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UFO Sightings OZ Files 27.11.02

From: Diane Harrison <auforn.nul>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:21:13 +1000
Archived: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:37:19 -0500
Subject: UFO Sightings OZ Files 27.11.02

I would like to thank all that have contributed to these reports
"there great'. Thank you

For those about to read these files they range from NL - DO - CE
1 to 4.


UFO Sightings OZ Files 27.11.02

Keith Basterfield for his Final Report on these Callin Codes
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02058)

1. Methodology:

Data was collected from television and radio reports, the ABC
News website, and responses gathered from "Letters to the
Editor" in a number of South Australian country newspapers. The
following summary is drawn from this data.

2. The sighting:

At about 6 p.m. on the 5th September 2002 a brilliant sky object
was observed from a wide area of South Australia. Observers at
locations as far north as Woomera (400 Kms North of Adelaide),
and as far south as Bordetown (300 kms South-East of Adelaide)
reported the spectacular sight.

From Woomera it appeared as a flash, low down hear the horizon
in a South-East direction. From Bordertown, it was described as
a green/yellow ball at 20-30 degrees elevation to the North-
West, and left a smoke trail which lasted about 30 minutes. From
Adelaide it was at an estimated elevation of 60 degrees to the

The most detailed observations came from people in the area some
80 kms South of Adelaide, around Hindmarsh Island, Goolwa,
Encounter Bay and Victor Harbor. In these locations, the object
appeared as a multi (3-4) headed light followed by a trail of

Its reported colour varied from green to yellow to blue. It
travelled from East to West and was almost overhead at one
point. It passed on to a point estimated as 45 degrees in the
Western sky, when it "exploded" and disappeared from view. After
an interval of some seconds, a double "boom" sound was heard.
Prior to the object "exploding" some witnesses reported other
sounds described as "a swoosh" to "a sizzle." The estimated
duration of the visual event was 10-15 seconds.

Interestingly, there were also reports of "a ball of flame with
trailing vapour" from Shepparton, Victoria at about the same

3. Analysis:

All details are consistent with the object being a natural
meteor, larger in size than those which most people see as a
nocturnal "shooting star." The East to West trajectory suggests
it was not a piece of "space junk" re-entering the atmosphere.
The reported "swoosh" and "sizzle" sounds have been previously
reported in association with other bright meteors. As the
object's trajectory was heading out into the ocean it is
doubtful if any pieces would have landed on solid ground.

4. Conclusion:
Almost certainly a natural meteor.

26.09.02 VICTORIA [ SUNBURY ] (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02098)
Day: reported
Time: ?
Location: Tullamarine Airport
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: ?
Light colour: White
Apparent size: ?
Shape: Triangle
Noise: None
Objects observed: three
Activity when object seen: Driving to Airport
Other witness's: I passenger
Name: Barry
Date of Sighting. 4 years ago. 1998.

Barry and one passenger were driving past Melbourne Airport at
Tullamarine one evening 4 years ago. They both watched what they
thought was a plane approaching the runway to land. They were
watching what appeared to be aircraft landing lights, which were
extremely bright, and formed a triangle above the landing strip.
Just as they expected to see a plane touch down the three lights
suddenly dispersed in three different directions simultaneously.
Barry's comment was that planes "can't do that". I told Barry
that I'd never heard of planes doing that either.

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

05.09.02 MANNUM S.A 1755hrs
(Source: E-Mail online report UFOR(NSW)

Tanya I am really unsure as to what I saw, but I will try to
describe it as accurately as I can. Travelling back from Peake
SA my friends and I were half way between Peake and Tailem Bend,
when, out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was a
shooting star, in a split second I realised it was an
iridescent. blue ball shaped thing with a red/orange type of
light around it that could possibly have been flames. It was
trailed by a bright white stream similar to what jets leave
behind in the sky. It then just seemed to explode (maybe) and
disappear, like 'poof', as it was still daylight it could not
possibly be a shooting star, and there is absolutely no way that
it could have been 'a weather balloon'. To say that it 'freaked
us out' would be an understatement. It moved very fast and the
actual incidents duration is probably a matter of seconds.
Unusual: it was a round, bright blue light. Heard no sound.
Location: Travelling in car from Peake SA to Tailem Bend SA.
Approximately half way between the two. I was the driver. Other
people: My friend Zee Stevenson 4, Corella Ct, Murray Bridge
5253 was passenger in the front, and her friend Kerry was in the
back. Weather conditions: fairly cloudy, still broad daylight

