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Frank Kaufmann Exposed

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:47:34 EST
Archived: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:48:17 -0500
Subject: Frank Kaufmann Exposed

The new expose of Frank Kaufmann's patently obvious bogus
storytelling has now been posted to the CUFOS website:


with compelling evidence that Kaufmann forged his military
papers which he showed Roswell investigators in order to bolster
his ridiculous story of special intelligence assignments (the
original and the forgery were both found in his papers and there
is evidence of rubber cementing of papers over the original).

My question is why should it take so long to realize that
Kaufmann was a hoaxer and a liar? Didn't Karl Pflock dissect his
lies quite well in his 1994 and 2001 books? What else was really
needed? Bloody signed confession?

We can now read a copy of the forged Maj. Easley memo of "July
30, 1947" describing the imaginary saucer recovery operation,
which had previously only been flashed to Roswell researchers
who were not allowed by Kaufmann to take a copy.

My question here is why, if the memo is addressed at the top
"To: JRDB, AFSA, AIRD" weren't these agencies followed up as
they might have been sources for confirmatory copies of the
Easley memo and other documentation? Wouldn't Vannevar Bush's
JRDB have been an exciting lead to chase in light of the
misguided Wilbert Smith memo of 1950? Didn't anyone have a good
enough memory to recall these telltale agency paper-trail clues?

Or did Roswell researchers indeed follow up on these agencies --
 and didn't tell anyone about the negative results? Do we need
an investigation of the investigators just to find out what is
really going on with the Roswell case? Did UFOlogists find out
that AFSA did NOT EVEN EXIST YET in 1947, that it was created
two years later by JCS Directive 2010 of May 24, 1949, and was
the predecessor of the NSA? Wouldn't this be damning proof that
the Easley memo was a blatant hoax by a con man who was a moron
on military and intelligence history, who couldn't keep agencies
and their dates of formation straight? (BTW, the bogus MJ-12
"1st Annual Report" of Oct 1952, which should be dated 1948 if
it was the first annual report after 1947, suffers from the same
stupidity of the nitwit hoaxer by claiming it covers 5 years of
AFSA intelligence activities, when AFSA had only been in
existence 3 years.)

Why wasn't the AFSA reference the smoking gun that should have
disposed of Kaufmann years ago? Are we going to be told that no
one saw the forged Easley memo long enough to remember "AFSA"
was at the top? Did anyone get shown the forgery more than once
or get to take some notes? Are we going to hear excuse after
excuse that no one was really a document investigator, or their
attention was on other things in the memo, or no one knew what
the abbreviations meant (yeah right, no one knew Vannevar Bush
headed JRDB)?

All three of the Kaufmann-forged memos of July/Sept 1947 on the
alleged disc recovery suffer from still another dumbbell
historical error: They recite that the "Directorate of
Intelligence" of Air Intelligence was to receive file copies of
reports, etc. But the "Directorate of Intelligence" of the Air
Force (and/or possibly its predecessor the AAF) also DID NOT YET
EXIST. When the AF separated from the Army and reorganized, air
intelligence was DOWNGRADED in organizational stature from an
Assistant Chief of Air Staff to a mere Director of Intelligence
under a deputy chief of staff, and he headed what was now called
a "Directorate of Intelligence" (D/I) for the first time and
that occurred on Oct 10, 1947. So the D/I did not exist in July-
Sept 1947. Duh!!!!

One of the CUFOS articles recites the following:

"He said that the bodies had been taken to the base,
to one of the hangars. They were put into large boxes,
and then flown out of Roswell. According to Kaufmann,
the bodies were on two separate flights in case of an
aircraft accident. One plane flew directly to Wright Field,
but the other diverted to Washington, D.C., so that high
ranking members of the administration and the military
would have a chance to see what the creatures looked
like. Then, those bodies were sent on to Wright Field.
There was nothing in this scenario that seemed unlikely
or that could be disproved."

NOTHING that "seemed unlikely"??? Why would bodies or biological
material be shipped to Wright Field for pete's sake??? What
biological labs did they have at the aeronautical engineering
facilities at Wright Field??? Were they going to subject the
alien cadavers to the tender analytical mercies of a supersonic
WIND TUNNEL??? Doesn't that at least "seem" unlikely?

In 1947 the beginning and end of any military biology and
pathology research was the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
(AFIP) at Walter Reed Army Hospital and the chemical biological
warfare lab at Ft. Detrick, Md. Yet not one crashed saucer-alien
body story I can recall -- certainly not Kaufmann's nonsense --
 ever mentions AFIP or Ft. Detrick. (I predict that now because
I have posted this that new MJ-12 forgeries will now turn up
citing lab analyses or autopsies from AFIP and Ft. Detrick --
 and they will be falsely backdated to appear to have emerged
months before my posting, complete with affidavits from the
usual liars swearing they "received" the documents in 2000 or
2001 or whenever.)

Brad Sparks

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