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Sci-Fi On Roswell: A Review

From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99.nul>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 22:34:20 +0000
Archived: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 08:48:46 -0500
Subject: Sci-Fi On Roswell: A Review

Here's my take on the Sci-Fi-Channel Roswell special. In terms
of TV UFO documentaries in general, I give it an A-/B+. Despite
some of the usual failings (e.g., hokey unexplained photos and
other footage) I thought it did a much better than average job
of presenting information in a reasonably complete and fair-
minded fashion. On the other hand, I thought it contained much
stretching and repetition, and could have been covered
adequately in one hour.

On the archeological aspects, it rates a positive because at
least two anomalies were found (the unexplained layer of
disturbed soil at the main site and the furrows at the nearby
area), plus some kind of "artifacts" were carted away for future
analysis. This is good science being practiced.

Did it contain any new information/revelations? I guess that
depends on how well-informed you are on Roswell-related
research. To me (and I am not a Roswell investigator) it
revealed at least three new bits of information:

(1) the testimony of George Newling who saw something (a?) gray
[not at all clear to me who he was and what he was talking
about]; (2) former TSgt Moe Cox who claims to have seen
files/photos on three dead aliens and two lives one, and a
craft; and (3) perhaps most interesting of all, at least so far,
the fairly extensive comments of the daughter of Maj. Edwin
Easley, provost marshal at Roswell Air Base and allegedly
involved in the investigation and cover-up.

Does anyone (and I am particularly interested in what Kevin
Randle has to say) have a reading on the credentials and the
credibility of Newling and Cox? This kind of vetting is all-
important. Who are they? Do we know that they were really
"there"? Are their stories credible?

David Rudiak (one of our List contributors) held forth on his
analysis of the Ramey message, and if his interpretation is
correct the telegram certainly is a smoking gun. But the program
failed to mention that several other individuals and groups keep
coming up with other interpretations of key words in the
telegram. Some kind of organized peer review is badly needed
here. Rudiak's Roswell web site is excellent and he deserves
praise for his conscientious and honest efforts.

Finally, Karl Pflock came up with a typical whopper by asserting
that the entire "Roswell mythology" is attributable to and dates
back to the discredited witness, Frank Kaufman. Huh?

One thing that puzzled me was the absence of any reference to
Pappy Henderson (pilot of the B-29 who flew crash-field cargo to
Fort Worth) and later told both friends and members of his
family that he had transported alien bodies and described in
general terms what they looked like. Though his "testimony" was
second-hand, like that of Maj. Easley's daughter I found it very

 - Dick Hall

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