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Dr. Bill Doleman On Roswell Excavations

From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose.nul>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 17:22:30 +0100
Archived: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:03:57 -0400
Subject: Dr. Bill Doleman On Roswell Excavations

Source: SciFi Channel. Transcript of 'Chat' with Dr. Bill Doleman

October 30, 2002




UFOlogy Chat with Dr. Bill Doleman


ChatMod: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Ben
Trumble for SCIFI. Tonight we're pleased to welcome Dr. Bill
Doleman Principal Investigator for the University of New
Mexico's Office of Contract Archeology.

Dr. Doleman's research specialties include environmental
analysis, prehistoric hunter-gatherers, geoarcheology, and
computer database design and statistical analysis. Tonight we're
going to discuss the ongoing archeological examination of the
"Roswell Site" Mecca to those who believe we are not alone.

Brief word about the drill. This is a moderated chat -- please
send your questions for our guests to ChatMod, as private
messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on
ChatMod or type "/msg ChatMod" on the command line - only
without the quotes.)...Then hit Enter (or Return on a Mac.)

Let's start with some basic information. What is the Office of
Contract Archeology?

BillDoleman: The OCA is a unit of the University that sells a
service to clients. Generally known as cultural; resource
management. It's the archeological equvalent of an
envirvirnmental impact.

We determine if anything of archeological significance is found
on a given site.

ChatMod: As the Principal Investigator for Contract Archeology
what's your job?

BillDoleman: My job is to prepare proposals for projects, deal
with contracts, and oversee fieldwork and report preparation

ChatMod: How did you and your office become involved in the
examination of sites around Roswell?

BillDoleman: We were contacted by SCIFI and others in the summer
of 1999. The director of the office, Dick Chapman, discussed a
variety of options and gave them a budget to supervise volunteer
ecavators. Just the sort of site survey we eventually conducted.

There were six volunteers involved in the site at Roswell - the
initial impact site also known as the Skip Site or the debris

ChatMod: What's the Skip site about?

BillDoleman: The debris field is thought to consist of an impact
mark, and originally an expanse of debris. The impacting craft
skipped and ended up somewhere else - thus the name.

The site is located between Corona and Roswell on BLM land and
as part of the project we filled a standard archeological plan
with the BLM and the State .

BillDoleman: The plan stated clearly what we were up to and why.

There were fewer raised eyebrows than I expected - in fact, all
archeological investigations are archived in Satna Fe. And
although the site is uncertain, the State assigned the Roswell
site the number 1000000. And a code for alien cultures has been

The whole Roswell Phenomenon is definitely important here in
New Mexico like the souvenir shops in Roswell.

<andyajenny>: There are a number of photographs of the impact
site and actual debris doing its rounds would you consider these
to be real or fake?

BillDoleman: Having not seen them I can't render judgement. But
one spot on the landscape looks an awful lot like another. If
the photo has yuccas and grass it could be Roswell, or any
number of other places.

I did confirm the location with a photo of the debris field in
the 1994 book and confirmed we were in the same place.

<ZO>: Derrel Sims, Cheif investigator at Saber Enterprises owns
a peice of the Roswell crash, are you aware of that?

BillDoleman: Not at all. Sorry.

<scramm>: Wasn't there two crash sites involved at Roswell?

BillDoleman: I'm not a real expert on the story as it has been
presented by various people. I get the impression there is the
Initial Impact site (Skip) and the final crash site where the
vessel ended up with bodies.

The location of that is generally speaking to the east of the
skip site, 15 to 25 miles away. Again, I'm the observer, not a

That raises an important point.

This project is the first to my knowledge to cross over from
using heresay and anecdotal evidence to support the notion of a
crash in '47 and to search for actual evidence

BThat belongs in flashing letters.

I would note that the volunteers were all very UFO savvy. We
instituted a number of methods that were novel about the project
to make sure that any evidence we found could not be tainted.

Our dig was thuis credible on every level.

<andyajenny>: During your archeologcal digs did you find any
evidence to detemine if there was a UFO incident at Roswell?

BillDoleman: I am definitely not allowed to say anything about
that, and you definitely should watch the show on November 22nd

I can say I was surprised by some of the results...

ChatMod: Has you work at Roswell changed your mind on the
subject of UFOs?

Well, it's expanded my perspective in many ways. As a middle and
high school student I read every scifi book I could get my hands
on and I'm an an avid star watcher.

I do belive there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe
and I think this project was exactly the right thing to do
because only physical evidence is going to convince scientists
like myself and most of the public for that matter.

<scramm>: After 55 years what kind of evidence is left? How
intact is the site?

ChatMod: Most of us think of archeology as a science devoted to
examining a past dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.
In examining such a recent site or series of sites as Roswell is
your work largely forensic?

