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Re: 'Scottish' UFOs - Exact Numbers From Survey -

From: James Easton <ebay@jeaston.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 06:34:37 +0100
Fwd Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:24:34 -0400
Subject: Re: 'Scottish' UFOs - Exact Numbers From Survey -


 >From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose@privat.dk>
 >Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 03:53:31 +0200
 >Fwd Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:05:25 -0400
 >Subject: 'Scottish' UFOs - Exact Numbers From Survey

Stig highlighted:

 >Scotland was today dubbed "the Costa Del Sol for aliens" after
 >coming top of a league table of the world's UFO hotspots.

Costa Del Sol?

Since when was Scotland a 'sunshine coast'!?

Never and certainly not from our current, 'worst summer on

This wouldn't perchance be related to a Scottish Tourist Board

 >Researchers have discovered that Scotland has the highest
 >concentration of UFO sightings of any country in the world.

You don't say... which "researchers" would that be?

 >The research was commissioned by VisitScotland, the country's
 >national tourist body...

And a fine job they do, as the Scottish Tourist Board.

 >...and a spokesman said: "This confirms that Scotland is the
 >nearest thing there is to the Costa del Sol for aliens."


 >Bonnybridge councillor Billy Buchanan even called for a UFO
 >visitors' centre to be built in the village to cash in on the

I'm sure he meant, "to maximise the UFO potential".

 >Stirling-based UFO expert Ron Halliday, author of the books 'UFO
 >Scotland' and 'UFOs: The Scottish Dimension', said: "When you
 >think of the number of sightings in Scotland compared to the
 >size of its population, it is phenomenal."

Who can argue with VisitScotland's research findings.

 >Mr Halliday also explained why he thought there were so many
 >strange sightings in the Bonnybridge area in particular. He
 >said: "One theory is that the area around Bonnybridge is some
 >kind of window into another dimension.

Chris Gibson, fellow Scotsman, aircraft recognition expert, oil-
  rig contractor and witness to the celebrated foremost
'unidentified north sea triangular-shaped airplane', has noted
Bonnybridge and vicinity might be more appropriately named, the
'Buckfast triangle' [do your own research on this...]

 >"That would explain why some people see a UFO and others don't -
 >-because a UFO. is some kind of paranormal phenomenon rather
 >than a nuts and bolts spaceship."

We live and learn... as always, from the, "UFO experts".

 >Graham Birdsall, editor of 'UFO' magazine, offered another
 >explanation as to why Scotland has become a UFO hotspot.
  said: "UFOs tend to be attracted to regions that are fairly
 >remote. Plus, if you have a remote area, look out for airbases -
 >- Scotland is littered with airbases.

And empty guesthouses....

 >According to the research, Scotland has 0.004 UFO sightings per
 >square kilometre and one sighting per 17,000 inhabitants.

 >By contrast, France has just 0.001 sightings per square
 >kilometre and one sighting for every 86,857 of its citizens. And
 >although the USA has 2,000 sightings a year, that works out at
 >just 0.0002 per square kilometre and one sighting for every
 >136,450 people.

Superb scientific research and evidenced by statistics.

So... can we clarify; who exactly were those 'UFO' researchers,
hired to undertake this "analysis of published UFO evidence".

Alternatively, why not just log onto:


...and acknowledge what the 'UFO evidence' both comprises and

Meanwhile, from Asia:


"UFOs tend to be attracted to regions that are fairly remote.
Plus if you have a remote area, look out for airbases; Scotland
is littered with them," Graham Birdsall, editor of UFO magazine,

"In 90 percent of UFO reports a bit of diligent research will
produce a simple explanation."

The figures' release coincided with what aficionados celebrate
as International UFO day, the anniversary of June 24, 1947.

On that date, a U.S. air force pilot claimed to have spotted
nine mysterious disc-shaped objects over the Cascade Mountains
in Washington, leading to the term "flying saucer." [END]

A toast... with prerequisite glass of The Macallan single
malt... Here's to those perceived [although alarmingly not by
the singular witness] 'flying saucers' and how they have popped
up, over fifty years later, as the Scottish Tourist Board's
latest marketing tool.


James Easton.
E-mail: ufo@rendlesham.com

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