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Filer's Files #26 - 2002

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:57:37 EDT
Fwd Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:50:28 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #26 - 2002

FILER'S FILES #26-2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
June 26, 2002, Majorstar@AOL.COM.
Webmaster: Chuck Warren http://www.filersfiles.com.

UFO SIGHTINGS: New Hampshire sphere, Virginia flying triangle,
Georgia flying triangle, Florida flash, Arkansas daylight
cylinder, Texas daylight disk, Nevada flying triangle,
California orb, Washington triangle, Canada lights, Argentina
mutilations reach 100 +, UK flashing lights and Scotland claims
to be top UFO spot.

PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN said in Chicago on May 5, 1988, "But
I've often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered
that we were threatened by an outer -- a power from outer space,
from another planet." "Wouldn't we all of a sudden find that we
didn't have any differences between us at all, we were all human
beings, citizens of the world, and wouldn't we come together to
fight that particular threat?" Question-and-answer session after
a speech about human rights and the Soviet Union. At the height
of the Cold War it was thought inconceivable that the Soviet
Union and the US would become allies. Truth is often stranger
than fiction.


The Earth narrowly missed being struck by an asteroid the size
of a football field last week. Astronomers apparently failed to
spot the asteroid that missed Earth by only 75,000 miles until
three days after it flew past. This is a comparatively close
miss that could have caused major damage on Earth. If the
asteroid hit Earth in a populated area the explosion could have
caused major damage. The asteroid was not detected until three
days after it came close to the Earth on June 14, 2002. It is
not known if classified military satellites had picked up the
object. The object passed by Earth at less than a third of the
distance to the moon. If the asteroid hit in a populated area it
could have caused considerable loss of life similar to a nuclear
explosion. Hitting the ocean the asteroid would have likely
caused damaging tidal waves. The asteroid, provisionally named
2002 MN, was traveling at more than 23,000 mph when it was
spotted. NASA concentrates its efforts on bodies bigger than a
one kilometer across. Asteroids of this size could potentially
destroy civilization as we know it. Comparatively small amounts
of money are spent to spot and protect Earth from incoming
visitors. Currently, there is no dedicated program searching for
objects of 2002 MN's size although Britain is testing telescopes
on the Spanish Island of La Palma that might eventually spot
smaller asteroids.


MANCHESTER -- The witness was sitting on my back porch having a
cigarette on June 10, 2002, at 9:15 PM, and saw something I
thought was a little strange. I live in Manchester, which has an
airport and I have seen many airplanes, but this was different.
I happened to look up and I saw a sphere, definitely at a high
altitude moving across the sky. I have seen planes at this high
altitude, but am able to see their flashing lights. This was
just a white sphere. The light from it seemed to dim and grow at
certain points, but it could have been cloud cover, I am not
sure. However, this craft had no visible blinking lights, which
I thought was strange. It was moving at a good speed over the
middle of the city heading in a south east direction. I only saw
it for a minute, but definitely strange. ( NUFORC Note: Peter
Davenport reports the ISS was visible from NH at 21:58 hours. We
do not know how accurate the time of the incident is here.)


VIRGINIA BEACH -- The witness reports that on June 6, 2002, "I
went to meet a friend for a walk on the board walk to observe
the storm coming in at 8:15 PM, and we looked at the southern
gray sky and saw a black flying triangular object in the sky."
At first I thought it was a plane, but realized that it did not
move. This black triangle occupied exactly the same spot in the
sky while I walked two blocks, and stopped a neighbor and asked
her if she saw something, she looked and said, "What is it?" I
said I don't know, she decided it was a kite. The object had not
moved and was high enough for the clouds to occasionally pass
between the object and the ground. In the next 5 minutes the
stormy sky became too dark to see the object. The black flying
triangle had silently hovered at cloud level for ten minutes
before the darkness and storm obscured it. Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC http://www.ufocenter.com


CHARLESTON -- Donna J. Bullock writes, " Since I moved from
Texas to South Carolina almost a year ago, I had not had any
sightings until Friday, June 13, 2002. At about 10:30 PM, I saw
a wobbler in the southeastern sky. "It was too far away to
describe and appeared only as a light in the sky, but acted like
the usual object, skittering here and there, going up and down
and putting on a show." It definitely was not a star, nor was it
an airplane; an airplane did cross underneath it on its way to
land at the Charleston airport. I really miss the open Texas
skies. There are too many trees for a skywatcher here. Thanks to
Donna J. Bullock.


