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Italian UFO Newsflash No. 372

From: Edoardo Russo <edoardo.russo.nul>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 23:12:31 +0100
Archived: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 06:10:45 -0500
Subject: Italian UFO Newsflash No. 372


ISSUE NO. 372 -  25 OCTOBER 2002

by the Italian Center for UFO Studies
(Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU)


- October: A Time For "Angel Hair"
- Italian Cases For 2000
- Para-UFO Books
- The Housewife & The UFO On RadioRAI


Right on schedule as with every October, we are seeing a return
of cases involving the falling of whitish filaments from the sky
known as "Angel Hair," often in association with UFO sightings.

Over the last few weeks, these phenomena have been reported in
the provinces of Alessandria, Vercelli and Palermo. In some
cases, large quantities of the filaments covered roofs and
lawns. Samples of filaments, collected by the witnesses, were
handed over to the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection
(ARPA) and local scholars, for the purpose of analyzing them.

[La Stampa, Alessandria edition, 20 October; reports and
communications by Roberto Labanti, Roberto Malini, Carmelo
Scuderi and Paolo Toselli; Fortiana, 18 to 22 October; Cicap-
Piemonte, 22 to 24 October; Chucara2000, 23 October]

Similar falls (also in abundance) were reported just this month
also on the other side of the Atlantic, in the American states
of California and Washington.

[AP, 8 October; UFO Updates, 10 to 24 October; Project-1947, 23
and 24 October.]

The Italian Center for UFO Studies has collected a complete
international bibliography and built a two-part case catalog
(national and international) on the subject, updated in
collaboration with American and Australian students who are
interested in the phenomenon.

[UFO  Rivista di informazione ufologica, No. 23, December 2000.]

                  ITALIAN CASES FOR 2000

The CISU telematic working group on the Italian case log has
come to a new step in its cataloguing work, begun by the CISU
two years ago.

After completing the 2001 cataloguing, a first phase has now
been completed in the cataloguing of Italian sightings for the
year 2000. The database has been structured with space-time
coordinates, typological data and cross-references to sources
for over 260 cases from that year, gathered by the Italian
Center for UFO Studies.

The monthly tabulations are already available for viewing on the
CISU Internet site (www.arpnet.it/ufo/casi2000.htm), as well as
some simple statistics.

[Communication by Sebastiano Ridolfi; UFO-Italia, 22 October]

                     PARA-UFO BOOKS

This Fall of 2002 is seeing a glut of books more-or-less
directly related to the UFO theme, published in Italian.

Following his previous volumes, Macro Publications in Cesena is
now bringing out the mother-lode "Figli di Matrix" ("Children of
Matrix"), from the known conspiracy author David Icke (620
pages, 18 Euro). His thesis is well known: for thousands of
years, a race from another dimension ruled over humanity,
carrying out its operations through secret sects, conspiracies
and governments the world over.

Once again, Macro is publishing "Il contatto =E8 cominciato"
("Contact Has Begun"), penned by the American journalist Phillip
Krapf who, in 1997, found himself suddenly transformed into a
contactee, and through whom the aliens who have been observing
us for thousands of years would be making revelations to us
about our future (173 pages, 12.90 Euro).

Only slightly UFO-related, on the other hand (but definitively
superior qualitatively), is: "Oltre Star Trek  - La fisica dalle
invasioni aliene alla fine del tempo" ("Beyond Star Trek -
 Physics From Alien Invasions To The End Of Time") by Lawrence
Krauss. It's published by Longanesi (266 pages for 15 Euro) and
dedicates a few strictly technical but very enjoyable pages to
UFOs and flying saucers.

[Reports by Paolo Fiorino and Maurizio Morini]


UFOs (or ufologists?) are the protagonists of a radio
dramatization broadcast for some weeks over the national radio
RAI airwaves.

A housewife from Tormeno who is a UFO enthusiast and a
journalist on the hunt for aliens, are the central characters in
the program entitled "Mister UFO", each Saturday and Sunday
between 9 and 9.30 a.m. on RadioDue. It's directed by Arturo
Villone and written by Edoardo Erba.

Actually, dazed witnesses and surreal UFO hunters are just the
pretext for a satire which concerns morals, not to mention being

[Report by Paolo Toselli; SocioUFO, 15 and 23 October; La
Stampa, 21 October]

Collaborators on this edition were:
Paolo Fiorino, Roberto Labanti, Roberto Malini,
Carmelo Scuderi, Sebastiano Ridolfi and Paolo Toselli.

- - -

This is the English translation of UFOTEL, a free
phone/Internet information service on UFOs edited
weekly by  Edoardo Russo for the Italian Center for
UFO Studies (Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici),
available in Italian by calling +39-011-545294,
or by e-mail subscription, or on CISU website
at http://www.arpnet.it/ufo/ultime.htm

UFOTEL is a supplement to "UFO - Rivista di
informazione ufologica", published by the Italian
Center for UFO Studies, registered at Tribunale
di Torino,  No. 3670, on 19 June 1986.
Director: Giovanni Settimo.
Publisher: Cooperativa UPIAR, Corso Vittorio
Emanuele 108, 10121 Turin, Italy

Translated from Italian to English by:
Gary J. Presto, Freelance IT-EN Translator/Proofreader
1123 Revere Beach Pky., # 12
Revere, MA 02151 USA
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(c) 2002  by: CISU,
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 108,  10121 Torino, Italia

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The CISU is a no-profit association whose aims are:
- to promote the scientific study of UFO phenomena in Italy;
- to help circulate information about UFO phenomena and studies;
- to coordinate national activities of data collecting and studying.

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