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Re: Terminology

From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs.nul>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 18:06:13 -0700
Archived: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 10:44:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Terminology

>From: Sean Jones <tedric.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:59:22 +0000
>Subject: Re: Terminology

>>From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs.nul>
>>To: UFO Updates <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 10:12:16 -0700
>>Subject: Terminology


>Good Evening Wendy, all,

>With all due respects I don't think you have a snowball's chance
>in hell of getting people to change from UFO, Flying Saucer, &
>etc to UCC, CA1 & etc, For many a year Joe Q Public has been
>brainwashed by the media of what UFO's are all about.

>I think it is the people involved in the field of research who
>have muddied the field with bigfoot, crop circles, Chupacabra,
>and the Mothman & etc.

>Being a hard core UFO only nut, I ditch without even reading
>anything not related to directly UFO's. I spent time looking at
>crop circles as there *might* have been a connection, But I
>can't see that it is worth wasting my time researching
>Chupacabra's as I cannot see how they can be from UFOs _full

>With all due respect to someone as qualified as you in this
>field Wendy, your (our) best bet is to clear the waters of the
>unassociated gumpth and keep Forteana separate from main stream
>Ufology. Then perhaps then, things can be moved forward.

Hi Sean,

Thank you for the kind words. However, I think my suggestion for
terminology change adequately reflects your desire to remove
Fortean areas from the field of Crypto-Aeronautics and gives a
basis on how that can be accomplished.

I believe we are in a unique position to legitimize Crypto-
Aeronautics into a scientific discipline. Groundwork to do so
has been laid since 1999 to accomplish this goal. It is a simple
methodology, but one that takes time.

All scientific disciplines came about due to maverick
researchers unabated by naysayers to their quest for knowledge
and understanding. The first step is to preserve and prepare the
history of Crypto-Aeronautics. That is being accomplished and
succeeding by a handful of very astute, knowledgable and
dedicated people, who have joined forces to specialize in
various aspects and ensure that the new science has a solid

The second step isn't quite so easy, but can be accomplished.
That step is to entice the academic and scientific communities
to actually learn about this new science and what challenges it
really has to offer in almost all scientific dimensions. By
laying the history base it gives a comfortable bridge for
scientists and academics to cross and peruse.

There are other steps, such as defining what a Crypto-
Aeronautist actually is. You see, good researchers are not born
in this field. A person cannot read a few books or have a theory
and call themselves a Crypto-Aeronautist (Ufologist). We are at
that stage all other disciplines arrived at, which is to teach
Crypto-Aeronautics and expect expertise.

Medical Science evolved slowly from Shamanism and Pharmacists
evolved from herbalists who used to sell snake oil from the back
of constoga wagons. Now they are schooled and credentialed. That
science was always legitimate, much like current crypto-
aeronautics, is a bunch of hooey. Scientific disciplines all
evolved from the geeks and radicals of centuries past. Some
scientists are very astute and realize that dismissing crypto-
aeronautics is not good science because there is an unknown
phenomena that has been with us for thousands of years and needs
definition, investigation and resolution.

Put basically? People who naysay that crypto-aeronautics is a
thing of the past or is dying, don't have a clue to the
wonderful things really going on in the research field. Hell,
crypto-aeronautics is stronger than ever. It just lost a few
unnecessary ding bats that infiltrated it for far to long and
this includes the skeptics and the skeptibunkers. Let these
types rave all they want. They contribute nothing but static and
hot air to the knowledge base of humanity. They are vampires
that try to suck the life out of intelligence, common sense,
creativity and the dreams of humankind.

Wendy Connors

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