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PRG Press Release - November 13, 2002

From: Stephen Bassett <ParadigmRG.nul>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 07:27:40 EST
Archived: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:38:21 -0500
Subject: PRG Press Release - November 13, 2002

...........Paradigm Research Group...........

Press Release
November 13, 2002

Washington, DC - The Paradigm Clock has been reset to 11:58:30
p.m. (one and one-half minutes to midnight). Based upon recent
developments shown below, the clock has been moved forward a net
30 seconds. Past settings and expanded item explanations can be
found at:


November - The main advertising campaign begins for a massive
production - "Taken" - from Steven Spielberg. This 20-hour, 10-
part series will be aired on the SCI FI Channel in December and
accompanied by several documentaries. "Taken" will bring the
abductee/contactee/experiencer phenomenon to the attention of
tens of millions world wide. and will draw upon UFO/ET events
and evidence of the last 55 years.

See: www.scifi.com/taken ( > 10 seconds)

11/05/02 - The Republican Party gains control of the House and
Senate in the mid-term election ( > 5 seconds)

11/05/02 - A milestone is reached, when a candidate speaking
directly to the reality of an extraterrestrial presence, appears
on a November ballot in a federal election. The campaign is
titled Disclosure2003 and takes place in the Washington, DC
metro area in the 8th Congressional District of Maryland.
( > 5 seconds)

See: www.disclosure2003.net

10/22/02 - John Podesta, former key advisor and White House
Chief of Staff during the Clinton Administration, presents at
the SCI FI press conference as a principal in the retained
public relations firm, PodestaMattoon.

See: www.presidentialufo.com  ( > 5 seconds)

10/22/02 - The SCI FI Channel, owned by multibillion dollar,
multinational Vivendi Universal, launches a set of disclosure
advocacy initiatives - Coalition for Freedom of Information.

See: www.freedomofinfo.org ( > 10 seconds)

October to Present - A national and international effort to
motivate Iraq to disarm or undergo a regime change is conducted.
This adds to the domination of the news by national security
issues and poses much uncertainty for the first half of 2003.
( < 15 seconds)

10/01/02 - The Data Quality Act takes effect. This little-known
law passed during the last days of the Clinton Administration
may provide a new tool to pry information from the government.
It sets standards for the quality of scientific and statistical
information put out by federal agencies. It is expected that
UFO/ET research/activist organizations will put it to use
immediately, as they did with the FOIA. ( > 5 seconds)

10/30/01 - 10/31/02 - A year's worth of images from the Mars
2001 Odyssey orbiter Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS)
plus new images from the Mars Global Surveyor are intensely
scrutinized. The anomalies controversy remains alive. ( > 5

The Paradigm Clock was last reset on January 16, 2002 in
response to the extraordinary events which began on September
11, 2001.

The Paradigm Clock resides at the Paradigm Research Group


It is a metaphor representing the proximity to formal
acknowledgment by the U.S. government of an extraterrestrial
presence manifest about the planet. It is modeled after the
"Doomsday Clock" first published in 1947 by the Bulletin of
Atomic Scientists. Midnight on the Doomsday Clock meant nuclear
war had begun. Midnight on the Paradigm Clock will mean formal
disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence has taken place.

Clock History

April 30, 1998: Published to the internet, time 11:57:00 pm
July  27, 1998: Time reset back to 11:56:30 pm
July  28, 1999: Time reset forward to 11:57:15 pm
July  14, 2000: Time reset forward to 11:58:10 pm
May   17, 2001: Time reset forward to 11:59:00 pm
Jan.  16, 2002: Time reset back to 11:58:00 pm

The Paradigm Research Group is a lobbying/consulting project
serving the interests of UFO/ET research/activist organizations
around the country. It is dedicated to ending the government
imposed embargo on the truth of an extraterrestrial presence and
the convening of open, comprehensive congressional hearings to
take the testimony of government witnesses as regards UFO/ET
events and evidence.

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