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Filer's Filer's #46 -- 2002

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar.nul>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:54:48 -0500
Archived: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:50:05 -0500
Subject: Filer's Filer's #46 -- 2002

FILER'S FILES #46 -- 2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
November 13, 2002, Majorstar.nul Webmaster: Chuck
Warren -- My new website is at: http://www.georgefiler.com


The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
world and in space. Features this week are: Pravda claims US has
Aurora space planes. US Air Force 'ISOON' Becomes Declassified,
New Hampshire sphere sighted, Pennsylvania diamond pink light,
Virginia glowing disk and 'V' craft, North Carolina chevron,
Alabama two chevrons, Michigan large object over water,
Wisconsin lights, Illinois speeding craft, Iowa five lights form
a triangle, Montana daylight disk, California small UFO, Strange
Oregon creatures, Washington photos continue, Canadian UFO
photos, England green lights, Russia flap, and China UFO spotted
by airline pilots.

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According to Pravda, the US has been working on secret, new-
generation of space planes. In the beginning of the 1990s,
Russian intelligence uncovered the fact that the US was testing
a super-secret plane. Russian agents attempted to see the new
object with their own eyes and take pictures of it, but all
attempts failed. The Americans provided incredible security for
their secret weapon, and they tested the plane only at night.
However, Russian agents managed to get some information about
the new plane, which the US calls Aurora, in honor of the
Goddess of the Dawn. The mystery aircraft is capable of flying
at a height of 40 plus kilometers at fantastic Mach 6,
supersonic speed using extremely powerful engines and the
special design of the plane's hull and wings. The Aurora flies
at a speed of two kilometers a second or faster. The aircraft
was based on Stealth technology, and is designed not be tracked
by radar. Pictures of the real Aurora aircr! aft are even more
rare than a picture of an UFO. So far, Russia has only one
picture of the mysterious American plane. The picture was taken
by a Russian intelligence officer when the Aurora was refueling
with a KC-135 aircraft prior to flying across Russia from east
to west. It was not detected by any radar systems.

Russian Su-2711, MiG-29, and MiG-31 cannot reach the altitude of
the Aurora which is a new kind of aircraft that can be used as a
spy plane, transport or fighter. The Aurora is able to fly from
the atmosphere into space and then return to Earth. The
Americans have developed several "star wars" projects and
already have the X-33, X-34, X-37, and X-38 planes. The X-33
uses titanic alloys and is equipped with oxygen-hydrogen jet
engines that use graphite and ceramic technologies that can fly
to 120 kilometers altitude. Some of this technology was either
bought or stolen from Russia. The X-34 is equipped with unique
electronic devices and special heat-shielding coating and
launches from a carrier aircraft and reaches speeds up to 5,440
meters a second and 150 kilometers altitude. The planes reduce
the cost of delivering satellites into orbit, and can carry
missiles and laser weapons. The US is working on the first ever
space army, which ! would avoid antimissile defenses and be able
to hit any target at any moment. Thanks to Anomalia.Russia
Translated by Dmitry Sudakov.


For the first time mentioned publicly, the US Air Force revealed
a special developed solar telescope to monitor "solar flares
which puzzle scientists." This statement was made by Dr. Don
Neidig, solar physicist based at National Solar Observatory
above Alamogordo, New Mexico. On October 31, 2002, a rare
simultaneous solar eruption occurred on opposite sides of the
Sun. They were powerful enough to be classified as X-Class
flares. An X-Class flare has an explosive force equivalent to
millions of hydrogen bombs. Dr. Neidig believes the two
separate, but simultaneous flares which were separated by more
than one million miles, were connected by some sort of magnetic
cord. This has brought up the hypothesis of solar flares
erupting in a polarized manner. Since we are unable to monitor
the opposite side of the Sun, it is currently not possible to
prove this theory. Dr. Neidig believes that on Halloween night,
the Sun was perfectly positioned to view an 'east -- w! est'
polar explosion. This dual event could be happening every time
we see a solar eruption. The US Air Force instrument used to
capture the duel event was "ISOON" (Improved Solar Observing
Network). The Air Force has a keen interest in the Sun possibly
because solar activity can be dangerous to high flying craft,
satellites, and military operations. There have been heavy M4-
class explosions on the sun in recent days that may have set off
tornados in the US. The Air Force goal is to predict the solar
weather. Your weatherman may start giving forecasts that include
space weather since they seem to foretell storms and extreme
weather conditions. Equation is: Sunspots = Solar Flares =
Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents =
Extreme Weather and Human Disruption. Thanks to Mitch Battros
ECTV http//:www.spaceweather.com


The planet Venus is now a bright morning "star." Look for it
hanging low in the eastern sky just before dawn. Now that Venus
has emerged from the glare of the Sun, you can see four planets
before local sunrise: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Visit
spaceweather.com for sky maps. Mars will over the next several
months, lead to the best viewing opportunity since Neanderthals
looked skyward.