FLOWERY BRANCH -- The observer was fishing off the bow of his
boat looking at the stars and noticed one of the brighter stars,
did a U turn and took off and disappeared on June 6, 2002. I
know this wasn't a satellite as it moved way too quickly. It
moved across the sky maybe two hand lengths then started to
distance it's self, till I could no longer see it.

TIFTON -- MUFONGA's Dr. Joye Pugh, a MUFON Consultant contacted
State Director Tom Sheets on Saturday, June 8, 2002, at about
10:30 PM, the witness and her husband was traveling northeast on
Highway 319 toward Ocilla. About four miles out of Tifton her
cell phone rang and a female apologized for a wrong number. Dr.
Pugh thought this unusual as it had never happened before.
Shortly thereafter, she noticed some specific lights low above
the trees off to the left. The sky was overcast but the glow of
the city lights from Tifton lit up this section of cloud cover.
They considered these particular lights to be unusual because
they were so low. Proceeding on, they approached closer and she
observed an aircraft shaped like an elongated triangle. She
further noted there was a white light at each corner and a red
light in the bottom center. She was close enough that she could
clearly see the dark triangle shape against the glow of the
overcast. Traffic prevented her from pulling over, so she drove
on a short distance and turned into a water tower area. Quickly
looking back, she saw the lights slowly move across the road.
She turned around and drove back to get a closer look, but could
not locate it. She drove back toward Tifton and turned off onto
another road in her search, then encountered two additional but
indistinct craft with lights to her front, but they were
opposite the glowing overcast and against a black sky. They
could hear the sound of roaring jet engines apparently coming
from the lights/craft, as they seemed to fly along very slowly.
These lights went back to the area where first observed, and as
Dr. Pugh got turned around and drove to the tower, once again
she observed the hovering lights. Headlights from passing
traffic blinded her momentarily, the lights then crossed the
road again and disappeared as she continued to negotiate
traffic. This, in my opinion, is a classic triangle encounter
made even more UNUSUAL by what Dr. Pugh described as secondary
indistinct slow moving craft ('things') with lights, accompanied
by a sound like roaring jet engines. Dr. Pugh made a valiant
effort to close with these unknown craft. John Bodin, MUFONGA's
Deputy Director for South Georgia and Dr. Pugh will investigate
further. Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA


BOCA RATON -- The witnesses' husband couldn't sleep on June 6,
2002, so he was working on the computer in the kitchen at 5:30
AM. After calling him numerous times he finally came to bed, and
as he laid down a bright flash of light came in the window. It
was a bright strobing light that soon went out. We both looked
out the window and did not see anything. Our yard which is
fenced in so no light from the streets can get in. I stayed
awake for about 1/2 hour and watched out my window for anything
strange. About 6:00 AM, it flashed again on the side. We went
outside to look and found nothing. Two weeks before about 4:00
AM, I saw small lights in the yard around the pool and our 150
palm trees. I saw two lights about the size of a small
flashlight in the trees about 3 feet from the ground. Another
light was in the top of the palm on the opposite side of the
yard. I woke up my husband and said look at the lights in the
yard. They flashed like large bugs, but they would have to be a
foot long to produce a light of that size, so I assumed it was
not bugs. One flew by the window and went straight up over the
house. The other two were still in the bushes. He decided to go
outside in the screened patio to see up close and was only 3
feet from the bushes with the lights.  He called to the lights
and they flew around the back of the bushes and flew up into the
air and disappeared but they sure scared us! Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC.


