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IUR V27 #2: Summer 2002

From: Larry Hatch <larry.nul>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 20:03:46 -0800
Archived: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 08:31:51 -0500
Subject: IUR V27 #2: Summer 2002

Hello all:

If you haven't (subscribed to IUR recently, perhaps the Summer
2002 issue will persuade you.

Haiko Leitz leads off with a short article about media bias
centered about the ballyhoo following the closure of an old UFO
group in Britain. The press even got that wrong. The British
Flying Saucer Bureau had simply noted a decrease in reports, and
suspended meetings in a cold drafty hall. The Bristol Evening
Post and Reuters (UK), Le Figaro and AFP (France), the Suddeutch
Zeitung, International Herald Tribune etc. etc. all but hung
epitaphs for ufology in general.

Donald A. Johnson titles the next article "Do Nuclear Facilities
Attract UFOs?" A table of statistics based on US counties seems
to indicate that they do, with biases ranging from 1.35 to 2.61!
Up to twice as many UFOs/CEs per county, for those counties with
any type of nuclear facilities. There is a good deal of
explanatory text, not just numbers. Sadly, neither is likely to
get coverage in such press agencies as those reporting the death
of ufology.

James Houran and Kevin Randle co-author "Interpreting the Ramey
Memo". No, its not a shopping list from his wife, in fact there
are no solid conclusions offered. Rather, there are some good
suggestions how to go about squeezing a _little_ more data from
the sorry blowup of the original Bond Johnson photo taken in
1947. One wishes for a time machine!

Jenny Randles gives a very thorough and positive review of the
fairly negative, but honestly skeptical book "Out of the
Shadows" by David Clarke and Andy Roberts. If more of us took
this fair minded approach, we might generate more light and less

Now my favorite article: " Unusual Experiences from the
Timmerman Files". I let one subscription to IUR lapse because I
didn't see a single case I could catalog. Not that those issues
were bad, I'm darned sure they weren't. Specific new (to me)
cases were simply not presented in favor of other more pressing
issues. Timmerman changes that! Ten rather spectacular cases are
presented, dates times and places (huzzah!) and guess what? I'm
about halfway though, and I didn't have a single one catalogued!
Its embarrassing really, please don't repeat this. Let me punch
them in first so I can pretend I had them all along! These are
not just lights in the sky, but first class flying saucers,
often with surprising effects, most with multiple witnesses.

Lets see now. $25 divided by 4 issues, divided by 10 good *U*
listings. That's 62 cents each if Timmerman keeps it up, less
than a can of soda pop out of a vending machine at work.

There are other goodies in there, letters to the Clarkitor
[burp!] and a nice back page treatment of "Abductees and the
Paranormal" by Mark Rodeghier.

Now I have to go and crawl my way thru another IUR, a thick
booklet by Loren Gross, and two issues of VSD Hors Serie from
France. Time to uncork some red wine, French is slow going here.
Hope I didn't bore anyone, I hate to do that.

Best wishes

- Larry Hatch

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