05.09.02 VICTORIA [BROADMEADOWS] 2130hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02705)
Day: Monday
Time: 9.30 pm
Location: Broadmeadows Vic
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: Orange
Apparent size: ?
Shape: Mushroom
Noise: None
Objects observed:One
Activity when object seen: Local flight path
Other witness's: Parents
Name: Brad
Date of Sighting. 05.09.02

At about 9:30 pm Brad and his parents saw a bright orange light
in a local flight path area. It was silently and slowly moving
towards the airport, when it suddenly vanished in an instant. It
later reappeared, this time lower down, and went very close to a
passing plane. Again it took off, very quickly. It resembled a
top or a mushroom. They managed to record it on their new video
camera before it went. They saw the same thing on an English
news report the next morning on cable tv. Unfortunately the
video was hand held, and the autofocus was on.

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02063)

Day: Monday
Time: 9.30 pm
Location: Parkhurst
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: Blue- ish
Apparent size: ?
Shape: light
Noise: None
Objects observed:One
Activity when object seen: lying on her lounge looking out of a window
Other witness's: A story to tell
Name: Jenny
Date of Sighting. 05.09.02

I interviewed Jenny at her home in Peakhurst, she is a 32 year
old mother of 3 and appears to be quite sincere. This is her
story. Last year in early August she was lying on her lounge
looking out of a window that faces north and she saw a bluish
coloured light in the sky. The light was moving closer towards
her, mesmerizing her. That's the last thing she remembers before
falling asleep. When she woke up in the morning she felt groggy
and sick and noticed blood on her legs and spots of blood on her
feet. she thought this was strange because it wasn't that time
of the month.. A couple of weeks later, mid August, she was
lying on her bed looking out of the window, which also faces
north and she saw 3 bluish white bright lights in the sky moving
closer towards her. Once again that's all she remembers before
falling into a deep sleep. That night Jenny was wearing a
sarong, she was adamant there were no stains or discolouring on
or in the material. When next she washed it she noticed stains
and discolouring all the way down the front of it, perplexed she
washed it again, and realised the stains were in-ground. When
Jenny studied it she was shocked to see the imprint of her legs
in the material. She showed me the sarong in question and it
does appear to have the imprint of her body down the front. I
asked Jenny if I could take the sarong for examination but she
is afraid of losing it she said it is her proof of the blue
light and it keeps her from thinking she is going mad, but she
does want it scientifically tested.

Jenny also found a strange scoop mark on her shin, she still has
the scar and doesn't know how she got it. I questioned Jenny
about the lights, she said that They were round, not beams of
light and they had no sound. They moved forward in up and down
spurts and clouds or misty haze formed around them. When she was
9 years old she was confronted by a huge object with coloured
lights rotating around it at the time she didn't tell anyone and
she now finds this bizarre.

Around the same time as her experiences with the blue light her
10 year old daughter awoke from a nightmare. She told her mother
that small furry creatures with big black eyes were staring at
her and when she started screaming they told her not to be
afraid. Then she said it was very dark and there were lots of
stars all around her, she said she felt sick the next day and
stayed home from school. Jenny said her daughter had complained
she could feel something at the back of the roof of her mouth
and started picking at it with a pencil and to everyone's
surprise she picked out a bit of metal.

That night Jenny said her daughter had the same dream again, she
said her daughter described the creatures looking like furbies
and owls and the following night the same dream again. Jenny
said her daughter again complained about the roof of her mouth
and again she picked out a bit of metal. I asked Jenny if she
had kept the piece of metal, but unfortunately she had not.

