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Re: 'Path Of The Skinwalker' Knapp On NIDS - Pt. II

From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac.nul>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 13:59:57 -0500
Archived: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:01:02 -0500
Subject: Re: 'Path Of The Skinwalker' Knapp On NIDS - Pt. II

>Source: The Las Vegas Mercury


>Thursday, November 28, 2002
>Copyright =A9 Las Vegas Mercury

>Close encounters, part two

>Las Vegas businessman sets up shop at Utah ranch to study
>paranormal activities

>By George Knapp

>This is the second of two reports about persistent stories of
>anomalous phenomena in a section of northeastern Utah. The
>activity, as reported by hundreds of witnesses over several
>decades, includes UFOs, unusual balls of light, animal
>mutilations and disappearances, poltergeist events, sightings of
>Bigfoot-like creatures and other unidentified animals, physical
>effects on plants, soil, animals and humans, and a vast array of
>other unexplained incidents.


>A confidential report prepared for NIDS board members and
>obtained by this reporter documents dozens of encounters
i>nvolving NIDS staffers, the Gormans and other witnesses. After
>several months of round-the-clock surveillance, a mind-boggling
>pattern began to emerge. The phenomena, whatever they represent,
>seemed capable of anticipating the moves of the scientists. If
>they placed extra cameras and personnel in the southern field,
>the activity would pop up in the northern pasture. If they
>concentrated their observations in the center homestead, the
>activity might move to the ridge overlooking the ranch.


I recall, "from afar", this telephone pole/camera event....

I recall John Alexander calling me to to get my opinion on how
to instrument the ranch with TV cameras. This was probably in
1997. Don't recall any date.

Then, sometime after the July 19, 1998 event he called to ask if
I could analyze a video that had been obtained. That was over 4
years ago and I don't recall what he said. Of course, at the
time he called I was already aware of the strange UFO events
that had been reported over the years in the Unitah basin. These
were first reported in book form by Dr. Framk Salisberry in The
Utah UFO Display published in the early 1970s. Many of the
stories in this book had been collected by Junior Hicks. (I seem
to recall that Salisberry got out of the UFO field because of a
conflict with the Mormon church.) However, the UFO connection
between sightings and what John reported had happened but did
not seem to appear on the video seem tenuous at best.

Anyway, John did send me a copy of the video to look at. As I
recall it showed a very dim scene, with some cows moving in the
distance... and nothing really interesting. He told me about the
cameras on another pole that was within the view of the camera
that made the video I was looking at. However, he didn't tell me
all he knew about the history of the ranch, so, I must admit, I
did not treat the situation very seriously, especially after I
looked at the video and couldn't see anything unusual. However,
the event as portrayed in Knapp's article above indicates that
something strange did happen even though the video didn't show

So, what is going on? Do we have the manifestation of a science
fiction "portal" here? Are the speculations about "vortices" and
"interdimensional windows" in some way factual? Or is something
going on that is too bizarre for us to think of?

I don't think it's all a hoax or misidentification... something
is really going on.

Perhaps "they" are giving us the message that "they' can do any
damn thing they please... and there's nothing we can do about
it! (what else would you think of invisible entities(?) that can
mutilate a cow in daylight a few hundred feet from a potential
witness?).  And there are reports of balls of light... orange
and other colors.... from all over the world. This includes the
Oregon Red Ball that was photographed over a year ago and which
is described at my web site (http://brumac.8k.com).

Balls of light which can be seen visibly as "simple" balls of
light but which create much more complex images on film were
documented by Dr. Harley Rutlegde during his "Project
Identification" in 1973 (book by that title published in 1979 or

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