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Re: NASA Commissions Book To Prove Moon Landing

From: Colin Bennett <sharkley.nul>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 05:16:42 -0000
Archived: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 10:11:23 -0400
Subject: Re: NASA Commissions Book To Prove Moon Landing

Hello List,

As if acknowledging that science must join the entertainment
system or die as a culture, NASA has now become a commercial

From the Fortean point of view, James Oberg's coming book
commissioned by NASA looks as if we now have emerging a new
branch of science. We might call it the Science of Reinforced
Virtualities. Science, looking increasingly lonely without
Communism, and nervous of its "image" as a young starlet, is now
it appears quite desperate to re-advertise itself. Oberg will
find the hard way that the "real" as a shadow on Plato's cave
wall is an approximation. Of course, no matter how hard he
tries, his critics will find his inevitable approximations and
accuse him of falsehoods.

Given Oberg's daunting project as a start, in the future, it may
not be required to prove that an event is "real" or "true" so
much that it happened at all. Now's there's a new paradigm
indeed! As foretold by Charles Fort, the first postmodern
philosopher, we shall soon have performances and cultural
advertisements replacing old industrial "solid" facts. Solidity
being an industrial metaphor if ever there was, it is nowhere
sufficient to "explain" anything at all in our modern media
society, with our "reality" being so made up of lies,
confusions, and conspiracies and deceptions et al (whether alien
or not), that a foot can easily be put through the
advertisements of its "solidity" and "factual truth". Perhaps
the idea of performances and cartoons bouncing against one
another is far more creative, and "truthful" as an art form than
molecules, electrons, and atoms. In any case, these things
themselves are dating in turn as all concept of objective
materiality fades before chaos and fuzzy games, fit for last
year's boxed CD game and little else.

In order to try and make science intellectually erotic enough to
enter the gaming system poper scientists make statements that
could be spouted from the back of a Rube Goldberg covered wagon:

"Some cosmologists envisage universes sprouting from one another
in an endless geometric progress, like mushrooms upon mushrooms,
or baby universes hatched inside black holes."

And Melville's riverboat con men are not very far away: "Dr.
Tegmark has posited at least four different levels of universes,
ranging from the familiar (impossibly distant zones of our own
universe) to the strange (space-times in which the fundamental
laws of physics are different)."

The physicist George Smoot in particular is a constant provider
of such entertainment: "At a ten-millionth of a trillionth of a
millionth of a second after the big bang - the earliest moment
about which we can sensibly talk, and then only with some
suspension of disbelief - all the universe we can observe today
was the tiniest fraction of a proton.

Space and time had only just begun. Remember, the universe did
not expand into existing space after the big bang: it expanded
as it went."

After George Smoot, let there be no more accusations of
eccentricity. The question Forteans might ask is why don't the
skeptics have a go at these macaroons? They are at least as
funny as Streiber, Greer, or Moseley, and they contribute just
as much to the Web itself, now acknowledged to be the great
metaphysical comedy of our Age, before which traditional Theatre
looks positively pre-electric, with its iron-age politics and
decadent whimsicality of a form that hardly reached the steam
age. Both Jonson and Kafka would have loved our millions of web
monkeys and their millions of typewriters mixed with the instant
online bonus of videos of implants, ghosts, and alien ships
shooting through the sky. There was never an art form like this.
It pushes Roswell, say, into a category quite beyond fact or
fiction, which are in Fortean terms, as I have said, only
approximations in any case. The Roswell event has now become
star-stuff, the only material fit for the age we are moving
into. The feeding frenzy of belief-claims and the automated
schedules of believe-denials alone beat any dated spectacle in
the media world. These things make the Web is a massive brain
made of super-texts that "reasons" by hallucination, virtuality,
and like George Adamski, it was built for that complex imposture
called prophecy.

With Oberg now moving center stage, what better entertainment
could we have than all these mirrors reflecting one another?

Colin Bennett

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