DERRY -- Friends were sitting in there hot tub on November 1,
2002, when they sighted a bluish white sphere in the southern
sky. It was very low on the horizon at 7:30 PM, and
approximately the size of a tennis ball that suspended in one
spot clear of the clouds. It then shot westward extremely fast
leaving a bluish white trail. The sighting lasted 3-5 seconds.
Just long enough for me to query "Did you see that?" It appeared
much like a falling star with an exaggerated descent except for
the closeness and the size of the object. We both had never seen
anything like it. We both have had many years in aviation and
sky watching. This was a novel sighting for both of us. There
were aircraft in the sky at this time as well in that we live
close to MHT airport. Thanks to Peter Davenport
http://www.ufocenter.com/ NUFORC


READING -- We saw a single light, less brilliant than a star on
November 1, 2002, deep in space. The light was pink in color and
it darted all over the sky in a somewhat jagged pattern at 2:27
PM. It moved much too quickly to be any human craft that I've
ever seen. At some points in flight it seemed to stop and hover
for a moment much like a humming bird. This could not have been
a meteor because the pattern of flight was too controlled. Also,
I was most intrigued with this sighting because we saw it on a
mountain at a city overlook where light pollution is highest.
Thanks to Peter Davenport http://www.ufocenter.com/ NUFORC


WILLIAMSBURG -- My friend and I glanced up in the night sky at
what we thought was a flock of geese in 'V' formation on
November 1, 2002. But it was lights on a craft gliding slowly
and silently to the southeast at 9:45 PM. The silent 'V'-shaped
aircraft glided slowly over. One side of the 'V' was shorter
than the other and there were about seven pale yellow lights on
one side, about five on the other. The lights appeared oblong,
not circular. Our line of sight was obscured as it moved behind
a lone tree, but then it didn't come out from behind the tree.
It disappeared without sound. We are located close to Camp Peary
and Langley Air Force Base.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- On November 4, 2002, the witness reported, My
wife exclaimed, "Look! What's that in the sky?" I looked up and
saw a strangely lit disk shape with a white or blue light
blinking on top and bottom. The UFO was lit in a very peculiar
manner. It seemed every inch was perfectly lit, as if the object
itself was glowing. I checked my watch it was 6:45 PM. The color
was a pale greenish. there seemed to be a ring around the disk
that was a darker color, perhaps black, though it still was
completely visible against the night sky. The only light source
I can imagine was from the UFO itself that hovered. The tree
line blocked our view, so we lost sight. If the UFO was moving,
it was doing so very slowly and in a kind of sliding manner. As
soon as we got out of the car, we heard jets roaring by from
Naval Oceania Air Base. The jets were flying in two pairs, away
from the direction we saw the craft. The speed and throttling of
the jets! seemed to be slightly abnormal for the weather and
night situation. Thanks to Peter Davenport
http://www.ufocenter.com/ - NUFORC


WILMINGTON -- The witness was standing on a picnic table on
November 1, 2002, and was looking up at the stars when out of
nowhere appeared unidentified flying objects. At first I thought
it was a shooting star, but then two more appeared. At first I
thought, "Well that is odd" and then a fourth appeared. They
were all a glowing orange in a chevron shape and about the size
of large stars. The first three flew in a V, one in front and
two on either side and slightly behind. The fourth flew to the
right of the three and just before disappearing fell into
formation and the four were a diamond. I don't think that they
were Earthly craft because of how fast they flew and the odd
orange glow they gave off. It was a clear night and they just
were there, flew over my head and were gone. Thanks to Peter
Davenport http://www.ufocenter.com/ NUFORC


ENTERPRISE -- The witness was standing on the flight line on
November 1, 2002, watching the sky for shooting stars that were
out in force at 6:30 PM. Directly overhead I spotted what looked
like two chevron shaped objects glowing faintly red/orange. They
moved from northwest to southeast at astonishing speed and were
visible for three seconds before they disappeared. They moved at
the speed of a shooting star and appeared to be at very high
altitude. The objects were in an echelon right formation. This
was the first time I ever saw something in the sky I could not
identify. Peter Davenport http://www.ufocenter.com/ NUFORC