To add to this bizarre story, Jenny's father was involved in a
cattle mutilation experience in Grafton in 1979. It involved a
horse they owned called Toby which was found dead with its flesh
stripped from its head and its rectum was cored out. END I will
keep you updated with any further information.(still under

Larraine Cilia UFOSWS

24.09.02 ADELAIDE [ MORPHETTVILLE] SA 2030hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02092)
Day: Thursday
Time: 8.30 pm
Location: Morphettville
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: 4-5 Seconds
Light colour: Purple
Apparent size: ?
Shape: light
Noise: None 'Oz Factor'
Objects observed:Two
Activity when object seen: driving around the backstreets of
Other witness's: Friend & mother
Name: Colin
Date of Sighting. 24.09.02

Colin and his friend where driving around the backstreets of
Morphettville, just behind the Marion Swimming Centre on Tuesday
night around 8.30pmish. All of a sudden Colin and his friend
noticed a Purple flash of light which came from approx 200
metres above them and lit his car up completely.

Colin said that this Purple flash of light, only lasted approx
4-5 seconds.

Colin then stated that he blacked out momentarily, and when he
came too, quickly pulled over to the side of the road, as he was
starting to feel sweaty and hot.  His friend also told him that
when he saw the Purple light he started to feel as if he was
going to be sick [vomit].

Approx 2 minutes later there was another flash of the same
coloured light and this time both Colin and his friend didn't
feel anything.

During the time that both Colin and his friend sat on the side
of the road in his car and before the 2nd flash of light, Colin
and his friend both noticed that all the 'Noise had
disappeared'.  He said, that they couldn't hear any road noise,
normal night noises etc.  Colin states after the 2nd flash the
noise came back, like someone had thrown a switch.

Colin then proceeded home to tell his parents about the strange
thing that had  just happened to him and his friend. His Mother
is the person who called the Hotline number.

I asked Colin, if he had experienced anything like this before
in his life? He replied 'No, this was the first time'.  I also
asked Colin how he and his friend had been since last Tuesday's
incident.  Colin reported that both him and his friend had felt
fine. Colin did say that he had discussed this with some school
friends, who said that there had been a bit of lightening that

Colin is adamant, that this Purple flash of light came down,
spread across his car to light up the interior completely and so
doesn't feel or believe that it was lightening that he and his
friend had seen.

I explained to Colin that, I had never heard of lightening to be
that colour and also for it to effect 2 people that way unless
of course they had been directly hit - which both hadn't.

I again asked Colin to re-explain how he saw the light from his
position in the car. He said that when he first saw it, it was
through the Left hand side windscreen [passenger side] and that
it had come down then spread across his car. He said its a bit
like when you ' drip a drop of paint into water and it spreads'
that's how the light was.

I then told Colin that the 'lack of noise' he and his friend
experienced  is a phenomenon called 'Oz Factor', which I

I told Colin that I couldnt explain much about what he had seen
and what he and his friend had experienced, but I did ask him,
that if anything else strange happens or occurs to him, he is
quite welcome to ring me, to discuss it and we would take it
from there. He was happy with that.

Charmaine Ballam AUFORN - Sth Australian State Director

28.09.02 VICTORIA [ TOCUMWALL ] 1930hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02695)
Day: Saturday
Time: 7.30 pm
Location: Murray River
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: White
Apparent size: ?
Shape: Egg Shape
Noise: None
Objects observed:One
Activity when object seen: Sit on the bank of river Murray
Other witness's: Family
Name: Terry
Date of Sighting.

(While on Holidays)
Terry and his family were up early for the last day of their
camping holiday on the banks of the Murray river. They all saw a
white 'egg shaped' object travel across the sky right above
them. It was travelling West to East, and was moving faster and
lower than a plane, and made no noise. It was travelling
horizontally to the ground. It was 7:30 am, the sun was up, and
there was a clear blue sky. It seemed to be larger than the
police helicopter.

