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Argentine Cattle Mutilation Cases Now 160

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:23:26 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:47:39 -0400
Subject: Argentine Cattle Mutilation Cases Now 160

SOURCE: La Nueva Provincia
DATE: Tuesday, June 25, 2002


These only include reported events. Veterinarians insist that
due to different reasons, about 50% of the cases have been
reported. In the meantime, reports of strange lights, colors and
circles continue to appear. At General Campos, a grower claims
having been able to film the phenomenon. Bernardo Cane, SENASA's
director, claims that these cases are the work of "rogue
surgeons" and dismissed the possibility that extraterrestrials
could be at work here

Far from decreasing, the number of cases recorded now extends
over eight provinces of the country and even Uruguay. In the
region close to Bahia Blanca, the events recorded up to
yesterday afternoon totaled 160, with 13 cases highligthed in
the Pampan locality of La Adela and Coronel Pringles.

The incisions performed on bovines are characterized by their
meticulousness and precision. (Agencia Carhu=E9)

The provinces involved are:

Buenos Aires, La Pampa, C=F3rdoba, Santa Fe, Entre R=EDos, Santiago
del Estero, R=EDo Negro and Chubut.

To the south of Puelches, 8 animals were found mutilated in lots
2 and 22 of the Department of Curaco. Two of the cases were
recorded in a field of Augusto Bartolome and involved two cows
missing their genitals, an ear, an eye and part of their
jawbone. [...]

As regards the strange sightings, police officers of the
community of Lonquimay alerted their colleagues in [the town of]
Miguel Riglos of a light moving through the skies in a southward
direction, headed toward Macachin, Rolon and Alpachiri.

Police sources, who withheld their identities, said that at
least two objects were reported, and local residents agreed with
this. "We saw a light similar to that of a headlight, crossing
the skies from the vicinity of Rol=F3n toward Alpachiri, where it
became lost. Its position was at 20 degrees and it only took 3
seconds to cross the distance," said a witness

What is curious about this case is that the sighting was made by
several police stations, who informed each other of the news
over a radio receiver. These versions agree with the recording
made by Nestor Pelayo on May 19th--at night-- at General Campos,
also agreeing with statements made by local residents and
hunters. There can be no doubt that these phenomena, together
with the cattle mutilations are whetting the interest and even
fear of residents of the Pampas.

Another Dwarf Reported

While the strange lights continue appearing and crossing the
airspace over Macach=EDn, sightings of a "green dwarf" were made
known in several locations of the south of the Pampan province.

Police officials of this locality, based on the reports of a
rural worker, found --on the edge of Provincial Rt. 1-- an
individual lying on the southern access ramp to the route in
question and who claimed to be "sunbathing", according to the
response given by the man to the law enforcement agents.
According to the police, the man is Jose Artigas, 59, a native
of Buenos Aires with no fixed abode, who is touring the country
after having lived in Brazil for 2 years.

The physical characteristics of this person are the following:
1.5 meters tall, longish greying hair, pale complection, dark
eyes and dressed in black trousers and a green sport coat, aside
from being barefoot.

Can=E9 Speaks out Again

Bernardo Can=E9, SENASA's director, spoke out yet again against
the theories circulating in regard to cattle mutilations as
being something out of the ordinary, citing a book published in
France dealing with the subject of "rogue surgeons."

"There is a very important bibliographical work which reports
that this type of "rogue surgery" has been seen sporadically in
the US and Europe. There is even a book entitled The Rogue
Surgeons written by a French author," he pointed out.
[Translator's note: Card=E9 refers to "Le Grand Carnage" by Michel

"The subject is neither new, nor Argentinean, nor a green dwarf,
nor the "petiso orejudo" nor the phantom lights, nor the
Goatsucker. It would be better to say that it's the Gin Sucker,
if anything..." he joked.

Can=E9's new theory is appended to the one he expressed last
Friday, when he pointed out that cow deaths are normal this time
of year and believed that the theft of their organs could be
attributed to "isolated cases of esoteric activity."

Esta nueva teor=EDa de Can=E9 se suma a la expresada el =FAltimo
viernes, cuando se=F1al=F3 que la mortandad de vacas es habitual en
esta =E9poca del a=F1o y sostuvo que la ablaci=F3n de sus =F3rganos
podr=EDa obedecer a "casos aislados de pr=E1cticas esot=E9ricas".

(C) 2001. La Nueva Provincia.


Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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