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Re: Media & 'Truth'

From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99.nul>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 23:45:56 +0000
Archived: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 07:13:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'

>From: Jan Aldrich <project1947.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 17:33:7 -0500
>Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'


>John, you will probably never talk to me again or answer me
>again after this, but I think abductions are at the end of the
>line of that which should be considered in ufology.

>First and foremost, despite the universal theories by many
>abduction investigators, I don't think we know squat about what
>is occurring here. Here is, what I see from my perch, one that I
>will admit has a limited field of vision.

>1. Some 'abductees' have deep problems, and they need help from
>mental health professionals. I have letters from a very
>intelligent woman who apparently is also member of upper
>society, and who has serious mental problems. Her story is that
>the Aliens and the Communists are chasing her and have been
>since her husband, a newspaper publisher, died. She now rides
>buses up and down the East Coast never staying in one place for
>more than a few months. She sends letters from a variety of
>places, a beauty salon, a diner, a laundromat and receives
>answers at such places.

>2. Some 'abductees' have stories which are very similar to child
>sex abuse stories. They are tortured or used sexually by
>entities who have almost complete power over them.

>3. Some 'abductees' are the voice of the abductors. I call these
>the "queen bees" that will tell us all there is to know about
>the aliens. While people hang around listening to every word
>like recievied wisdom. And, of course, each story gets better
>than the one before. "I have one abductee who murdered a Grey."
>"The Greys are getting tired of the Rebel Reptilians! If things
>do not change, there will be an interstellar war with earth at
>the center in the next six months!" I didn't make this up, but
>heard this at the 1996 MUFON Symposium, I promise.

>4. Some 'abductees' are jumping on the band wagon. I received a
>letter from a country and western singer. He had a UFO crash
>story from 1947 in Colorado, and, of course, recently he had
>been abducted. Do you think his stories might help his music
>career? (I did an extensive search in Colorado for any evidence
>of unusual activities there during the supposed crash.)

>My friend took a telephone call from a fellow who wanted to know
>"all about UFOs" because if he did, then he could be abducted,
>and then, he could be in book about his abduction, go all over
>the country lecturing, get on TV and become famous. Hmmm.

>5. Finally, there are military or intelligence people going
>around the country kidnapping, torturing and planting abduction
>scenarios in people's heads as part of insidious mind control
>experiments. The popularity of such ideas in the UFO community
>astounds and disgusts me! The Viet Vietnam war brought out the
>worst in some in the military. A great deal of soul-searching
>went into development of senior leaders after this searing
>national experience. That people of integrity would not step
>forward and denounce such actions is hard to believe. The proof
>of such paranoid ideas is thin indeed.

>Recently, in trying to organize material which came from the
>Brazilian physician, Dr. Olavos Fontes, I found a copy of a
>letter he had written to Alexander Mebane, in 1958, concerning
>the AVB case. Mebane, besides the Lorenzens, was one of the few
>people outside Brazil who Fontes contacted about the case at
>this time. This was well over a year after the AVB abduction
>allegedly occurred.

>Fontes' treatment is nearly clinical, he mentions his problems
>with contactee, occupant and this abduction cases. Fontes is
>careful to let Mebane know that he does not necessarily buy into
>any such stories. He wants Mebane's input. (Now we have Coral
>championing the "little men" cases as opposed to contactees, but
>she did not come out with anything about the AVB case until
>others had published it. Perhaps a wise choice. Look what
>happened to McDonald after reviewing Bloecher's work saying we
>might be interested in examining humanoid cases more carefully.
>And my 'Disclosure' friends, look what happened to McDonald in
>Congress--and at the hands of a Congressman who agreed and voted
>with McDonald on his environment opinions.)

>Two asides here. Child sexual abuse is very traumatic and
>devastating to the victim. When this occurs within families,
>many times the victim get no support or help from other family
>members, this is the ultimate tragedy and betray. Victims are
>told to "Get over it. Put this behind you." So the perpetrator
>gets a free pass while the victim may get the blame that the
>incident(s) happened. Sometimes therapists and activists in this
>area do more harm then good. Despite how terrible child sexual
>abuse is, there are also such crazy stories as Rose-Ann
>recovering memories of child abuse when she was six months old
>or pre-school kids telling a jury that they were forced to have
>sex with animals. Of course, how the giraffes got into the build
>was not explained. There is abuse, no question. To rid us of the
>abuse, there is sometimes a witch hunt mentality that does more
>harm than good.

>Do abductee investigators sometimes exhibit the same zeal
>mentioned above?

>IMO, abductees could fall into the following categories:

>1) People with deep seated mental health issues,

>2) Charlatans and exploiters,

>3) Band wagon followers,

>4) People who are giving us symptoms of some other traumatic
>experience in their lives,

>5) People who are convinced by 'investigators' that their
>problems or a mysterious incident(s) in their lives arise from
>an abduction experience,


You left out, or simply people who really - for possibly very
good reasons - believe that it actually happened to them.

>6) Now I don't know what to make of the AVB case, nor the Hills
>case, nor say the Bluff Ledge case nor dozens nor scores nor
>maybe hundreds nor even thousand of others. Something very
>strange may be operating here, but I am puzzled as to what it
>is. I certainly do not buy grand unified theories offered so

"Grand unified theories" be damned, we have credible testimony
(no matter how uncomfortable it is for some of us to accept)
that something is going on that your categories do not
adequately encompass.

>The evidence for abduction being an extraterrestrial experiment
>or breeding program is tenuous to say the least. Maybe there are
>people who are convinced to their souls that is the case.
>However, they must offer proof to someone who is not inside
>their minds that such is indeed the case.

"Proof" or nothing? You sound like the "either-or" debunkers


Otherwise I strongly agree with you and urge you not to hide in
your bomb shelter. You have a lot to offer, and I fully
understand and share your disgust with a great deal of what goes
on in alleged rational/scientific discussion of UFOs.

 - Dick

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