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Ohio Crap Circle Forged By Massachusettes Clan

From: Kenny Young <ufo@fuse.net>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 15:07:48 -0700
Fwd Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:59:00 -0400
Subject: Ohio Crap Circle Forged By Massachusettes Clan

In response to an 'E-mail alert' from someone in Hillsboro, Ohio
claiming that I should "check out a crop circle there", I called
the Hillsboro Times-Gazette newspaper asking for more
information. They informed that a number of college students
from Massachusetts had came to Hillsboro, Ohio to make the crop

I requested they Fax a copy of their newspaper article and they
courteously did so. Anyhow, I spent the last 18-minutes pecking
out the following article and hope you find it as interesting as
I did

Kenny Young


Monday, June 24. 2002

The Hillsboro (Ohio) Times-Gazette - page 1
By Jennifer Burgel, Brown News Service

CAREYTOWN - If you plant wheat, maybe the Discovery Channel will
come. It worked for Jason and Amy Boeckmann of Sabina.

A production crew has been on-site at their Careytown Road farm
since Thursday filming a Discovery Channel documentary on crop

John Tindall, who is directing the show, said he expects it will
premier in early August, to coincide with the release of the Mel
Gibson movie "Signs", which is about crop circles.

According to Tindall, a group of aeronautical and astronautical
engineering students from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology [MIT] was flown in to the area to "scientifically"
produce a crop circle in a wheat field on the Bockmann's farm.

The students set to their task of creating a crop circle in
Careytown under the cover of darkness. Their tools included
boards, strings and a homemade particle shooter. The boards and
strings were used to knock down the wheat in a circular pattern.

"People just normally think crop circles are when the crops are
knocked down or laid down in a certain pattern, but the
scientists are saying, 'No, it's much more than this,'" Tindall

In what Tindall called "quantified" crop circles, he said the
number of iron particles in the soil is usually higher,
expulsion cavities are often found and the crops are superheated
much as they would be in a microwave oven.

The students used a particle shooter made out of pipe, propane,
a generator and a water bottle. This contraption was used to
spread iron molecules in the soil inside the crop circle.

Tindall said the maturity of the wheat made the Bockmann's field
a good fit for the project. He said producers of the documentary
did an extensive search to find the perfect field.

"They canvassed the whole country trying to come up with wheat
that was a week to two weeks from harvesting," Tindall said.
"This is a winter wheat crop, and we're really fortunate that
Jason and Amy are letting us do this. They're the greatest."

Amy Boeckmann said when producers phoned the Ohio Department of
Agriculture looking for a farm, they found a friend of the
Boeckmann's on the other end of the line. She said her friend
contacted her, and plans for the filming began.

According to Tindall, the intention of the documentary is not to
prove that crop circles do or do not have a connection to an
alien life form.

"The purpose of this is to simply say that if indeed all these
things are present in a crop circle, it's very difficult to
achieve them all - so whoever's hoaxing them is going to a lot
of trouble," Tindall said. "We're not saying whether crop
circles are real or not."

Lisa Messeri, one of the MIT students working on the project,
said she is skeptical of theories that give crop circles more
credibility than that of elaborate hoaxes.

"The crop circles we have seen have all been very patterned and
geometric. It's a great art, but I would be hesitant to say it's
something more than art," Messeri said.

Messeri said she thinks the perfection that is found in the crop
circles discredits arguments that they are created from space.

"If they're saying that its energies coming down from space
compressed, I don't know, that just doesn't make any sense," she

She said she thinks people get a thrill out of pulling pranks.

"Why do people hoax? Why is there a Loch Ness monster? People
are like that," Messeri said. "I mean, this has been a lot of

And as for crop circles' origin, MIT student Dominic Rizzo said,
"There's a lot of really wealthy people with a lot of time."

The heightened iron content, Messeri said, can be explained by
meteor showers that could have occurred in the area before the
crop circles appeared.

"Plus, too, some parts of the soil just naturally have a higher
iron content," Messeri said.

Amy Boeckmann said hosting the crew has been an enjoyable
experience, one she and her husband won't soon forget. She said
they have learned a lot by spending time with the crew, and
hopes they have imparted some of their wisdom to the city
dwellers who have spend part of the week on their farm.

"Any opportunity that we get to explain or help other people
understand all about agriculture, it just benefits us all the
more," she said.

End of article

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