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

(Source: UFO ROUNDUP -Volume 7, Number 42- October 15, 2002)

Monday, September 30, 2002, was a typical workday in Australia.
Male witness A.A. was on the third floor of an office building
in downtown Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. He
reported, "Looking north through our  third-floor, wall-to-wall
window, I saw, for a moment, a round object outside the window.
It was out of view as soon as it got above my floor's window."
"I was talking to a co-worker and looking over his head when I
spotted it. But by the time I got to say, 'Hey! Did you see
that!?' my colleague turned round after it shot through...and
missed the whole thing." "The UFO appeared grey/white, large and
round in shape.

It crossed the field of view through the 2-meter (6 feet, 6
inches) high window in less than a second. Rose up from below
the field of view and shot straight up past the field of view,
which was obstructed by the ceiling and the next floor above."
"It (the UFO) seemed to be about 50 to 100 meters(150 to 300
feet) away from the building, the size of it relatively was
larger than that of a basketball (held) at arm's length." The
witness believed the UFO "to be 10 to 40 meters (33 to 132 feet)
in diameter." "Coincidentally (or not--A.A.), two days later, we
had the U.S. ambassador and some V.I.P.s turn up to hold a
private conference in our building. I didn't know of this extra
event till after it had passed. I just find these two things in
the same week (to be) exceptional events." (Email Form Report)
(Editor's Note: From the reports UFO Roundup has received,
Adelaide is rapidly overtaking Melbourne as southern Australia's
Number One UFO hotspot.

Editor: Joseph Trainor http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/
Thank you for this report Joseph

(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline)
For those interested
By Kevin Corcoran

Why did they do it?
Fraser Coast Chronicle Newspaper
Front Cover Story
Friday October 11th 2002
By Kevin Corcoran

Mystery still surrounds the trio at the center of an alleged
abduction by aliens of a woman from her Gundiah farm a year ago.
Except for a few brahman heifers, the farm is deserted. It has
been unoccupied since English born Keith Rylance, his wife Amy,
then 22 and house-mate Petra Heller, left the country after the
story of Amy's abduction by aliens broke. A used disposable
razor still rests on the sink of the bathroom, testimony to the
suddenness of the trio's departure.

Officer in charge of the Tiaro police Acting Sergeant Robert
Maragna, who was first at the property after the alleged alien
visit, is 99.9% sure that the abduction was nothing more than an
elaborate hoax. Today Chronicle journalist Kevin Corcoran begins
series which re-examines event's in October last year and the
results of the police and UFO researchers investigations.

And where are they now?
Beam of light carries woman through
window to 1.8m alien.
Page. 9 Fraser Coast Chronicle Newspaper
Friday October 11th 2002
By Kevin Corcoran

THE STORY as it was reported in the chronicle a year ago: An
alien spaceship allegedly snatched a young Gundiah woman from
her home on Thursday night and left her dazed and muddy shortly
after in Mackay.

Gundiah resident Keith Rylance telephoned the police after he
woke to the screaming of house-mate Petra Heller about 11.30pm.
Petra and amy had been watching the television in a caravan
annex at the side of the house when Petra saw Amy, then 22
floating through the window (picture) carried on a beam of

The officer in charge to Tiaro police, Acting Sergeant Robert
Maragna, who was among the first to arrive at the hoiuse about
midnight, said Ms Heller was panicking and crying. Police first
suspected foul play.

Sergeant Robert Maragna noted that the flyscreen covering the
window was ripped and the leaves of a bush near the window were
wilted at the spot the light beam was alleged to have picked up
the woman.

About three hours later as police waited for a scene of crime
officer, Mackay hospital staff telephoned to say Mrs Rylance had
been brought in after she had been found muddy and confused near
a service station.

Mrs Rylance told Mackay police she remembered watching
television that night before waking in a strange room confronted
by a 1.8-meter-tall being, "human-like in shape". She claimed
the being told her she would be returned not far from where she
was taken "because the light was wrong" Sergeant Robert Maragna
said. While Amy was only missing for a couple of hour she felt
she had been a captive for at least six or seven day because her
body hair and fingernails had grown considerably.

Mr Rylance and Ms Heller dashed to Mackay to rescue Amy and have
not been seen since.

