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Re: Top Secret Restricted Documents Examples

From: Jan Aldrich <project1947.nul>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:26:14 -0500
Archived: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 07:55:36 -0500
Subject: Re: Top Secret Restricted Documents Examples

>From: John W. Auchettl <Praufo.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:53:11 EST
>Subject: Top Secret Restricted Documents Examples

>Hi EBK & List,

>Just back, so this is very late.

>The whole system of classification is not as simple as some
>would like us all to think. Those who approach the study from
>the "UNCLASSIFIED" end of the life of an active document, get it
>wrong most of the time.

>By the time the "UNCLASSIFIED" stamp is applied, the original
>classification may have changes many times or better still the
>document is lost after originally being placed under a 'FOLDER'
>or 'COVER SHEET' with other documents. When this method is
>employed, you may never find the original classification and the
>document will look clean. Many documents are destroyed under
>this method.

>With "UNCLASSIFIED", comes a box full of other tricks and
>problems, such as - destruction, white out, cut out, and even
>black out and so on.


>[1]. Australian Section, 8th US Army, Pacific.
>War Diaries and Int Summary, Army Form C2116
>1st June 1945 - 30th June 1945

>War Diaries of Army Headquarter Units, Second World War.
>(AWM52 Class 1)

>[1.1]. Page 1 - This has the SECRET COVER sheet classification,
>for the rest of the data or pages. ACROBAT READER 5.0
>- 27Kb pdf File.


>[1.2]. Page 2 - No classification! ACROBAT READER 5.0
>- 29Kb pdf File.


>Then we have the older system of SECRET classification, that
>sometimes comes up due to old DoD or Government administration
>practices. For example this "MOST SECRET" document:


>Frederick Shedden, Secretary of the Department of Defence, Australia.
>Advises Prime Minister Curtin of the loss of HMAS Sydney.
>MINUTE PAPER 1 - NAA: A5954, 2400/21 - 14 Nov 1941.


>Then we have these documents.


>Surface-to-Air Guided Weapons Policy.
>Townsend Report3 on Surface-to-Air Weapons.
>NAA: CRS A4940, C2977 1 & 2
>NAA: CRS A4940, C3014 1 & 2 - 1959



>Allied Geographical Section (AGS), US & Australian Army.
>Southwest Pacific Area, Terrain Handbook 18, New Guinea - "BUT"
>World War II - Publication, 24 March 1944.

>(NOTICE: This is a large image page - 135Kb)



>UK PRO: D0 35/8287; Chiefs of Staff Committee,
>Confidential Annex to C.O.S. (57)70th
>Meeting Held on Tuesday, September 10, 1957,
>p1. (No Image).

>UK System - see with reference: http://www.pro.gov.uk/


>Australian Archives (ACT): A1209/80 58/ 5155;
>Memorandum by the Defence Committee,
>Nuclear Weapons for the Australian Forces,
>February 6, 1958, p3. (No Image).


>Australian Archives (ACT): A1209/23, 57/4067;
>Department of Defence, Inwards Teleprinter
>Message, from Hicks, Secretary of the
>Department of Defence, to Sir Allen Brown,
>Prime Ministers Department, Nuclear Weapons,
>September, 4, 1958, p1. (No Image).


>Archives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:
>Unregistered document; Report by the Joint Planning Committee at
>Meetings Concluding 2nd February, 1968, Department of Defence
>File No. 67/1017, Report No. 8/1968, An Independent Australian
>Nuclear Capability - Strategic Considerations, Annex, p21.
>(AUSTEO = 'Australian Eyes Only') (No Image).


>Releasable to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United
>States. (No Example or Image).


>UK PRO: D0 35/8287; Ministry of Defence,
>Supply of Nuclear Weapons to Australia,
>Record of a Meeting held November 18, 1957,
>p. 1 (Top Secret UK Eyes Only, 12/4/57).
>(No Image).
>UK System - see with reference: http://www.pro.gov.uk/

>Then we have this most interesting way our Governments can hold
>documents from us all! It's called the 'D NOTICE'.

>[11]. D NOTICE:

>Australia - D Notices are issued to the media on the authority
>of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Committee.



>It is important to note that TS (Top Secret) documents are not
>common, after they get the "UNCLASSIFIED" stamp. Most documents
>are in the 'Restricted' level and below. If you do a study on
>their numbers, you will be most surprised.

>The above are just some examples of TS levels in the system.

>"Jan [Aldrich], you make it sound like every installation
>follows the same set of rules. They don't all follow the same
>rules. Some documents have unusual classifications..." S.

>"Yes [Jan Aldrich], a little reading would be a good idea."
>S. Friedman

>"The inexperienced leave out the levels in the classification
>structure, they see the classification of documents as a
>'document restriction system' (paper lock) when it is a 'human
>restriction system' (human lock)." J. Auchettl

>"Absence of evidence in your hands is not evidence of absence.
>Proclamation is not the same as investigation." Public

This almost requires no answer at all.

John, you go out of your way to make yourself look silly! MJ-12
documents are not British, Australian, Canadian or Soviet!

They are US. See if you can find a US document in the SOM 1-01
time frame with Top Secret Restricted on it bring it on.

Oh, by the way, the Australians are not subject to the Atomic
Energy either so they don't need to worry about conflicts or
misunderstands with "Restricted Data."

I guess I should horn my requirement a little more:

Find me a document issued by the government of the United States
of American for the time frame of SOM 1-01, Cutler Memo, etc.
which is classified

Top Secret Restricted
Secret Restricted
Confidential Restricted

Not Restricted Data nor Formerly Restricted Data and not
documents before 1953 that were down graded from Top Secret,
Secret or Confidential to Restricted.

The American Top Secret procedures, as pointed out previously,
change after World War II. So WWII document are not part of the

John, I don't care what the Australian government does, nor what
the Lower Sabowbian government does. We were talking about the
American government.

I suggested before that you withdraw before you embarrass
yourself further. I repeat my suggestion! You haven't proven
your case. The only thing you have proved is an inability to
read correctly, but you have already demonstrated that before.

Once again, I know the system, I have given people the
references to confirm what I say. How the Australians handle
classified information is their business. How Americans handle
US classified information is the US business and for over seven
years it was my business. You can't say the same; so once again
exactly who is the inexperienced party?

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947
P. O. Box 391
Canterbury, CT 06331
(860) 546-9135

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