LONSDALE -- Richard B. Baccari writes, "I live in rural town and
have been watching the sky since my mother had a sighting 30
years ago. Until today I was always able to explain whatever I
had seen. I was pulling into my road at 3:55 PM, on June 14.
2002, and just happened to glance at the clear sky and saw a
white bar or cylinder. I could only see two dimensions. At arm's
length it was the width of two fingers and the thickness half a
finger. It was definitely close enough to establish that there
was no wing, tail, window, or rotor configuration. It was just
plain dull white and was not a reflective surface? It made me
think cylinder as it was traveling east very slowly without
making any noise. It flew over in less then a minute. I realized
then I had stopped the car in the middle of the road, took a
quick glance in the mirror to see if I was blocking any one, and
looked up and it was gone. This was no ordinary craft. Thanks to
at Richard B. Baccari bartilini@aol.com


LAS VEGAS -- The witness reports that on June 6, 2002, a glowing
orange light was seen at 10:30 PM. We watched it disappear then
reappear three times over a sixty-second period before going
behind the mountains. The last time we saw it, the orange glow
was coming from three orange lights in a triangular shape. The
object was large and had mass but there was no sound.

(Peter Davenport reports, "This was the date that 'The Amazing
Kreskin," predicted a dramatic UFO sighting would occur over
Nevada.   On June 7, 2002, he retracted, and stated that the
"prediction" had been a hoax, designed to show how gullible
human beings can be regarding the UFO phenomenon. Sounds like he
was pretty gullible to retract his prediction. Thanks to NUFORC.


CONCORD -- On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 10:45 AM, two workers
saw two balls about the size of a basketball flying overhead.
The objects were chrome in color and one seemed to be moving up
about as high as a passenger jet flying overhead. The witness
stated, "The second one was dropping toward us and moving west.
The bottom was transparent. They were getting further apart from
each other with the higher one moving up and out of sight in
three minutes. The second kept getting closer moving west faster
and dropping at about 4 to 5 thousand feet. It just seemed to
slow and stop. It seemed to stay just outside the landing
patterns of our local airport and after five minutes of watching
this (orb) it accelerated so fast to the west you would have
missed it if you blinked your eyes. Thanks to NUFORC.


BRANTFORD -- At 3:20 AM on June 3, 2002, a very bright object
appeared just south of URSA Major in the night sky. The bright
object suddenly appeared and glowed very brightly and moved
slowly southwest. The object was two or three times brighter
than Venus and was a white/yellowish color. It stayed bright for
only 4 seconds then faded to a point of light for another 15
seconds until it disappeared. There was no noise at all.

AURORA, ONTARIO -- The witness reports that on June 6, 2002, "We
were sitting in the car and then out of no where, this greenish
white egg shaped thing flew across the sky at 11:35 PM. It moved
too slowly to be a shooting star, and too fast to be a plane, it
soared downward to the ground, in almost a round line; like a
semicircle. Thanks to NUFORC

MUTILATION -- This report of a mutilated six year old Charolais
bull was reported to me by the owner and the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police. When I arrived, I very carefully assess the
situation, walk the perimeter at hundred yards and all the area
close to the animal etc. This I do to check for any tracks, odd
smells, and anything unusual, like the behavior of the animals.
This was an authentic mutilation, and one of the most
interesting cases in the six years. This bull was lying in a
small clump of Willow trees facing West. The tongue was removed
as well as the left eye and left ear. The penis was sticking
out, and the testicles and rectum were removed. On the stomach
area was a very neat laser type incision, oval shape 14 inches
by 9 inches. The skin was never found and the flesh had not been
touched. The was also removed with the same precision. Samples
of blood, soil and grass were taken Laboratory results show that
only pure Hemoglobin remained and that very sophisticated
equipment was needed to reduce the blood to only hemoglobin.
This like doing Brain surgery in the kitchen with kitchen tools.
Claudia Scheffer, another local, witnessed an intense light
outside, while the lights in my house dimmed. The dogs were
barking and I went out and saw a light in the sky, as did
others. Thanks to fbelzil@telusplanet.net and SHnSASSY1@aol.com


JUAREZ -- The Grupo Juarense de Investigacion Ovni is
investigating the mysterious mutilations of sheep in that
region--possibly the first since 1996-1997. More information
will be posted as it is received. Thanks to Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology


SALLIQUEL=D3 --*Doctor Daniel Belot, a SENASA Technician in
Salliquel=F3, was the veterinarian who analyzed the first animal
mutilation in the area. He has examined over a dozen cases for
which he can find no explanation, and is disconcerted. He is
convinced that the perpetrators arrived by aerial means and is
certain that the animals were slain elsewhere and subsequently
dumped in the field. He asks that all strange animal deaths be
reported promptly. Dr. Belot, who is a technician for SENASA,
claims having never seen anything similar and believes that only
those who have seen any such case can understand the magnitude
of the events. The expert has been asked to analyze over a dozen
cases, and common patterns appear but no explanation can be
found. The near-certainty that the perpetrator arrives by air,
and the certainty that the deaths occurred 3 to 4 days earlier
at a location other than where the carcasses were found only
adds to the state of confusion. He is an acknowledged
professional with a solid reputation and an official for a
national delegation of SENASA. Dr. Belot urged cattlemen to
report any anomalous case immediately to aid the investigations.

Dr. Belot was called in by a cattleman who found half his bovine
skinned to the bone. Dr. Belt suggested some animal must have
eaten it, which the cattleman rejected, saying that no animal
eats in a straight line. Upon investigation, "I was confronted
by an unnerving sight, "The animal lay on the ground, and the
entire left side of its face was skinned to the bone beneath the
eye. All of its molars were visible." "When we performed the
necropsy we found that it was missing its tongue, vocal
apparatus, there was no blood inside or outside the animal. It
was perfectly clean with no tearing of the flesh like predators
do. "It is a deed that appears to have been carried out by
humans, but even so it's something very hard to do." Dr. Belot
sent samples to the University of Buenos Aires' School of
Pathology and the only response he received is that they cannot
determine how the incisions were made. He did not establish the
animal's cause of death, blood samples taken from other animals
to detect strange substances "have yielded no results so far.

Dr. Belot, says vital organs were missing in most of them. "In
the first case, the animal was missing all of its maxillaries,
but others were missing testicles and penises, ears, mammary
glands, rectums and vaginas. All of this suggest some kind of
scientific research, but don't ask me why a scientist is going
to conduct research in different farms without asking for
permission. There were no tracks around the mutilated animals
and strange for no other animal to come near. When Dr. Belot
reached the animals many had been dead for 3 or 4 days. "In many
cases they were not yet bloated and did not give off any odor.
In others, they presented normal alterations, which increases
the uncertainty." "The only marks I saw within a ten meter
radius, is that the grass has continued to grow, but no animal
will step into that circle, despite the fact that the grass is
in good shape." Belot points out that "after some time, the dead
animals have been attacked by predators. But until recently,
they wouldn't come close." The veterinarian noted that generally
the rest of the animals sort of "mourn" the deceased animal, but
that has not occurred and they appear indifferent, looking from
a distance without coming close." Belot emphasized, "The animals
were killed elsewhere and dumped there, this is inferred by the
way the carcasses have been positioned. Sheep and at least four
horse mutilations have also been reported. These fields are
often practically inaccessible; it was only possible to reach
them on a tractor and it often necessary to cross flooded areas.

Santa Rosa -- Police officers claimed to have witnessed an UFO
in the Pampan community of "25 de Mayo" and are looking into the
possibility that UFOs have something to do with the dozens of
mutilated animals found in the provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro
and Buenos Aires. The incident can be added to a similar event
which occurred June 19, 2002, in the Las Le=F1as tourist complex
of the province of Mendoza, where dozens of witnesses saw a UFO
fly over. Thanks to Diario "Nuevo D=EDa" (Coronel Su=E1rez, Prov. of
Buenos Aires) Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Translation (C) 2002. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

Editor's Note -- Ranchers are sending their families to town,
and keeping watch over their fields 24 hours a day. Various
lights have been reported hovering above the fields. Large tanks
of water holding thousands of gallons of water are found dry.
Other reports have indicated that an underwater base exists off
the coast of Argentina and craft are frequently seen entering
and departing the ocean. Its possible these events could be
connected. See map http://www.filersfiles.com


The discovery of a dead cow On June 24, 2002, whose tongue, eyes
and genitals were extracted in a livestock region of the
Uruguayan interior has raised concern in the country. The first
case was reported today in the Department (province) of Durazno,
some 300 km from Montevideo. Mayor Carmelo Vidallin tried to
cool down rumors by saying that "we must await the expert's
verdict", referring to the Ministry of Livestock and
Agriculture, which is working at the site. The mayor said, " No
signs of blood or a struggle between the animal and its victim
were found." Obscure esoteric practices could be at work has not
been rejected, since they are common throughout the country.
However, the animals sacrificed in these rites have been
chickens and hens. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of
Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2002.


