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Houston, British Columbia - 08-30-02

From: Brian Vike - HBCCUFO <hbccufo.nul>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 20:23:09 -0800
Archived: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:21:35 -0500
Subject: Houston, British Columbia - 08-30-02

I just received this report this morning:

Houston, British Columbia

Date: August 30th, 2002
Time: 3:42a.m.
email report.

Brian Vike...

My name is (name deleted), and I am a life long resident of
Houston, B.C.. I will make this short and sweet. I have been a
paranormal and para-science 'freak' for my entire life, so the
recent events concerning 'UFO' sightings in the Bulkley Valley
have been of great interest to me as you can well imagine. I
soberly took the summer's sightings under careful consideration
as they happened this year, not getting too excited but trusting
that things were exactly as they were reported, especially
concerning the Quick area sightings which involved people of
impeccacble trustworthiness.

The morning of August 30th, 2002, changed everything in a big
way. What I witnessed that morning soberly seared me with a
realization that one can only experience with the background
that someone like you or I can understand based on many years of
solid scientific research mixed with the accounts of hundreds of
incidents ranging from the Roswell situation up until the Bob
Lazar story that I'm sure you have scrutinized as carefully as I

It was Thursday night, which at 3:42am is technically a Friday
morning, August 30th. Two friends of mine had driven up from
Vancouver to visit, and on my lunch break I had gone to meet
them at the scale turn-off to HFP (where I work) to give them
the keys to my house. As I returned to work, I parked my car and
walked through the 'gate' to the yard leading to the sawmill.
This was exactly 3:42am. While walking through the gate where
people walk from the parking lot to the sawmill, I caught
something in my vision and saw it.

You surely have been to HFP, so you can envision the following
description. From the exact point where I walked through the gap
in the parking lot fence, I saw 'it'. I looked up to see a light
source travelling at an angle approximately 25 degrees downward
from a right to left position above the planer mill, on a
constant heading and speed from the burner to the planer roof
and out of view. I stopped dead when I saw it, and watched it
move in a perfectly straight and perfectly even speed until it
was out of view over the planer roof.

Picture the planer as being a building approximately 300 yards
from my position at the border of the parking lot. Beyond the
planer is a couple of railway tracks and a chip pile, and then a
beaver pond and then forest on a hillside. The light source was
clearly beyond those trees on the hillside, but not much. It was
an overcast night, so the object was clearly well below the
cloud level. As far as the size of the 'object', that is
obviously completely dependant on it's distance from my
position. I estimated that it was less than a quarter mile away,
which would have made it's size quite small, maybe three to four
feet in diameter. It moved on a perfectly straight line,
disappearing below the tree line. As for it's appearance, it was
a very even light source that was purely 'white' without
twinkling in any way. In other words, it was not a small bright
source but rather an actual round circle of perfectly consistent
light emitting from it's entire surface. As for speed, again
it's hard to say as it would be based entirely on it's distance
from my position. Let me say that what stood out was the
absolute 'evenness' of it's movement, which more than anything
else gave me an eerie sinking in my guts. At that time I knew
that it was moving faster than a Cessna would, but far slower
than any celestial object such as a shooting star would.

There's not much else to say. After seeing it disappear out of
sight I ran inside the mill, and grabbed a millwright that I
respect for his intelligence and open-mind. I basically dragged
him onto the roof of the sawmill where we stood and scanned the
sky for the next hour or so, without seeing anything but not for
lack of looking. With very little thought as to the consequences
I told everyone I met that night what I had seen, and at the
first opportunity I grabbed a compass specific map of the mill
site and plotted out the vector of what I had seen that night.
Taking into account a wide margin for the distance from my
position, I shaded a plot of land where the object would have
been, and the next day dragged two friends out to the are where
I spent upwards of three hours zig-zagging around the area on
the infinitesimal chance that there would be some ground based
evidence of what would have been the point where the light
source I saw met the Earth based on it's downward angle. While I
didn't find anything, it is interesting to note that amongst the
cattle range land in the area there is a hydro R.O.W. that runs
perfectly parallel to and at a proper distance to my viewing
stance. It is not unreasonable to say that the light source I
saw was directly over this power line, which could bring into
discussion several elecro-magnetic possibilities for what I saw
(even though the object I witnessed would have been 500 feet or
more above the power lines when I first saw it).

That's about it, all I can say in summary is that what I saw was
quite obviously not a shooting star or sattelite (it was 'near'
in other words) and it was not a plane or any other kind of
craft that could explain what I saw. There was no tail of any
kind to what I saw, and all I can emphasize is that not only was
the light perfectly even in it's whiteness (no twinkling) it was
the steadiness of it's movement that was most striking. This was
not glare from something, this was not a celestial phenomenon
and certainly not a craft of any design I can imagine. Even
behind the direct glare of many bright halogen lights along the
roof of both the planer and the sawmill this light source stood
out, so you can get an idea of how bright this was to catch my
attention as it did. Feel free to use this information as you
see fit, and contact me if you think there is any more
information I can provide. If you have trouble visualizing the
area of my sighting, just think of something travelling from
South to North about a quarter mile East of the HFP parking lot.
Also, if you need to discuss UFO's in general, get ahold of me
because I assure you I am as educated as anyone can be in this

Brian Vike  (Yogi)
Independent UFO Field

HBCC UFO Research
Box 1091
Houston, B.C.

Editor: Canadian Communicator (Paranormal Magazine)
Paranormal Magazine
Phone/Fax - 1-250-845-2189
Email - hbccufo.nul

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