HOMER GLENN -- On November 2, 2002, the witness got home, parked
his car and got out and heard a strange noise at 2 AM. It
sounded like a generator or the engine of a diesel truck but
with a deeper sound and intervals that were not as fast as you
would hear the revs of an idle engine. It was loud, but I could
tell it was from a distance. I couldn't pinpoint where it was,
so I went in the middle of the cul-de-sac looking down the
street thinking that someone had a generator hooked up to his
house, then I saw some red, white, and I think blue flashing
lights in the sky. I really couldn't tell exactly how high the
object was, maybe a mile or two high. I would have thought it
was a jet except I heard the murmur before I saw the object and
it did not sound anything like the sound jets make. I have never
seen jets go so fast before or fly this low. Over head I didn't
hear the murmur anymore, it made a higher steady pitch sound for
a brief moment and then it! was out of hearing range. It was
kind of like a diamond shape but not solid all the way through.
The lights were alternating strobes that flashed twice within in
a second. The object was flying east northeast and covered the
entire sky in ten to fifteen seconds. Peter Davenport found the
witness quite credible. Thanks to http://www.ufocenter.com/


TRAVERSE CITY -- On November 1, 2002, the witness was sitting in
his car in a local parking lot, watching the snow clouds move
south; and saw a darker cloud moving, but realized it had a
shape, sort of like a wingless C-47 cargo plane. There was no
sound and it was moving AGAINST the southbound clouds at 07:20
PM. It moved first to the north very smoothly with no jerkiness
and moved toward my position and then moved south, and one more
time to the north, then it vanished without a sound. I've lived
next door to our local airport for 49 years, so I know it wasn't
a plane, nor do they move so smoothly, and obviously cannot
change direction so quickly. This object was no more than 500
yards away from me, and very low in the sky. I was facing Grand
Traverse Bay, and got out of my car as soon as I realized this
was something unusual and did not resemble plane engine noise.
The object would have been about the size of a commercial
airliner, flyi! ng at five hundred feet above the water. It made
no sound and moved much too smoothly nothing like a plane as it
changed directions. Nothing flies that low over the bay. Thanks
to Peter Davenport http://www.ufocenter.com/ NUFORC


SHEBOYGAN LAKEFRONT -- Morgan G. writes my wife and I were
taking our nightly walk on November 10, 2002, and we could
clearly see two strange lights on the eastern horizon over Lake
Michigan. The lights were not those of a ship, nor were they on
the water. They appeared to be just above the water, quite far
out in the lake. Upon first sight of the lights, we saw one
large shimmering red light accompanied by a smaller white light
just to its left. We sat on a bench and watched these lights
from 7:30 to 8:45 PM, during which time the red light stayed
stationary, but the white light disappeared from view. We began
our slow walk home, and as we reached the top of a hill, the
small white light was now visible again, only this time it was
to the right of the red light's location. About 20 minutes into
our observation of these lights, we could clearly hear the
rumble of a group of jets, flying over the lake. I am quite
certain that this was not a vessel. I h! ave worked on ships,
and I know what they look like from a distance, and these lights
were different, and above the water. I have seen lots of lights
over the lake through the years, but these lights are definitely
something that I can't easily put an explanation to. Thanks to
UFOWisconsin  http://www.ufowisconsin.com/


CORALVILLE -- The witness was traveling west on I-80, on a
beautiful clear Friday evening on November 1, 2002, at around 5
PM, we noticed two bright lights low in the western sky. At
first we thought they were airplanes but they were not moving.
Then three other lights appeared with the other lights in a
curvy line similar to an S lying down. Then the five lights
moved around to form a huge triangle with the brightest light at
the top and two at the bottom and the two other lights at the
sides which turned into outward slashes similar to jet contrails
with a pinkish tint. A few minutes later the brightest of the
lights turned into a slash and headed to the left while the
other lights disappeared. This lasted around ten minutes. Thanks
to Peter Davenport [ http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]NUFORC


Jerry writes, I saw a UFO while driving a rental truck in South
East Montana. I noticed it because the afternoon sun reflected
off it. It was a metallic, chrome like sphere hovering above the
clouds that accelerated off in a northerly direction so quickly
it was a blur, and disappeared. This has bothered me ever since
it happened on June 19th, 2002. I don't believe there is
anything on this earth that can accelerate that quickly aside
from a bullet. Thanks to Jerry dragonslayer313.nul


