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Re: Media & 'Truth'

From: Paul Kimball <Kimballwood.nul>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 01:06:25 EST
Archived: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 07:00:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'

>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:54:46 -0500
>Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'

>>From: Paul Kimball <Kimballwood.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 22:08:18 EST
>>Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'

>>>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic.nul>
>>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>>Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 12:03:25 -0500
>>>Subject: Re: Media & 'Truth'

Dear Mr. Velez:

>>Entertainment is about conflict, and all television and film is
>>entertainment, even as it informs - even documentaries, and even
>>news (especially news!). And, as there is no consensus about
>>matters ufological, conflict more than acceptable - it is the
>>nature of the beast.

>Sure, to a large extent the media provides what the public
>wants. But... you have to admit that there is also a lot
>pandering by the media to the lowest common denominator in many

I agree. See my post to Dick Hall with respect to the above, and
why the pandering exists.

>The problem with all this is; when it comes to the subject of
>UFOs the public is not getting the whole story. Rather, they are
>more often than not exposed to whatever point of view a
>particular producer may think will put asses in the seats the
>night their program airs.

The producer is motivated by what the broadcaster wants. The
broadcaster is motivated by the need for ratings. The need for
ratings requires viewers, which requires entertainment,
conflict. The hope is that a good producer and director can
blend that in with a serious discussion of whatever the topic
may be, but, yes, the asses do have to end up in the seats.

>That, has nothing at all to do with, and very often conflicts
>with, the honest representation and reporting of a phenomenon
>that affects us all. And quite possibly affects us in a negative
>fashion. There is an urgency to all of this that few are able to
>fully appreciate. We simply don't have time to putz around and
>play 'games.' Too much is at stake for us to indulge our own
>continued ignorance.

The honest representation of a story, I would hope you agree,
means that both sides should be heard. For abductions, that
means the abductees, treated with respect, and those who are
skeptical, treated with the same respect.

>>>Without us... they have no Show.

>>Alas, no... there will always be a show, because people find the
>>subject of UFOs/abductions/alien life fascinating. And all
>>television and film, like it or not, is about entertainment,
>>especially the news.

>I wonder how 'entertaining' people would find being dragged out
>of their homes in the middle of the night in their underwear by
>non-human entities who subject them to all kinds of invasive,
>terrifying and _dehumanizing_ procedures.

Not very entertaining at all, obviously. On the other hand,
there are many people who are convinced that there are a myriad
of other explanations for these experiences. Most of us, I
think, are just curious, and want to hear both sides of the
story. I couldn't agree more, however, that the media should
take the whole question of UFOs (and all related sub-topics)
much more seriously.

>People better wake up, and soon. There's nothing amusing or
'>entertaining' going on. What is happening to me and mine today
>can be happening to you and yours tomorrow.

>Laugh now... pay later.

I think the term 'entertainment' is what is be-deviling us here.
If you define it as I do - something that people will want to
watch and that also puts forward both sides of a complicated and
unresolved (at least to the public) issue, I hope we would be
able to agree. If, as I suspect, you define it as a
trivialization of the issue, or a misrepresentation of your
views in order to make a pre-conceived point (ie. abductions are
bunk) on the part of the producer / director / network, or a
show where computer generated aliens and dramatic reproductions
are more important than what is actually said, then I agree
wholeheartedly with you.

>>The question is whether ufologists want to make a contribution
>>to it, or sit on the sidelines. If taking your case and
>>presenting it to as many people as possible is the goal, then
>>sometimes you have to take your chances, and sometimes you might
>>get burned. It seems to me, however, that the potential reward
>>is worth the risk.

>I've been doing just that for over seven years now, Paul. And
>I've been burned about as badly as anyone can be. I have
>survived it all and managed to keep my focus only because I am
>always acutely aware of the _urgency_ of the situation and
>because I feel a _deep_ sense of responsibility to my fellow
>man. People in my position cannot enjoy the luxury of disbelief.
>My 'way' is always clear before me. I have no choice. I would
>not be able to live with myself if I kept my mouth shut about
>what I know and said nothing.

>We (witnesses/abductees) are not (for the most-part) 'amused' or
'>entertained' by what we see the media feeding the public. We
>are even less amused when we are "used" in order to advance a
>dishonest and completely self-serving agenda. There's going to
>be a huge price to pay for all that 'entertainment' one day and
>for all the dismissive and damaging snickering and ridicule.

I'm sorry this has been your experience with film and
television. We're not all like that, as we try to navigate
between the need to entertain and the desire to inform.

>I, for one, will not knowingly contribute to their efforts to
>'entertain' the public in this fashion. It's a dangerous and
>irresponsible road they walk down. I can only speak for myself,
>but they'll all have to take the trip down that perilous road
>alone and without my cooperation I'm afraid. Me and my 'truth'
>will take that less travelled, little, dirt road off to the side
>there thank you very much.

As someone who has spent the past two years lurking on the List,
who has enjoyed (in the best, 'search for the truth' meaning of
the word) reading your thought-provoking contributions, and who
admires your courage in sharing your experience, I regret that
your contact with film and television have led you to this
conclusion. It is our loss.


>John Velez, Victim of a 'hatchet job' perpetrated by NOVA

Best wishes,

Paul Kimball
Producer/Director who has never worked for NOVA

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