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EW: SETI - Are Aliens Already Among Us?

From: Kurt Jonach <ewarrior_electricwarrior_com@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:10:52 -0700 (PDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 09:15:42 -0400
Subject: EW: SETI - Are Aliens Already Among Us?


The Electric Warrior : Web Log June 27, 2002

ufo & extraterrestrial intelligence

artwork: Electrogravitic Sunset (Classic Flying Saucers)


(The Electric Warrior) - According to SETI Senior Astronomer
Seth Shostak, about half the US population believes in alien
visitation. But, although he's convinced that ET may really be
out there, it isn't likely that aliens are already among us.

"While I certainly expect that the Galaxy is home to many
advanced societies, the quality of the evidence has so far
failed to convince me that any of them have emissaries on our
planet," says Shostak, writing for Space.com

The ET scientist considers three scenarios. We're making contact
right now: Statistically improbable. ET comes here all the time:
anthropological overkill. Human activity makes Earth a nice
place to visit: ET can't get here from there.

Shostak doesn't think that aliens live close enough to Earth to
have detected us, and then visit. At best, humans have been
technologically savvy enough to announce our existence for about
70 years. Even if extraterrestrials could space-warp to Earth in
essentially no time, our signals would have propagated to only
about 3 dozen stars in our vicinity.

According to Shostak, the best way for aliens to contact Earth
is by responding to radio signals that SETI is broadcasting to
the galaxy. As reported by this blog, the SETI@Home grid of
networked computers recently aggregated 1 million years of CPU
time. The Internet-based cooperative computing effort can
process SETI data with the power of a modern super computer.


Would Aliens Visit?


(Space.com) PROJECT PHOENIX - This is such a controversial (and
emotional) topic that its mere mention in one of these articles
is usually sufficient to guarantee a storm of Web chat and high-
voltage e-mails. In the end, of course, the matter of alien
visitation will be decided by the evidence, not by the intensity
of opinion.

Search for ET Crunches 1 Mega-Year of CPU Time


(The Electric Warrior) - ET scientists who set a personal
computing milestone are also pondering what to say at first
contact. Both sides need to think up something better than "Take
me to your leader."

The project is the brain child of the SETI Institute, a non-
profit group based in California's Silicon Valley. They're
looking for ET, and they're doing it by searching for signs of
intelligence gathered by commercial radio telescopes.


Electrogravitic Sunset (Classic Flying Saucers)

Download a 600x600 version of the classic flying
saucers depicted in 'Electrogravitic Sunset',
for your Desktop

June 27, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA

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