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No Mars Face At Night Weirdness

From: Kurt Jonach - The Electric Warrior <ewarrior_electricwarrior_com.nul>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 16:44:28 -0800 (PST)
Archived: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 14:26:22 -0500
Subject: No Mars Face At Night Weirdness


The Electric Warrior : News November 8, 2002

martian enigmas

*** A Cydonia researcher says there are no weird thermal
anomalies in a nighttime infrared image of the Mars Face. NASA
experts say recent data shows the true geological nature of the
Martian enigma ***

image: Mars Face, Nighttime Infrared

(The Electric Warrior) - Mars anomaly researchers who have been
clamoring for a nighttime infrared image of Cydonia got their
wish last week just in time for Halloween. An imaging science
expert now says there are no thermal anomalies proving an
artificial origin for the Face or other well known features at

In the new nighttime image the notorious Face on Mars is hard to
distinguish from the surrounding terrain unless you know where
to look. The Face is circled in the photo that accompanies this

Why is it important what the Mars Face looks like at night? Mars
anomaly researchers say that a nighttime infrared image might
provide clues about whether or not the Face is artificial,
proving the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence beyond

But according to Mark Carlotto, whose New Frontiers in Science
Web site examines the Martian enigmas, there are no thermal
anomalies in the new image that would point to an artificial
origin for the Mars Face or the D&M Pyramid of Cydonia. Carlotto
goes on to say that if artificial structures had been inactive
for a long time he wouldn't expect to see thermal anomalies

"Highly eroded artificial structures that have been inactive for
hundreds or thousands of millennia are likely to be in a state
of thermal equilibrium with respect to the background. One would
therefore not expect to see a thermal anomaly," writes Carlotto.

That doesn't mean Carlotto has given up hope for finding
evidence of ET on Mars. His "Cydonia Controversy" Web page says
that rather than seeking out conspiracy theories and government
cover-ups that can't possibly be supported by the data in hand
we should simply follow the data to where it leads.

Carlotto thinks there are subtle indications of symmetry,
geometry, and pattern in the area that are worth studying. He
recently uncovered a rock strewn area south of the Mars Face
that looks curiously similar to archaeological sites on Earth.

The SETI Institute's Dr. Jill Tarter has said that there might
be evidence of ET technology within our solar system. Carlotto
and others say it's worthwhile looking on Mars.


But according to Arizona State University's Philip Christensen,
Cydonia researchers don't like it when NASA releases new images
that show the geological nature of the Face. Christensen, who
leads the Mars Odyssey thermal imaging team (THEMIS) recently
told the Discovery Channel that he gets nasty emails from people
accusing him of being part of a cover-up.

As reported by Discovery Channel: The only reason NASA still
calls it a face is that there are some people who religiously
claim that the feature is not natural and will cry "cover-up" if
NASA lets the matter drop.

At night many of the Martian hills in this region become
invisible to the THEMIS camera because there is no heat
signature to make them stand out. The Face is much easier to see
during the day in a photo shown side-by-side with the new
nighttime THEMIS data.

The ASU Web site explains, "This knob can be seen in the daytime
image because of the temperature differences between the sunlit
and shadowed slopes." The online ASU article concludes that
recent NASA missions like Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey
have provided detailed views of the hill which show that it is a
normal geologic feature.

Mars Cydonia researchers awaited the new nighttime image to see
whether it revealed anything peculiar. Some won't be happy with
either ASU's assessment that the true nature of the Mars Face is
geological or Carlotto's analysis that fails to reveal any
thermal signature weirdness.

Carlotto has said that building a case for artificiality on Mars
that even NASA can't dismiss takes time. Electric warriors are
content to await further analysis.


Analysis of First Night-Time IR Image over Cydonia
(New Frontiers in Science) - First night-time image
acquired by THEMIS aboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft
shows no evidence of thermal anomalies of artificial
origin in the Cydonia region containing the Face,
D&M Pyramid and other objects.

Face on Mars Gets Nighttime Look
(Discovery Channel) - The face on Mars has been
spotted again, this time in a nighttime infrared
image that tells a bit more about its mysterious
geological origins... The face itself looks a lot
less face-like close-up, of course, and was first
called a face because of low-resolution Viking images
some 30 years ago.

The so-called 'Face on Mars' at night
(NASA/ASU) - This pair of THEMIS infrared images
shows the so-called "face on Mars" landform viewed
during both the day and night. The nighttime THEMIS
IR image was acquired on Oct. 24, 2002; the daytime
image was originally released on July 24, 2002...
The 3-km long 'face' knob was first imaged by the
Viking spacecraft in the 1970's... Since that time
the Mars Orbiter Camera on the Mars Global Surveyor
spacecraft and the THEMIS visible and infrared
cameras on Mars Odyssey have provided detailed views
of this hill that clearly show that it is a normal
geologic feature.

Carlotto Finds Possible Ruins on Mars
(The Electric Warrior) - A Cydonia researcher says
that a rock strewn area south of the Mars face looks
curiously similar to archaeological sites on Earth.
SETI's Jill Tarter didn't say exactly where we might
find evidence of extraterrestrial activity in our
own solar system. Carlotto and the Society for
Planetary SETI Research say it's worthwhile looking
on Mars.

November 8, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA

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