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EW: Mars Face Morphed

From: Kurt Jonach - The Electric Warrior <eWarrior@electricwarrior.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:59:46 -0700
Fwd Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:31:59 -0400
Subject: EW: Mars Face Morphed

From: The Electric Warrior (Kurt Jonach)


The Electric Warrior : Cydonut June 20, 2002

cover story summer 2002

artwork: Mars Face (Morphed)

(The Electric Warrior) - In the introduction to his short story
'The Sentinel', the beloved sci-fi author, Arthur C. Clarke,
commented that the focus of the SETI debate has changed from
"Where's Everyone?" to the even more puzzling "Where Are Their
Artifacts?" The astronauts in Clarke's story, the basis for
'2001: A Space Odyssey', found an extraterrestrial artifact on
the Moon.

If otherworldly technological civilizations exist, then perhaps
they visited our own solar system. If the SETI search for
extraterrestrial radio signals is legitimate science, then why
not the search for extraterrestrial artifacts? Perhaps we'll
find some clue to their existence, some enigma for an
intelligent, space-faring species like ours to discover, as
depicted by the famous black monolith in Clarke's '2001'?

Some would argue that mankind has already found such an
artifact: the Face on Mars. First photographed in 1976, the
notorious Martian enigma has been captured in recent years using
modern digital imaging technology. The image herein is none of
those. It is a digital composite of three photos taken by
different NASA Mars missions.

Is there really an extraterrestrial artifact on the surface of
Mars? The answer to that depends on who you talk to.
Conventional science will assert that none of the recent photos
look particularly face-like. Advocates will say that, like
looking at newsprint with a magnifying glass, the resolution of
the recent images is too high, or that the lighting is wrong.

As a result of the morphing process that created this
photographic composite, some of the high resolution detail was
necessarily lost. This artist's conception shows what the Mars
Face might look like if photographed under the same lighting
conditions as the image that first captured our imaginations a
quarter century ago.

photo: Viking (1976)

The earliest photo of the Mars Face, described by NASA as a
trick of light and shadow, was a low resolution, high-contrast
black & white image captured by the Viking 1 orbiter. The
Martian landform became associated with paranormal pseudo-
science, when independent researchers noticed pyramid-shaped
mounds in the vicinity of Cydonia, and then imaginatively
theorized about ancient civilizations on Mars.

photo: Mars Global Surveyor (2001)

Is this photo too darned good? It certainly doesn't look very
face-like. The Mars Global Surveyor took this photograph in the
Spring of 2001, in response to a formal request by a Mars
activist group called the Formal Action Committee for Extra-
Terrestrial Studies (FACETS). SETI and conventional science
alike assert that the human like features on Mars are the result
of natural processes, and that like similar features on Earth,
the Mars Face can only be seen from a certain point of view, and
at the right time of day.

photo: Mars Odyssey (2002)

This is the most recent photograph of the Mars Face. Because of
the huge public interest in Cydonia, it was one of the first
targets photographed by Mars Odyssey, earlier this year. Groups
like the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR), who
advocate looking for extraterrestrial artifacts, recognize that
investigation into extraordinary phenomenon are often considered
pseudo-science on the basis of subject matter, rather than
scientific method. Conventional science doesn't want to believe,
won't look at the facts, and that's not scientific.

photo Light & Shadow (Zoom-In)

Why does this thing look so alien? One theory says that the
right side of the Face is a lion. The Martian monument is
thought to be half man, half lion, like an Earthly sphinx. This
zoomed-in view superimposes shadows from the Viking image, onto
a detailed crop from the 2001 MGS photo. The right side looks
like it might be collapsed. That's interesting, (if not
particularly lion-like.) But does it mean that somebody built a
humanoid face that later broke down? Maybe the Mars Face looks
weird because it isn't really a face.


Mars Face (Morphed)

Download a 600x600 version of the Mars Face morphed,
for your Desktop

June 20, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA

Graphics & Gonzo

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