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Re: Birnes on Corso? - Gates

From: Robert Gates <RGates8254@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 23:40:10 EDT
Fwd Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 21:25:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Birnes on Corso? - Gates

Somebody got me the below... I thought Listers would be
interested in excerpts of this apparent interview between Birnes
and somebody else back in '97 or thereabouts. My comments are in

Out guest tonight is William J. Birnes, co-author with retired
Col. Philip Corso of the "Day After Roswell." The latter is no
in its 6th printing and I understand was briefly on the NY Times
bestseller list. Could you tell us how you got involved with
this project? Did Corso approach you or vice versa?

Birnes: I was originally retained by a motion picture company
to interview Col. Corso about the missing prisoners of war issue
in Korea and Vietnam. Through the course of our discussions,
Col. Corso and I began talking about military history,
especially as it regards the end of World War II and the German
scientific advances in flight and weaponry. Gradually our
discussions focused on Roswell and the role of Army R&D.

Question: And so how did the subject of UFOs and Roswell come
up? Whose idea was the book? Did Corso hesitate at that time
because Gen. Trudeau was still alive?

Birnes: Finally, Col. Corso dropped the bombshell, preceded by
his sending me articles from the Army about the technological
development of lasers, irradiated food, directed particle beam
weapons and the like. He said, "You know, don't you, that a
famous German scientist Hermann Oberth said that 'We were
helped,' and me meant helped by extraterrestrials?" I was
astonished. Then he began to explain, making a long story very
short, what the role of Army R&D had and how the Foreign
Technology worked. That's it. From there we decided to begin a
book on Roswell and the publisher suggested we do the Roswell
book first.

Birnes contd: Corso began writing his memoirs in 1993, shortly
after Gen. Trudeau died. He began writing as a way of keeping
the records straight, but partly at the suggestion of the now
deceased General Trudeau who had encouraged Corso to keep a
running record and to publish it after Trudeau died. So that'w
what Corso began. He worked on it for two years until 1995, and
then we began assembling his memoirs into five separate
manuscripts, one of which was the Roswell book.

[Apparently we have a total of 5 books, with Roswell being one,
and the manuscript on all the other 4 are also apparently
already done. One wonders when the other so called manuscript
books are going to come forth. I also recall some tale or story
attributed to Corso Jr about how in 2003 we have have UFO
technology or something like that]

Question: How did the writing process between the two of you
work? Did you interview him on audio or videotape? Did he ever
supply any original documents that would confirm his rather
remarkable story?

Birnes: Videotape! Prior to beginning the manuscript, we
interviewed Col. Corso on video, fourteen hours of which exist
at the movie studio. Thereafter, I worked from Col. Corso's
copious notes, documents that he provided, and material that he
requested from Army sources. If I had specific questions, I'd
ask them. Then, the colonel and I met and went over the
manuscript in draft form. He made changes, corrections,
revisions, etc.

[So the Col is on 14 hours of video tape, also they both met and
went over the manuscript in draft form where he made changes,
corrections and revisions. Yet Corso, when challenged about
certain areas of the book at one of his speaking engagements
supposedly claimed that Birnes had made errors in the book blah
blah blah. Wouldn't it be rich to see the 14 hours of video
tape. Perhaps we could get some insight to the NAZI time
machine Corso mentioned]

Question: Several instances in the book seem to be direct
quotes from the report Corso reportedly wrote for Gen. Trudeau,
also direct quotes from Trudeau's own unpublished autobography.
Do either of these documents exist?.

Birnes: There were some documents to confirm the story, but
they tracked the history of the technological development of
lasers, for example, to show how the Army helped spur the
research and development. Nothing, of course, mentioned UFOs.
Yes, Col. Corso's reports exist as to Trudeau's memoirs. The
reports are exactly as they are set forth in the book. They were
never meant for attribution or distribution beyond Gen. Trudeau.

[In essence they were unable to get any supporting documentation
that mentioned UFO/ET. Kind of like UFO researchers then and
now; still can't get any documentation that directly links Corso
to ET]

Question: As you're no doubt aware, Corso's version of Roswell
differs from what has been previously published. For example, he
has Jesse Marcel at a crash site where bodies were recovered,
something Marcel never mentioned, despite the numerous times he
was interviewed.

Birnes: The book's version of Roswell is simply a compilation
of Roswell stories as a background to what happened later. In
fact, it was added at the very end because the publisher
believed that not enough readers were familiar with the basic
story. So I imagine there are hundreds of disagreements between
the story in the first chapter and other versions of the story.
But is meant to be only the most general of introductions.

[Apparently the books version of Roswell was never meant to be
accurate but a general story about the incident.]

Question: Virtually everyone else has testified that any
material was flown to Wright Field in Dayton, which makes sense.
Corso has it coming through Fort Riley, Kansas, via truck.
Charles Moore has recently pointed out that Fort Riley was 200
miles off the beaten path back then.

Birnes: I asked Col. Corso about this and he said that some of
the material was indeed flown -- other eyewitnesses have told me
the same thing -- and some of it was trucked. Back then,
according to Col.Corso, Fort Riley would have been the natural
stopping off point for Army truckers to spend the night. Again,
Col. Corso makes sense when he says that the way the Army does
business is to rely on redundancy. So they trucked some of the
material, flew some of the material. I don't know who or where,
but there was another source that I encountered who seemed
amazed that I had learned, from the colonel, that some of the
crash debris was loaded on trucks and driven to Ohio.

Question: Final question: Corso's military record has recently
been posted on the Internet. His final Pentagon assignment
apparently lasted only 90 days, instead of the two years implied
by the book. That's a pretty brief amount of time in which Corso
claims to have changed the course of modern history, not only
saving us from alien invasion, but leading directly to the
collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Birnes: I recently saw the record as well and have forwarded a
copy to Col. Corso. Whatever the record that turned up on the
Internet says, it says. I can only respond that I've seen Col.
Corso's secret Senate testimony transcripts about the CIA's
penetration by the KGB, and the transcripts IN 1962 identify
Col. Corso as the Deputy Director of Army R & D. So unless
there's some code in the record as it appears on the Internet
that I don't understand, the Col. was in R & D for two years
from 1961 through early 1963 when he went to the Senate Internal
Government Security Investigations Subcommittee.

End of Excerpt.



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