STROOD, KENT -- On Monday, June 10, 2002, "at around 11:30
p.m.," a family staying aboard their boat at the Hoo Marina on
the River Medway, near Rochester and Strood, Kent, saw traveling
from west following the river, a brightly lit UFO. "We are
moored in Hoo Marina, and it went right over the top of us, and
it was around one-and-a-half times the size of our vessel, which
itself is almost 50 feet (15 meters) in length the witnesses
reported. "Loud helicopter noises were preceding it but the
object of interest had no discernible sound. Flying at treetop
level, it should have been extremely loud." But the UFO made no
sound. The object took two minutes to go into the near-distance,
at which point it hovered for approximately one minute, and then
carried on. Very bright white lights on each corner. Each was
flashing in synchronization, at half-second intervals,
especially at the leading part and center. None of these lights
seemed to illuminate either the ground or cast any reflection on
its own surface. The object was either black or dark, though, if
the latter, certainly not light enough to be seen as gray in
color. Main lights were flashing, although no beam effects were
noticed at all. "Our Doberman dog was agitated and on edge
during the time. Thanks to Eric Adams and Chris Rolfe of UFO
Monitors-East Kent and UFO ROUNDUP Vol # 25 June 18, 2002
Editor: Joseph Trainor


The London Observer claims that Scotland is usually associated
with spectacular mountains and tumbling rivers. But Scotland has
a proud new boast; it has become the landing strip of choice for
flying saucers and other mysterious, metallic, hovering craft.
More odd incoming craft have been tracked over the hills and
glens than anywhere else on Earth, and UFO enthusiasts are
flocking north to experience close encounters of the Caledonian
kind. A survey published reveals that 300 UFOs are seen in
Scotland each year -- four times as many as in France and Italy,
which appear to be aliens' next favorite destinations. When you
think of the number of sightings in Scotland compared to the
size of its population, it is phenomenal. Yet it is not remote
Highland that play host to the visitors. The Nineties saw a
sudden surge of sightings in the central Scottish areas of West
Lothian and Stirlingshire, and particularly around Bonnybridge,
near Falkirk. 'The area has become known as the Falkirk
triangle. Some people have encountered shimmering discs just
yards away from their bodies, while others said they had been
attacked by UFOs. The most famous such incident occurred in
1979, when forestry worker Bob Taylor claimed a gang of large
shimmering spheres, with spikes protruding from them like naval
mines, set upon him. Thousands of reported encounters and UFO
spotters followed. There are three airports and a gas-flaring
oil terminal within a 30-mile radius. Craig Malcolm took footage
of a ball of light dog-legging back and forth across a clear
sky. A plane-like object with no wings sent 'black reek belching
out the back of it as it soared off.' Bonnybridge's status as a
UFO capital prompted one councilor to call for it to be twinned
with Roswell and ambitious plans have been mooted to build a
multi-million-pound UFO theme park. 'There have also been a
substantial number of sightings in the Glasgow area.
VisitScotland, the tourist board that commissioned the latest
survey, sees it as a growth market. The Falkirk triangle has
already attracted hundreds of visitors. Thanks to Stephen Khan,
June 23, 2002


Nancy Talbot reports that there are normally numerous crop
circles reported by this time of year. There has been a surprise
drop in the number so far this year. Five have been reported in
England, two in Holland and three in Germany.