SANTA CRUZ -- The witness a 24 year old waiter and substitute
teacher reports that on November 1, 2002, just after noon he
took out the trash. I looked up to spot an airplane and spotted
a strange small bright light in the sky. At first the light
looked stationary like a star, but then I perceived it slowly
moving towards me to the east. The object moved very slowly,
almost imperceptibly to the south. Then the object started
moving slightly more rapidly. The object seemed very far away
and appeared to reflect light much like a star or a satellite. I
called my neighbor who admitted that he found it strange. He
suggested that it was a balloon, but a balloon would not reflect
light like that. Peter Davenport http://www.ufocenter.com/


Susan writes, I have been hearing about creatures (for lack of a
better description) that people have been seeing. My daughter
was bringing in some wood from the garage and when she was by
the front door it blew open and standing there was this figure
dressed in a black robe. Sort of like the grim reaper. She set
the wood down to get a better look but when she looked up the
creature it was gone. She went to work and told one of her
friends about the creature. Her friend said, her husband was
jogging and also saw a creature in the bushes. I am not sure
what they are or why they are here? I was wondering what you
thought. I have a feeling that whatever it is, isn't good.
Please respond. Thanks to Susan

Dear Susan, I receive fairly regular reports regarding these
robed creatures. Frequently they appear to have red eyes or at
least very strange eyes. They are often reported walking along a
secluded dark road. Their exact nature is unknown although they
are often associated with UFOs or demonic activity.


MARYSVILLE -- The witness saw a super bright red-orange light
over Puget Sound on November 2, 2002, at 7:55 PM. It was between
five to ten miles to our southwest hovering. It looked twenty
times bigger than an airplane light at the same distance. It was
bobbing up and down and swaying east to west. I called my family
outside to verify it. It hovered for about 5 minutes, and was
spraying down a red vapor that turned to white. It moved slowly
to the northwest upwards and then disappeared. At first we
thought it could be a flare, but it didn't go down it hung in
the air. (NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness and found him
to be quite credible. Given his profession, he would easily be
able to establish whether the object had been any type of
aircraft. PD)

SPOKANE -- Ed writes, "I want to report a sighting I had on the
evening of October 29, at about 5:20 PM, of two triangle shaped
objects flying over my home15 miles SE of Spokane. Over the
hills to the East, I noticed a very bright light on an object
heading WSW. I observed what appeared to be the normal red and
green navigation lights on the wing tips, and a red and white
strobe in the bottom center of the craft. I also heard what
sounded like a muted jet aircraft engine. However, what seemed
out of place was the extremely bright single headlight on the
nose of the craft, not the normal two landing lights.

It was dusk, but there was still a band of sunlight, and as the
craft flew slowly overhead -- at an estimated height of 1200
feet above me . I could not discern a fuselage or wings. I DID
notice dim white lights on the underside, in locations which
would correspond to the three corners of a triangle flying with
the pointed end forward. I was kind of shocked because I could
not see a tail on the aircraft. I watched the object intently as
it moved to the band of fading sunlight, but I still could
discern only a triangle shape with no tail or defined fuselage!
Within a minute, I saw a second similar craft with three dim
lights in the corners, and no discernable fuselage.

I contacted Fairchild AFB and talked with a Public Affairs
officer. I asked whether the B-2 stealth bomber or F-117 stealth
fighter were operating in the Spokane area that evening. I saw
the B-2 here a couple of months ago. The airman stated none of
their aircraft were operating in our area on the 29th. About 15
minutes later, I got a call from a civilian, apparently working
in the Public Affairs office. I explained my observations, and
my concern regarding the security concerns which it raised. He
advised me that I sounded sincere, and said, after the Air Force
closed the Blue Book investigation, it no longer investigated
unidentified Ariel phenomena. He said that unless an
unidentified aircraft appeared on their radar, (and I'll use his
emphatic words) "We don't care !" He must have said that at
least three times during our conversation. The civilian advised
that perhaps I should contact the FAA. I stated that I had don!
e that previously and was advised that unless I could state a
"tail number" of the aircraft, there was nothing the FAA could
do. I then observed that it is hard to state a tail number of an
aircraft that has no tail. The civilian then started to get a
little agitated. He again advised that the Air Force did not
care, and that I might want " to get your pastor out there to
take a look at those lights or whatever". (Upon reflection I
think that statement could either be incredibly insensitive, or
incredibly perceptive). The civilian also advised that I may
want to get the media out there. But it was clear that the Air
Force was not interested.

I just want to emphasize that the B-2 and the F-117 fighter have
a distinctive "sawtooth' pattern to the trailing edge of their
wings. The craft which I observed appeared to have a perfectly
straight trailing edge -- just like a triangle and was at least
as large as the B-2.