IF a hoax - police say it was - what reason?

A BILL for wasting police time is waiting at the Tario police
station for Amy Rylance. A year after she was allegedly whisked
out of a caravan annex on a beam of light, no locals have seen

Amy, who would now be 23, reportedly left for England with her
husband, Keith, and their house-mate Petra Heller, days after
the alleged abduction. The only contact with the Fraser Coast
since then has been two postcards sent to Tiaro mayor john
Horrex in December 2001 and January.2002.

Mr Horrex was a keen backer nof the trio's plans to develope a
winery and extreme sports center on their farm 9km from Gundiah
and was visisting the farm the morning of the day Amy went

The police file remains open and Sergeant Robert Maragna would
love to talk to Amy, Keith and Petra and give them the bill for
the hours of police time that went into investigating the alien
abduction. "There were too many inconsistencies in the their
story for it to be true" said Sergeant Robert Maragna. During a
search of the property police found black hair dye, paper towels
and the burn't out remains of two flood lights and electrical
wiring in an incinerator about 20 meters from the annex. "The
most daming evidence are the phone records," said Sergeant
Maragna "Keith made a big song and dance about not knowing where
Mackay was (where Amy was found three hours after she went
missing). He had to get an atlas to find it."

A review of the trio's mobile telephone records shows that a
phone call was made to their Gundiah home from Rockhampton at
3pm that day before the abduction and Mackay at 3.30pm. on the
day of the abduction. The calls came from motels.. A search of
the house uncovered black hair dye.

Sergeant Robert Maragna is sure that the dye was used to dye
Petra's hair back black after she had bleached it blond to
appear to look like Amy was still in Gundiah and Tiaro when she
Amy was on her way to Mackay. According to the police
investigation, Keith and an unidentified female were seen in
Tiaro during the evening Amy went missing. The pair went to the
shell service station. They then went to the hotel to by a
carton of beer. In both cases people can remember seeing Keith
and someone in the car but could not make out who it was,
Sergeant Robert Maragna said.

It was all a part of the stage a management to make it appear
that Amy was still in Tiaro that afternoon, he said. "One of the
thing I thought strange was that Petra always had jet black
hair," he said. "I think she bleached her hair blond to look
like Amy and then dyed it back black." An attendant of the Shell
service station remembers Keith coming in the shop, but he could
not say if the person in the car was Male or female, let alone
Petra or Amy.

Keith and Petra went home and waited for the appointed hour to
raise the alarm. "I am 99.9% sure it was a hoax," Sergeant
Robert Maragna said. But why stage such an elaborate hoax?
Perhaps it gave them an out. They could say they left the
because they were fearful of aliens rather than saying they
failed to attract backers for their winery and extreme sports
complex. maybe they realised that the grape vines would not do
well and the tourists would not come.

The only other people to show interest in the trio have been a
rural store and a grape vine supplier. They had between 20,000
and 30,000 vines seedlings in storage for them. The Whispering
Winds Winery is deserted but property records shows that the
farm is till owned by Keith Rylance.

Mayor reckons affair certainly was no hoax
Fraser Coast Chronicle Newspaper
Page 7 Saturday October 12th 2002
By Kevin Corcoran

THISTLES grows out the front path of the Whispering Winds Winery
at Gundiah.

The house and caravan beside it are abandoned. Only brahman
heifers stand guard on the lonly farmhouse from where Amy
Rylance was supposedly whisked away on a beam of light by aliens
more than a year ago.

The gate to the farm is locked. It has been that way since Amy,
her husband Keith and their house-mate Petra Heller fled
Australia to England a year ago. They were terrified and would
not stay in the farm-house, Tiaro shire mayor John Horrex said.
The window on the annex through which Amy was reportedly beamed
is shut tight against visitors. The ripped flyscreen, which she
broke as her body was claimed to be sucked skywards, has
disintegrated. Only the thin trip where the curtains material
was nailed to the wall of the annex remains. The shrub beside
the window, wilted and burnt a year ago bt they mysterious beam
of light, has recovered. No physical evidence of the alien
abduction remains. No one in Gundiah has had any contact with
the trio since that fateful day. Legend has it that within a
couple of days of the abduction story breaking a truck pulled up
and all their gear was whisked away as the three headed back to
England where Keith said he had been a champion motor cross
racer. The only contact has been through Tiaro Shire mayor John
Horrex who received two postcards from them in December 2001 and
January 2002. Neither had a return address and both bore a
London postmark.

