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'Crop Circles' Director Is True Believer

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Subject: 'Crop Circles' Director Is True Believer

Source: The News Tribune - Tacoma, Washington


'Crop Circles' Director Is True Believer

Soren Andersen; The News Tribune

This past summer, "Signs" spooked moviegoers with a story about
an invasion from outer space, scaring up more than $225 million
at the box office in the process. Now along comes "Crop Circles:
Quest for Truth" to try to set the record straight.

The feature-length documentary is playing a one-week engagement
beginning Friday at the eight-screen Yelm Cinema.

"Crop Circles" wasn't conceived with the intention of debunking
"Signs," said its maker, William Gazecki. Born in Tacoma but
raised in California since the age of 5 (his mother and two
brothers live in the Tacoma area today), Gazecki said he'd been
fascinated by crop circles since attending a lecture on the
subject in 1991. That was long before "Signs" was even a twinkle
in the eyes of its star, Mel Gibson, or its director, M. Night

Gazecki's first documentary, "Waco: The Rules of Engagement,"
about the disastrous federal siege of the Branch Davidian
compound in Texas, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1998.
That gave him clout in Hollywood. And with that clout came the
money and freedom he needed to delve deeply into the matter of
crop circles.

According to Gazecki, what "Signs" gets wrong about crop circles
can be summed up in three words: pretty much everything.

"The film contains almost nothing that is matched in the real
world," he said. "It's a fantasy."

Gazecki says that movie's biggest departure from reality is
portraying crop circles as frightening harbingers of an invading
army of extraterrestrials.

"It's not a scary subject," he said firmly. Rather, it's a
phenomenon that's a cause for a kind of reverent fascination.

Gazecki said he felt such a sense of fascination himself during
a series of trips he made to Britain to film scenes for his

Britain is considered to be a kind of ground zero for crop
circle studies, he said. Although the mysterious patterns have
appeared in countries around the world, including, India, Japan,
Russia, Canada and the United States, for the past 20 years
Britain "has been the only place where they appear in
centralized areas where people have easy access to them,"
Gazecki said.

Because there are so many of them, many Brits have become
interested in studying them. A representative sampling of these
folks appear in Gazecki's movie.

Gazecki finds crop circles endlessly tantalizing. He
particularly remembers standing in a field of English wheat,
marveling at the sight of millions of green stalks bent but not
broken - with the bends a full foot off the ground.

That alone was enough to convince him that no human hoaxers
created the circle. Hoaxers bend stalks with boards and ropes,
flattening them to ground level. Also, the stalks were layered
and interwoven in sections in ways he believes no crude
trampling could achieve.

No hoaxers or skeptics appear in Gazecki's movie. He was more
interested in presenting the views of people who have studied
the phenomenon and are willing to consider it with an open mind.

These people are amateur researchers for the most part. Serious
scientists and most academics treat crop circles with "sneering
ridicule," Gazecki said, leaving it up to amateurs to try to
figure out what, or who, makes these patterns. In the movie's
many talking-heads segments, these people earnestly hold forth
on the possible religious significance of the patterns as well
as on whether they are the work of space aliens or even beings
from other dimensions.

Interspersed among these dry discussions are aerial shots of
many formations. These shots show that the term "crop circle" is
grossly outdated and inaccurate. Over the years, the patterns
have become increasingly complex, with many shaped like
pinwheels or insects or esoteric symbols.

Their sheer size - some are as large as two football fields - as
well as the mathematical precision with which their shapes are
etched and the speed with which they appear - sometimes in a few
hours - all are powerful proof that they're not made by men with
boards and rope, Gazecki said.

He'll be at the Yelm theater Friday night to introduce the two
evening showings of "Crop Circles" and to discuss his findings
and his feelings about the phenomenon with members of the

Released Aug. 23, the picture has played in cities throughout
the United States, but none in Washington until now. The Yelm
theater was picked because it has a reputation for programming
documentaries and independent film fare not usually found in
multiplexes, said Vicki Elam, the theater's general manager.
It's also become known as a good venue for the test marketing of

If it does well during its weeklong Yelm run, it likely will be
picked up by theaters in the Tacoma area sometime after the
first of the year, Elam said.

Soren Andersen: 253-597-8742, Ext. 6235

If you go

What: "Crop Circles: Quest for Truth."

Where: Yelm Cinema, 201 Prairie Park Street, Yelm.

When: Friday through Nov. 14.

Showtime information: 1-360-400-3456.

Director: William Gazecki.

Rating: Unrated. Suitable for all ages.

Running time: 2:00.

(Published 12:30AM, November 7th, 2002)

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