Gary G. Ford writes, in last weeks Filer's Files #25, you
discussed 13 new planets found in space. Isn't it curious that
scientists claim terrestrial planet sized moons in recently
discovered large planets are usually not considered suitable for
life? In our Solar System, some scientists imagine Europa or
even Ganymede and Callisto -- having life, but generally judge
them as too cold. While Europa currently appears to have a large
ice covered ocean, The Galileo Probe magnetometer data suggests
that large deposits of underground water apparently grace
otherwise icy Ganymede and Callisto, both of which actually have
much exposed land, in contrast to Europa, which is deeply ice
covered. Some of the newly found large planets may have moons
that could support life. In this case, moons in proximity to a
giant planet, warm and close to a star, provides nighttime
warming infrared illumination of large close-in planetary moons,
while nearly half the time any close-in moons will be protected
from direct exposure to the star's light and particle radiation,
when the moons are in the shadow of their primary. Moons close
in to a Large Planet apparently have a tendency to keep the same
side toward the planet, and the opposite side away from the
Primary Planet which they orbit. This effect will greatly
leverage the fraction of a 'day' in which the Primary Pointing
moon face will have to endure the blaze of a relatively close in

Therefore such moons can have a more constant temperature facing
their Primary, Major Planet, while the opposite -- or 'outside
facing' side cycles between extremes of exposure to the cold
dark of space and baking from the direct illumination in close
proximity of even a small, when close, star. One might expect
volatiles, to periodically condense on the 'far side' during
'night' and to be re-evaporated and move towards the more
shielded 'in-facing' side during day. Such an arrangement would
generate 'Weather' and may promote better retention of volatiles
than a terrestrial planet. I suggest that large moons of large
planets close in to small red/orange stars can be possibly
fertile grounds for life. What about intelligent life escaping
such a moon? The large planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and
Neptune in OUR Solar System all have multiple moons. Large moons
allow gravity assist or 'energy theft' by passing space probes.
Jupiter's System is the best example of this effect, where on
small fuel consumption's, the Galileo Space probe has been
enabled to lace its orbits close into and far out from the
Primary Planet Jupiter, while stealing and giving orbital energy
and momentum, to/from the Galilean moons. This has greatly
facilitated the Galileo Probes mission to the Jovian System, in
exploration of the Galilean Moons. Extra terrestrials could use
the multiple moons to enhance space travel and expeditions
between two planet-moon systems may be possible.

Furthermore, using the planets to gain orbital energy and
momentum might be possible to allow a 'moon dancing' and inner-
planet dancing strategy to greatly assist in reaching the outer
planets. 'Planet Dancing' between the 3 known large planets at
55 Cancri may even allow for escape of space ships into
interplanetary space. Long-lived robot or Reptilian-like
Hibernating Bio-Intelligences could mount an expedition from 55
Cancri to our Solar System, using Planet and Moon Dancing over
the centuries. The use of Solar Energy is feasible on Mars, in
addition to Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen from chemi-processing of
compressed atmosphere, and Water, Hydrogen and Oxygen is
available from melted ice and electrolyzed water. Mineral wealth
should also be fairly easy to exploit from Solar or CO+O2 {from
the breakup of Solar or Nuclear Powered breakup of CO2). Planet
and Earth 'dancing' should allow expeditions to Earth and our
Luna Moon! And of course who is to say that 55 Cancri is unique?
Multiple large planets, orbiting long-lived, smaller stars, some
'close in' to the central star, and with many large-moons around
the large planets, may even be a better configuration for
intelligent life to develop and eventually attempt
interplanetary travel! Thanks to Gary G. Ford, swimp@shaw.ca


On July, 5-7, 2002, the 33rd annual MUFON conference will be
held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rochester, New York. Come
hear the top speakers from the US, Canada, and England on UFOs
and abductions. The Platinum Package is priced at $150.00 per
person Please contact Jim Bouck nitesiter@yahoo.com or Bob Long
- alienchasr@aol.com or the MUFON Website.

PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available
and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy Commander Graham
Bethune. $10.00. Send check or money order to G. Filer 222
Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055.

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reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL. A MUFON membership
includes the Journal and costs only $35.00 per year. To join
MUFON or to report a UFO go to http://www.mufon.com/. To ask
questions contact MUFONHQ@aol.com or HQ@mufon.com. Mention that
I recommended you for membership.

Filer's Files is copyrighted 2002 by George A. Filer, all rights
reserved. Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites
if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list
the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and
comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint. Send
your letters to Majorstar@aol.com. Sending mail automatically
grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please
state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story


George Filer

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