Mr Horrex does not believe that the abduction was a hoax staged
by the threesome. While puzzled, he believes firmly that the
group would not lie, or had any reason to lie.

"I was on the property with (the shire's) economic development
officer the day Amy was disappeared." he said. "I saw Keith and
Petra down the paddock. Petra then left to take Amy shopping."
But did not see Amy.

" I heard activity in the house as we went by so it must have been Amy."
he said. "Petra rang me from Sydney a couple of weeks after the incident
and told me what she experienced. I don't believe it was a hoax.

"They left because they were very concerned and very scared and did not
want to stay on the property any longer.

"They did have big plans for the winery and extreme sports
circuit on the property. It was tragic that they left the
district. They would have been a great Asset." Mr Harrex said
Petra's father was well connected with German wine making
industry and Keith had connections around the world from his
days as a champion motorcyclist. Mr Horrex backed up his claim
the trio was above borad with the claim they turned down big
offers of cash, especially from American media outlets, to sell
their story.

Researchers find story did not add up
Fraser Coast Chronicle Newspaper
Page. 7 Saturday October 12th 2002
By Kevin Corcoran

THE STORY just didn't add up for Diane Harrison and Bill Chalker
from the Australian UFO research Network. Amy Rylance had been
abducted from her Gundiah property near Tiaro at 11.30 pm and
turned up three hour later muddy and confused at a Mackay
service station. Later, with her husband Keith and house-mate
Petra Heller beside her, Amy told how she was sucked out of the
annex of a caravan on a beam of light. While she was missing for
a matter of only three earth hours, Amy said she felt she had
been on the spacecraft for six or seven days. Proof of her
encounter included marks above each heel from implements used to
monitor her body functions and lots of body hair.

Amy was, according to Keith, always clean shaven and the hair
under her arms and legs had grown considerably in the time she
was missing. The alarm bells started to ring for AUFORN
researchers when Keith did not want to give details about his
life. "What really struck me was Keith said that as UFO-ologists
we should be only interested in the story and not the lead up,"
researcher Diane Harrison said. IN the end Bill Chalker and
Keith had an argument and contact was broken so the researchers
never actually got to meet the trio in the flesh.

Harrison and Chalker drove from Beaudesert to Gundiah to find
the trio were in mackay. They arranged to meet them in Mackay
and drove non-stop to get there. "They left in the morning
before we arrived. It was very annoying. Keith said they were
forced out of town by the Men in Black, "Ms Harrison said.

While the trio had everything UFO researchers dream about a beam
of light, a contact and the markings on her heels --- they could
not substantiate their claims Mr Harrison said. "Amy saaid that
at the time of the abduction she was wearing shorts and a T-
shirt. Yet the people at the service station said she was
wearing leggins and a long-sleve shirt," (video evidence) Ms
Harrison said.

The more the trio talked the more questions they raised. Without
being able to talk to them to have questions answered, the
AUFORN could only publish a preliminary report into the
incident. That report which is on its website and in its
magazine, was not well received. "We never said it was a hoax.
But I think people read between the lines, " Mr Harrison said.

The incident was not a waste of time for AUFORN. They were able
to work with the Tiaro police on the investigation, help sift
through the evidence for the police probe during their
investigation. "(Officer in charge of Tiaro police Acting
Sergeant) Robert Maragna kept an open mind and acted
professionally at all times," Mr Harrison said.

They believe that the links forged with the police will stand
them in good stead for the next time an abduction of UFO
sighting has to be investigated. With 400 sightings so far this
year, about 40 a month on average, there is plenty of
investigating to do. The AUFORN can be contacted on its freecall
hotline 1800 77 22 88.

