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Request USAF Secretary Undergo Polygraph Exam

From: Larry W. Bryant <overtci.nul>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 23:56:32 -0500
Archived: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:28:42 -0500
Subject: Request USAF Secretary Undergo Polygraph Exam

== Request that the USAF Secretary Undergo a Polygraph Exam ==

TO: Hon. James G. Roche
Secretary of the Air Force
Headquarters, Department of the Air Force
The Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330

From: Larry W. Bryant

Date: November 25, 2002

For more than 50 years, a number of high USAF officials have
contributed to misleading the public about the true nature of
reported UFO encounters. Cases in point: former assistant
secretary of the Air Force R. E. Horner, back in the late
fifties, reiterated that no hard evidence of UFO reality was
being withheld from public view, that no UFO-sighting reports
were being marked "classified." And, on Jan. 20, 1959, a
legislative liaison chief named Maj. Gen. W. P. Fisher wrote
this retort to Va. Sen. Harry F. Byrd: "The allegation that the
Air Force is withholding vital UFO information has no merit
whatsoever." They both lied.

Thanks to various UFO-related records freed up via the U. S.
Freedom of Information Act, we now know that scores of UFO-
sighting reports originating from within the U. S. military
community once bore classifications of CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET
(and, doubtless, to this day -- even TOP SECRET). This official
stranglehold on UFOtruth not only diminishes public
participation in our government's decisionmaking process on such
a vital public issue; it also reveals the falsity of Horner's
arrogantly dismissive statement.

Decades later, in a cynical, transparent effort to maintain the
status quo typified by Horner's remark, the Air Force hierarchy
conspired to dismiss the Roswell (N.M.) UFO-crash-retrieval
incident of 1947 as a "mogul balloon" experiment gone awry.
Trouble is, that dismissal required the then USAF secretary to
admit that the original AF explanation for Roswell falsely had
been ascribed to a downed weather balloon. So this means that
somebody in the USAF chain-of-command had been lying all along
about Roswellian UFO reality.

Of course, any employee's lying in performance of official
government duty happens to be unacceptable behavior, calling
into question his suitability for acquiring/retaining a security
clearance. Besides raising serious questions of ethics, a lying
federal employee also endangers the good order and discipline
expected of a person entrusted with public service. (S)he
therefore must be held accountable for this form of misconduct.

We know that numerous federal agencies rely on the polygraph
exam to root out and separate employees unworthy of
receiving/retaining a security clearance. The exam's efficacy
for this purpose has stood the test of time.

Accordingly, in the interest of setting the record straight, of
assuring fair play for all key players in this politically
charged matter, and of restoring public confidence in USAF
policy/programs/activities, I hereby request that you, sir,
undergo, as soon as possible, an independently administered
polygraph examination -- to be expressly tailored to determining
your veracity in answering such questions as the following:

(1) Do you now possess, and have you ever possessed, verifiable
knowledge that the U.S.-military-retrieved Roswellian UFO
artifacts and technology originated from an extraterrestrial

(2) Do you believe that all your predecessor AF secretaries were
telling the truth whenever they tried to convince the public
that so-called "flying saucers" (i.e., alien spacecraft visiting
Earth) have no basis in fact?

(3) Do you know the current physical location of the Roswellian
UFO artifacts consigned to the Air Force for intelligence
analysis and eventual R&D back-engineering (as explained by Army
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Philip J. Corso in his book "The Day After

(4) Do you know the identity and whereabouts of any USAF
personnel who took part in the autopsies and forensic analysis
of the UFOnauts retrieved from the Roswell crash-landing?

(5) Do you possess knowlege, official or otherwise, that the
classified jet-interceptor "scramble" mission in July 2002 near
Waldorff, Md., determined that the pursued unidentified flying
object was an alien spacecraft?

(6) If your answer to question (5) is YES, are you willing to
share that knowledge completely and immediately with the public?

(7) To your knowledge, did the Waldorff interception succeed in
acquiring gun-camera photos of the pursued craft?

(8) Have you instructed any of your staff to refrain from
publicly discussing hard evidence of UFO reality?

(9) Do you know of any ongoing program within the federal
Executive Branch that focuses on collecting, analyzing, and
disseminating hard evidence that the Earth has been, and
continues to be, visited by alien spacecraft?

(10) Do you know of any cases of UFO-E.T. abduction occurring
within the Air Force community?

Please tell me the name and phone number of the administrative
point-of-contact within your office by which we can coordinate
the fulfillment of this request that you submit to the sought-
for polygraph exam.

Director, Washington, D.C., Office of
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

Copies furnished to:

Chairman, U. S. Senate Committee on Intelligence

Chairman, U. S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary

P.S.: I'm snail-mailing to you a signed printout of this
e-formatted letter.

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