MEDFORD --The Oregon UFO Review web site reports that a person
not that far from Spokane reported seeing a triangular shaped
object with white lights in the corners on the evening of
October 30, 2002. See Spokane photos at:


QUEBEC -- Correction to the August 20, 2002, story about Jean L.
and his wife Lina in Saint-Jean-de-Matha. They took a photo of a
UFO. They saw a white sphere, reddish on the bottom which passed
over his house heading northeast. The sky was clear and the moon
was visible behind it. Correction -- The moon was BEHIND the
observers not behind the UFO. Thanks to Louis Y.


LIVERPOOL -- Three witnesses spotted a number of orange or gold
colored lights over Halewood, Liverpool on or around 17th-18th
October. I realize that a few weeks has passed since then but I
only got the picture off the third witness yesterday. The
picture isn't great because it is only low resolution but I am
trying to get a higher resolution picture from the witnesses.
Unfortunately, they have been slow at responding to requests so
I am not expecting anything in a hurry from them. Thanks to
Bimson Have a look at the picture on http://www.mara.org.uk


Scott writes: "We need a little contactee yarn every so often to
make life a bit lighter :-): Editor's Note: Here is a
interesting letter from a sincere contactee.

Sally T. writes, "I am a 54 year old grandmother of six. I have
had experiences on and off since I was a small child, with the
grey's and have been on their ships. I am not one of their
testing specimens, the alien I go to shows and tells me things.
I am not getting into everything here but I will tell you three
things I have been shown or told. 1) The being told me that they
collect plants from all over the earth, because all diseases can
be cured from the roots of plants. 2) The implant tracking
device is square and black, and smaller then anything that any
human could imagine and that it had to be greatly magnified for
me to see it. He said we would have to use our most
sophisticated equipment to locate it. It is in the back of the
head in the middle of the left lower lobe. 3) He said we are
safe and secure, there is NO equipment made on earth that can
reach us, we are in your water's, in the deepest of your water's
this is where the air is we can breathe. I'm sure you won't
believe what I have written so I will leave it at this, and
whatever is to be will be. Thanks to Sally. Editor's note: I
often receive letters like this. I can't prove them one way or
the other, but I thought you might be interested.


On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, four teenagers were driving on the
Moscow-Simferopol Highway when they spotted an usual object in
the sky. The teens "observed a red UFO while driving south on
the highway near Kursk. They were heading towards the city Kursk
when the four witnesses spotted the UFO circling slowly in the
sky, looking like a glowing star." "The UFO's approach caused
the car's radio to go haywire. They could no longer hear the
Moscow radio stations, just long, intermittent bursts of static.
Finally, the strange object continued its flight toward the
southern horizon. As it passed out of view, the car's radio
returned to normal." Kursk is located about 500 kilometers (300
miles) south of Moscow.

Two days later, on Thursday, October 31, 2002, "a series of UFO
sightings was reported in Astrakhan," at the mouth of the Volga
River on the Caspian Sea.  "For five consecutive days, a
spherical UFO performed aerial maneuvers above the rooftops in
the upper hillside section" of Astrakhan. "Occasionally, the UFO
emitted small spheres of white or golden light." "Another UFO
with the same characteristics was seen by several witnesses in
the town of Ortzonikitsk. The object fired beams of light at the
ground. The beams were red, blue and green. The UFO emitted
these colorful rays of light for several minutes and then
disappeared before the astonished gaze of the witnesses
present." (See NotiOVNI for November 3, 2002. Many thanks to
Daniel Munoz for this report and UFO Roundup Vol 7, # 46
11/12/02 Editor: Joseph Trainor http://ufoinfo.com/roundup/


NANJING -- Several airline pilots have reported sighting a
shining Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) near the southeastern
Chinese City of Nanjing on November 6, 2002. A Xiamen Airlines
pilot reported the first sighting on Monday. He said he saw a
light blue object hovering past his plane. At the same time,
pilots of a Shandong Airline, which was some 120 kilometers away
from the Xiamen Airlines plane, also reported a similar
sighting. They described the UFO as being a white and blue
skateboard-shaped craft. The UFO was believed to be some 70
kilometers above the eastern Bengbu City in Anhui province. In
recent years, China has witnessed a surge in UFO sightings.
Thanks to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation C 2002


The Roswell archaeological dig was conducted in September and
will be part of Sci Fi's new, two-hour documentary with Bryant
Gumble which will air on Friday evening, November 22nd.
Supposedly there are new revelations on Roswell.
wagnerart.nul writes:


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reserved. Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites
if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list
the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and
comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send
your letters to Majorstar.nul Sending mail automatically
grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please
state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story


George Filer
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