End Note from Diane

I was contacted by a family member of Keith Rylance and this is
what he/she had to say anonymously.

Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 10:34:56 EDT
Subject: Re: Gundiah 'abduction'

Hello Dianne,
Please keep my name anonymous.

I'm afraid a lot of people have wasted a lot of time over my
cousin Keith. But don't feel too bad, authorities on at least
three Continents have various interests in him.

It's hard to know where to begin. Even the bits I know would
fill a book, and I'm sure there's plenty I don't know. But what
you must understand is that Keith has always been an attention
seeker and would do anything to get into newspapers or on TV.

Why did he set-up the abduction claim? I'm sure his great,
deluded idea was to make a fortune from the scam. In his own
mind he could see Steven Speilberg giving him an unlimited
budget and total control over the movie. Unfortunately, in the
real world, experts like you begin to ask awkward questions
rather than take his word as gospel and shower him with money
and accolades. This is a familiar pattern. So I would guess
that's why they only made a measly $7500 AUD out of the whole
thing. Doesn't add up to much split three ways, does it?

Regards anonymous

The Gundiah Mackay Abduction Milieu

A preliminary report by Bill Chalker and Diane Harrison AUFORN Director
This case is still open.?
Regards Diane Harrison

National Director The Australian UFO Research Network and UFO Hotline.
Australian Skywatch Director

04-05.11.02 VICTORIA [ CARRUM DOWNS ] 2200hrs (NL)
(Source: Diane Harrison National AUFORN Director ]
Day: Monday & Tuesday
Time: 10.00 p.m
Location: Carrum Downs
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: Red
Apparent size: Big as the moon
Shape: Round
Noise: like a truck in the distance
Objects observed:Two
Activity when object seen:
Other witness's:
Name: Lindsay
Date of Sighting. 04-05.11.02

Caller Name. Lindsay.
Night of a thunderstorm, Lindsay saw 2 pulsating lights with a
large red light in the centre. It passed overhead, going towards
the Port Philip Bay. It was very low over the bay, then dropped
and banked in a sharp right hand direction and headed North
towards the city. It sounded "like a truck in the distance".
When it went over it was only about 200 ft up, it was rounded in
shape, and tapered. It was otherwise indistinct.

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

06.11.02 VICTORIA [ MURRUMBEENA ] 1943hrs
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02738)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7.43 pm
Location: Murrumbeena to Chadstone
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: Blue
Apparent size: Big as the moon
Shape: Mushroom
Noise: None
Objects observed:One
Activity when object seen: Local flight path
Other witness's: Parents
Name: Christian
Date of Sighting. 06.11.02

Christian saw a very strange light in the night sky at about
7:43 pm, and wanted to know if anyone else reported the same
thing. He described a very large blue light that "flashed across
the sky very quickly". He saw it move from Murrumbeena to
Chadstone. He said it looked as large as the moon does.

This was interesting because my boss and his parents saw the
same thing at the same time from Frankston, which is about 20
kilometers South of Murrumbeena. They said it went so fast that
they were not sure what they did see, but it was a large bright
blue light travelling South East to North West, and very low
down from their viewpoint. There were no other reports of this
incident. The description is consistent with a meteoric event.

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

16.11.02 VICTORIA [ MILL PARK ] 2255hrs (NL)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02747)
Time: 10.55p.m
Location: Mill Park, Vic.
Classification: (NL)
Duration of sighting: Seconds
Light colour: Amber
Apparent size:
Shape: Basket Ball
Noise: like a truck in the distance
Objects observed:Two
Activity when object seen: Travelling
Other witnesses:
Name: Vince
Date of Sighting. 16.11.02

Vince saw 2 Amber lights heading in a South Easterly direction
towards the city. These lights didn't flash at all, but were
described as being "orange light beams". His girlfriend watched
them as well. As they travelled, one followed the other. When
the first one reached a particular point it went out
momentarily. The second one did the same when it reached the
same point. These lights made no sound. They travelled about as
fast as a Jumbo jet, and were only about 4 to 5 storys high.
Vince estimated that they were not much larger than a basket

