date. We do not know what
the second object was in formation with the ISS, but it may have
been a Russian "Progress" resupply capsule. A sighting of the
ISS was reported from Victorville, CA, on the same night, which
also mentioned the second light, which appeared to be trailing
behind the ISS, and it was small in apparent size. See


ALAMO -- The witness had stepped out of her house to take the
kids to pick up some hamburgers on September 24, 2002, and when
I looked at the field next to our house I saw two big bright
lights hovering at 8 PM. I stared at them and asked my kids if
they were seeing what I was seeing and they told me yes. As we
got in the van and I started to drive the UFO started moving in
our direction. My kids were just starring at it and it had a lot
of lights. It was just moving along next to us but in the sky.
Suddenly it past us and then it went side ways and headed back
towards us and there it was next to us again. No sound ever came
out of it like an airplane or helicopter. It was silent with
little movement. As we got to Burger King it disappeared. When
we got home I asked the kids to draw what they had seen and the
drew a plate like image with lights on it.

GRAPEVINE -- The witness first spotted a UFO at friend's house
at 8:00 PM in the southwestern sky on September 25, 2002. The
object was a blinking dot of white and blue light that dropped
down from about 40,000 feet in about five seconds and was gone.
My vehicle was acting strangely with the gauges not reading the
correct data. Before arriving to my friend's house, I had filled
up my car full of gas and was heading south on Highway 121. At
8:30 PM the highway lights went out, an encompassing bright
white light flashed before me. Before I knew it, I was suddenly
heading west on Interstate 30 and the time was now 9:30 PM. The
distance between the point I was at on 121 South to the point I
found myself at on 30 West is ten miles and does not take one
hour to travel and my gas tank is empty.

ARLINGTON -- I walked outside on September 23, 2002, and looked
up and saw what seemed like a Stealth Bomber airplane at 8:30
PM, but the lights were very dim. The plane looked like it was
huge with about ten lights in a symmetrical pattern. It was
flying very slow.. and no noise was heard. After I lost it over
the apartment roof. I ran to watch it some more but it had
disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport [
http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


COLUMBINE -- While my wife and I were hunting six miles north of
Columbine when we saw a round silver object in the sky on
September 21, 2002, that remained in one place for over 30
minutes starting at 1 PM. I took a compass reading on it and it
was at 135 degrees from north in the southeastern sky 30 degrees
above the horizon. I was looking through my binoculars at an
eagle when I noticed the object. The sky was very blue and clear
and there was definitely something in the sky. I handed the
binoculars over to my wife and she thought it looked like a
balloon, but this object did not move for over 30 minutes. We
continued to view this object at 3 to 5 minute intervals and it
did not move. Several high flying jets flew near this objects,
but the jets appeared to be much lower than this object based
upon the jet wash trails. After 40 minutes, we could not find
the object again in the same portion of the sky. We scanned the
area for several minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


DANVILLE -- It was very dark outside at 10:30 PM, and we all
looked up to see a bright neon orange saucer moving at a very
slow rate on September 20, 2002. It hovered for less than two
minutes and disappeared beyond the hills. It seemed like it was
spinning very fast and was actually glowing. There were rays of
light shining off of it. I was with about 100 people outside a
park and all you could hear was screaming from all of my
friends. There was a small dome on top of the saucer. The bottom
of the saucer was smooth and rounded. My friend took pictures.
There were ten search planes in my area after it happened that
were flying very low and we also saw a military jet fly by.
Thanks to Virgil Staff, Western Regional Direction for the
Mutual UFO Network, for the follow-up investigation.

LONG BEACH -- On September 23, 2002, at 9:15 PM, the witness
heard a loud jet and looked up to see lights flashing. The
witness stated, "I could not believe what I was looking at, I
could see a light shaped triangle flashing and changing colors
from red to white, to green, then to blue." I called my wife and
daughter who also saw them. There was another triangle of lights
flashing and changing colors all at the same time. I saw a total
of 11 lights, 3 triangles, and 2 single lights in front of two
of the triangles. I also counted two jets flying back and forth
at a high rate of speed observing the lights. Thanks to Peter

THE SANCTUARY -- James reports that four separate groups at the
Sanctuary saw four flying triangles over the Sanctuary and a
multitude of other craft during CSETI training. Dr. Steven Greer
and 30 guests were witness to the sightings. The triangle was
witnessed by all four groups and filmed by three and there is
excellent footage. Steve Mareno with PSI Applications, Dr.
Greer's group, Bill, Fern and family and another family were all
present. This makes four independent groups all of which
witnessed, three of which filmed the triangles. The first
triangles shut down the cameras. None worked. The last large one
allowed three of the groups to film it. I do not know what it
takes to validate the ongoing activity and contacts but to any
reasonable mind this should be a clincher. Thanks to James.


ROGUE RIVER -- Jeff Moore a former SR-71 air force mechanic
phoned to report, Out of the south came a streaking object green
colored object that caught up with a commercial airliner and
started playing tag on September 25, 2002, at 10 PM and departed
east. It flew to the left and right of the aircraft. Some of the
passengers must have seen the UFO. Because of this sighting Jeff
got his Night-vision scope and started watching the skies. There
is a regular flight path for airliners flying overhead. Another
UFO was picked up in the Night-vision scope about 8:15 PM, on
September 28, he and his wife saw a high speed object that
appeared lower than the airplane but passed just underneath the
commercial airliner. Thanks to Jeff Moore.


