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UFOs & Mutilations In Santiago del Estero

From: Scott Corrales <lornis1@juno.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:03:43 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:18:14 -0400
Subject: UFOs & Mutilations In Santiago del Estero

SOURCE: Diario "El Liberal" Santiago del Estero - Argentina
DATE: June  23, 2002

A judge and police officers set off in search of the strange

The police precinct of Garza confirmed yesterday the discovery
of a heifer with parts sectioned off. The event occured under
unknown circumstances and the incisions resemble those now seen
on a daily basis in the fields of the provinces of La Pampa and
Buenos Aires.

The animal was found yesterday in a hilly region of a place
known as Quimilioj in the department of San Martin by a local
resident, Joaquin Lemos: "The cow apparently died two days ago
and it was learned that some of its body parts were missing,
apparently its eyes and udders," reported police and judicial
sources to EL LIBERAL.

These spokesmen maintained that the event deserves the attention
of officialdom since the initial inspections suggest that the
animals death has been surrounded by "confusing circumstances".

"There appears to be no putrefaction and while carrion birds
presumably approached the animal, they did not touch it," added
the sources.

Meanwhile police from Precinct 38 of Garza maintained in its
report to authorities in the capital that no tire tracks or
footsteps were found near the animal, nor anything that could
suggest the presence of cattle rustlers.

At the close of this edition, sources said that "taking these
development into consideration, and in order to make the
corresponding technical verifications, " Fifth Circuit Criminal
Court Justice Dr. Jose Antonio U=F1ates will head out to the site
in question. He will be accompanied by the chief of police,
Sheriff Jose Tomas Lescano, and the veterinarian from the K-9
division, Eduardo Betbeder, chemical specialist of the Narcotics
Unit, Roberto Adamo and personnel from the Institute of
Bromatology of the province. Judge U=F1ates also requested the
attendance of the presdient of the School of Veterinary Medicine
of Santiago del Estero and Dr. Andres Miotti, a local UFO

Residents of the Santa Rosa de Lima neighborhood in the city's
northern end contacted EL LIBERAL yesteday to inform that they
have been witnessing for the past several nights--in
concatenation with the sightings at Fernandez and Ojo de Agua--
objects with strange lights in the direction of La Venacha, to
the northeast of Santiago. The wave of rumors and UFO sightings
are directly related to the appearance of mutilated animals and
there are already specialists who point to the presence of
"extraterrestrials" as the parties responsible for these acts.

In spite of the proximity of the city's airport , residents of
the western sector of the city do not relate the strange lights
with planes or helicopters which may be coming in for a landing,
because "they remain motionless for several minutes in the air,
or go up and down in a straight line before vanishing

EL LIBERAL combed the neighborhood to collect accounts and
although residents did not wish to make their names known, they
ratified the presence of these lights "over several evenings."
Jose Villalva, the owner of a local supermarket, stated that his
customers are remarking on the presence of these lights in the
sky while doing their groceries, while stating that he himself
has not seen them.

A young man disclosed that a few weeks ago, at night, a group of
police officers went into the wilderness behind the neighborhood
to capture criminals and that the locals, whose curiosity had
driven them to enter the area, saw several lights over the
treetops that ascended and descended. They thought at first that
the lights came from the policemens' flashlights, but they
discarded the possibility immediately upon realizing the
officers had gone and they were alone in the area. Since then,
many people have returned to the site in the hopes of seeing
what they call "UFOs".

A UFO Costs Residents of Fernandez Robles their Sleep

Fernarndez Robles (C)-- EL LIBERAL's exclusive related to the
appearance of a UFO in this city between June 11-14 at different
nocturnal hours regained strength yesterday due to a new
sighting last Thursday around 21:00 hours. Numerous residents of
the following neighborhoods: Norte, 12 de Octubre, Juan Domingo
Peron, Camping, Roca and 102 Viviendas, among others "the
Capital of Agriculture", claim having seen the luminous object.

On said occasion, Marcelo Coronel, a profesisonal mechanic
living on Balcarse Street in Barrio Norte, witnessed--along with
the light of the moon and strars--something similar to a
"headlight surrounded by a red halo which increased and
diminished in hue, and moved slowly from north to south without
making any sound."

Coronel adds that since he was on his way to the Sportivo Club,
he followed [the object] in his car "along old Route 34." Once
he reached the stadium, he continued to witness it along with
the Gallardo family "for over 20 minutes, until it became lost
behind the treeline."

He further added that the event took place after 9:00 pm last
Thursday. "On that day--he said--the wind was blowing northward,
and for that reason I know the object wasn't a balloon. It moved
opposite to the prevailing wind. Very slowly, as round as the
size of a car wheel. It was possible to make out its colors
clearly: intense white at its core (like a headlight) whith a
red aura around it, changing shades of red."

Numerous residents of Fernandez claim having seen the
phenomenon. A considerable number of rumors link this fact with
the wave of unexplained bovine deaths and the emptying of
numerous farm water tanks all over the country. "It is
noteworthy that these lights should move over areas in which the
wells and tanks of the new potable water system are located,"
adds Coronel.

Neighbors agree, pointing out that when they are seen, TV
signals are interrupted or television sets shut themselves off
without any interruption to the flow of electricity, or the sets
change channels without the remote control having been touched,
while dogs bark desperately without any apparent reason.


Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic
Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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