Regards George Simpson Victorian State Director AUFORN

20.11.02 QUEENSLAND [ GOLD COAST ] 0407hrs (DO)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02754)

Day: Wednesday
Time: 0407hrs
Location: Surfers Paradise
Classification: (DO)
Duration of sighting: 1 hour
Light colour: Rainbow
Apparent size: 1cent
Shape: Star
Noise: non
Objects observed:One
Activity when object seen: Looking from high rise balcony
Other witness's:
Name: G/C Polic Comms Center
Date of Sighting. 20.11.02
Job Number #128 received through the Gold Coast Police Comms
Centre: Please contact Noni B (sorry I missed the surname) of
Surfers Paradise in regards to a report of seeing a
shiny/pulsating light out to sea.

Tanya reported a strange star like object while having an early
morning coffee while sitting on her veranda. She was not to sure
if it was the morning star or a UFO. She described the object as
flashing in and out all colours of the rainbow. After talking
with her for 15 minutes we decided it was the morning star and
she will be looking for tomorrow morning.

25.11.02 EDGEROI [ MOREE & NARRABRI ] 2040hrs (CE-1)
(Source: 1800 Freecallin National Hotline Callin Code: 02760)
Day:  Monday
Time:  8.40pm DST
Location: Edgeroi (between Moree and Narrabri)
Classification: CE1 (50 mtrs) approx
Duration of sighting: 3 seconds approx
Light colour: red/green
Apparent size: Two road lanes wide
Shape: Unknown
Noise: None
Objects observed: Single
Activity when object seen: Driving
Other witness's: Girlfriend
Name: Peter G
Date of Sighting: 25.11.02

Peter was driving down the Newell Hwy at 8.40pm DST on the 25th
of November just before Edgeroi (just outside of Narribri), with
his girlfried in his truck. They had the windows down and were
talking, the radio was not on.There was no vehicles in front of
him and a car a long way behind. Peter suddenly noticed an
object to his left hand side. The object had two red lights at
the front, two red lights at the back and two green lights on
the edges of the middle, no shape could be determined. The
object was approximately 50 mtrs away from the truck at about
telegraph pole height. When first noticed by Peter the object
was travelling at right angles to the ground, with the lights at
a North/South configuration. It appeared to Peter that the
object was either taking evasive action to miss the truck or was
trying to show him something. When Peter got the attention of
his girlfriend (who had not sighted the object due to it's
incredible speed) the object had now flattened out to a more
conventional East/West configuration and only the rear red
lights could be seen, this was viewed through the open driver's
side window on the right hand side. The geography of the area in
question consists of very flat plains. The object maintained
it's very low altitude over the plains to disappear within 1.5
to 2 seconds over the horizon. Peter stated that the object was
like "something out of "Star Wars" and was the quickest thing he
had ever seen". No noise was heard during the sighting. The
object was estimated to be about the size of two road lanes by
Peter. Peter rang Coonabarrabran Observatory, Police and various
observatories before calling Williamtown Air Base, who referred
Peter to the Hotline Number. When Peter got to Edgeroi, he had
cold shivers for three hours after the encounter. Previous to
this encounter, Peter had not given any thought at all to
possible ET visitation, he is now convinced he saw something
totally unexplainable. Due to the sincerity of the witness and
the facts pertaining to this case I have no doubt Peter saw a
genuine UFO. My personal belief is that Peter saw an ET craft.
Peter is going to call back in the next few days to the general
store in Edgeroi to see if there are any other reports and will
phone the Hotline if there is. I did not feel comfortable asking
Peter about missing time/abduction scenario's as he was
experiencing difficulty dealing with what had just happened to
him as it was, perhaps later. Regards Doug Moffett NSW State
Director AUFORN -- kind regards

Diane Harrison

National Director
The Australian UFO Research Network and UFO Hotline.
Australian Skywatch Director

Co Editor
The Australasian UFOlogist Magazine

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