BillDoleman: Archeology is the forensic science of the past. In
many cases archeologists succeed in learning something about
events in the past through the application of forensic methods,
including looking at the subtle evidence the average person
would not see. So in many respects a site, to an archeologist --
is just a very old crime scene.

We have to take the estimated age of the site into our account
and we have a slew of methods for that. When we know something
about the age of a site, we can use the knowledge that we have,
of natural and human agents, and how they alter any site over

That was a real big question this investigation.

There has been an awful lot of grazing by sheep and cows over 5
years. So we looked at the surface and at the profiles of the
subsurface to understand what natural processing could have
altered the site and bured physical evidence and the kind of
evidence we were looking for was both debris and the impact mark

Just a reminder. We're chatting Dr. Bill Doleman Principal
Investigator for the University of New Mexico's Office of Contract
Archeology. Tonight we're discussing the ongoing archeological examination
of the "Roswell Site"

<ZO>: There is much ancient archeaological data to support the
theory that the 'space aliens' have been here longer that we
think, what is your view on that?

BillDoleman: Most of the so called 'data', in fact, is people
interupting actual archeological facts.

The so called Mayan Astronaut is a Mayan Glyph. The fact that it
can be argued to look like an astronaut in a capsule doesn't mean
that it is an astronaut in a capsule.

Similarly the drawing or lines in Nazca Peru are thought to be
too complicated and too big to have been produced by humans.
That's really insulting to us humans

Finally, I know of no professional archeologist who claims to have any
evidence of alien visitation of Earth.

<AikidoKa>: What about all the numerous paintings from the
middle-ages, including religious depictions, that clearly show
round vessels hovering aiborne in the background?

BillDoleman: I'm afraid I don't know them. But I'd be dubious of
"clearly". There are an awful lot of round things in the world.

I guess I would offer the distinction between a fact like a
painting and how we view its content.

ChatMod: What can you tell us about the methodology of the Roswell

BillDoleman: Lots. That's where this is really important. An
original step in UFO investigation - seeking clear physical

Forensic Psychology evaluates heresay and eyewitness evidence,
and is fully aware of its limitations. There is nothing like
hard physical evidence.

The goal was to go to the skip site and look for two things.

First evidence of an impact mark that is no longer visible on
the surface as far as anybody knows -- that's pretty important.

Second to look for any debris that might have been missed by
people who reportedly came out and picked it all up - ie The

Today, there is no evidence of an impact mark nor has anybody
claimed to see any debris there now. So any mark or debris must
now be buried. Given that we used techical advice from UFO
researchers to tell us where to look and we then used state of
the art geophysical prospecting techniques.

We were looking for buried features and debris.

The specific methods were electromagnetic conductivity and a
metal detection system much more sensative than than a hand held
metal detector. The conductivity survey had the goal of finding
subtle variations in soil characteristics that might indicate
the presence of a buried feature like an impact mark that had
been obscured by 55 years of natural erosion.

The metal detection survey was, for obvious reasons, looking for
buried debris that might be metallic in nature. We also targeted
areas of animal burrowing since animals burrows are one way that
missed debris might become buried.

We also inspected aerial photographes from 1946 and 1954 to look
for evidence of an impact ring

One other thing we did, was to use backhoe trenches to look for
evidence of the impact mark.

ChatMod: Did any of your colleagues look at you askance when you
started work on Roswell?

BillDoleman: Not really. I think we all recognise the importance
of putting the pudding to the test and tasting it

<ZO>: Have you ever wondered if the 'aliens' purposefully
crashed that ship in Roswell, for other purposes?

BillDoleman: Not really. But given that there is an alien beer
brewed in the area which is very good... maybe it was a DWI, or
FWI crash. Nobody crashes on purpose.

<andyajenny>: According to reports where the actual craft was
found, some miles from the actual debris field, isn't it safe to
assume there wasn't much of a impact to find?

BillDoleman: First, we were directed to the location of the
project by people who know way more than we do and they said
this was the best place to look for debris and a mark. If the
stories are true about a 'clean-up', maybe a mark is the best
place to look

Secondly if you look at the stories of what the debris was like,
then you look at modern materials science is doing these days,
we're in no position to speculate on the nature of a craft, it's
construction or any debris.

But that's an archeologist, not a Ufologist speaking.....

ChatMod: Bill, our hour is about up

BillDoleman: Thanks.

The Roswell Incident is clearly an important event culturally in
New Mexico, the US, and around the world. While the story has a
life of its own, there is probably a grain of truth, whatever it
might be, at the heart of what anthropologists would call "an oral

The techniques of forensic science can be applied equally to
the search for evidence that is physical, as well as understanding the
complex story that has evoloved over the last 55 years since 1947.

My pleasure to have talked with you. I'm sorry that I could tell
you everything.

Watch the show - your eyes will be opened wide.

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