SPOKANE -- At 4:51 AM, I was looking at a cluster of 7 stars
just ahead of the constellation of Orion on September 20, 2002.
I was trying to see how many I could count when three objects
streaking south crossed the sky. There were no lights, though
the objects were whitish-gray in color. They were not
illuminated. These things were moving at supersonic speed,
faster than any fighter ever flown on this planet, but were
slower than shooting stars. Suddenly, the middle object shot
left, then right again, splitting the other two. No craft on
earth can make that turn at those G-forces. All three objects
were gone within five seconds. It was the dandiest thing I've
ever seen. These were not lights, nor even lighted craft; these
were craft that were illuminated only by moonlight. They were
solid yet there was no trail left and no sound. [
http://www.nationalufocenter.com/files/2002/index.php?id=73 ]FF

SEATTLE -- The witness spotted streaking objects with a smoke
steam tail that appeared just above the horizon, just before
sunrise on September 28, 2002. He said, "The first appeared at
6:50 AM, and the second at about 7:10 AM. I observed both with a
low-power telescope and could see the plume of smoke/steam
trailing as the objects burned in descent. Both appeared first
as brilliant points of light, becoming comet-like in appearance
as they descended. My guess is that they were satellite debris.
Both left cloud remnants that were brightly illuminated by the
rising sun.


HONOLULU -- We were having party at my back yard on September
28, 2002, and three of us saw a "green fireball" fall down from
the sky very fast at 9:27 PM. It was very bright and clear. The
fireball seemed to have a round/circle shape. Thanks to Peter
Davenport [ http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


A young woman called to report that she and her son had been
witness to a very peculiar flying triangular-shaped object, with
lights in its corners, on September 23, 2002. It was hovering
near their home, and in the vicinity of a nearby highway. Mother
and son witnessed the peculiar object for several minutes, at
which time it suddenly accelerated, and moved out of their sight
very quickly. Thanks to [ http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


OOSTERHOUT -- On September 19, 2002, the witness noticed some
beautiful colors in the sky at 10:23 PM. He states, "It was
beautiful, all those colors and shapes; I've never seen anything
like this before." It was first something like a square, then it
began to change into a perfect bowl. Nothing stepped out of
those 'ships', but I'm sure it was something extraterrestrial.
It's just unbelievable, I can't describe it. It had an aura
around it, that was amazing. It kept on changing colors, the
beauty of it was unbelievable!


GENOA -- The witness reports seeing a white teardrop shaped
object high in the western sky at 7:30 PM, on September 20,
2002. He says, "I was watching it with a non powerful telescope,
and it did not seem to have a rough surface. Unfortunately, the
teardrop got covered by clouds soon after I discovered it.


NAXCIVAN -- The witness reports, "My friends own the Internet
Cafe and I closed up late that night. It had been raining, but
the rain stopped as I left the cafe at 3:30 AM, on September 25,
2002. It was a very dark night, and I looked up and saw a big X
like a disc hovering above us. WOW, it was very big. It was so
big that it didn't allow the rain to fall on us. I think it was
500 to 600 meters in diameter and it was hovering over the city.
I saw one man shoot his pistol about eight times at the object,
and it started to move away. Then it started to rain again. The
police came and arrested the man. I'm 100% sure this was a UFO.


NEW DELHI -- This to inform you that on September 20, 2002, at
2000 hours, I noticed an amazing thing in sky and for a moment I
was in doubt what it was, but I was able to realize that it
could be a UFO. Because, this thing was totally different from
any type of airplane or spaceship I have known so far. Also the
thing was certainly not an airplane it was too large. The shape
of the UFO was triangular, basically it was in a shape of
boomerang. I could see the lights on that boomerang in zigzag
form. If you want some more detail just contact me.


ADELAIDE -- On September 30, 2002, on Monday, at 1 PM a large
circular object, grey/white in color was seen by the witness
shooting straight up. It went out of view as it shot up past the
third floor of the office building as the witness walked past.
While facing north the object shot directly past the office
window. The object moved so fast, no specific details were
observed apart from its general colour/shape/size. The object
seemed about 75 meters from the building and was about 10-40
meters in diameter. The more I thought about this, the stranger
the sighting seemed. As I say it, I said to my colleague "Hey,
did you see that?" My collage turned around just in time to miss
the event -- everyone else in the office on that floor seemed
preoccupied. The US Ambassador was a guest speaker in our
building two days later. Thanks to Sue in Australia.


Joe Stefula reports Boeing plans to build the world's largest
aircraft called the Pelican, capable of delivering battle tanks
directly into a war zone. Its wingspan will be more than 500
feet compared to an 747 wingspan of 195 feet. It will be able to
fly 14,000 tons of cargo more than 10,000 miles and will be
designed to fly 50 feet above the ocean, using the buoyant
aerodynamic effect of flying close to the water to provide its
maximum economic range. It will be able them to deliver
thousands of troops, tanks and aid anywhere in the world in a
fraction of the time presently taken by cargo ships. The Pelican
has the capacity to carry up to 17 main battle tanks, which each
weigh more than 50 tons.

The largest military cargo aircraft in service at present is the
Russian Antonov 225, which has a range of 2,800 miles. The
Pelican would land and take off on civilian or military runways
like a conventional aircraft but it has up to 38 sets of landing
gear and 76 tires to spread the weight more evenly. Powered by
four advanced turboprop engines, it would be capable of cruising
over land at up to 20,000 feet, although its maximum
effectiveness would be over water. Blaine Rawdon, the Pelican
project manager, said: "It will be much faster than ships at a
fraction of the operational cost of commercial aircraft.


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Filer's Files is copyrighted 2002 by George A. Filer, all rights
reserved. Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites
if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list
the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and
comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send
your letters to Majorstar@aol.com. Sending mail automatically
grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please
state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story

Regards, George Filer


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