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Reasons Why Abductees Don't Post

From: Katharina Wilson <K_Wilson@alienjigsaw.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:24:52 -0400
Fwd Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 17:12:53 -0400
Subject: Reasons Why Abductees Don't Post

To All:

Over the past year or so I have been wanting to ask several of
my abductee/experiencer friends and acquaintances why they do
not post to the UFO UpDates List. Some people on this List have
wondered why they don't hear from abductees more often. I
thought this might be a good time to ask them.

The following are the responses I received, listed in the order
in which I received them.

K. Wilson


You've asked a very interesting question - Why don't I post
more on UpDates? The reason is two-fold. I suffered a stroke in
November of 1999 and it affected my language skills. I sometimes
find it difficult to say what I mean and I feel this may affect
my credibility.

The second reason is I am tired of the arguing and posturing
that seems to be the focus of the List lately. And I'm talking
about the confrontations between those that claim abduction!
You'd think we suffer enough ridicule and isolation from the
general public - it's really a pity when it comes from within.

In my opinion, there are no 'experts' in this field - we're all
in the same boat. Can't folks just agree to disagree? Why does
it have to get so ugly? If ya can't stand the heat, you don't
have to get out of the kitchen - just turn off the oven!

After the stroke, I realized that my energy - and my stress
level - are adversely impacted by this kind of behavior. So,
it's just been easier to "delete" than expose myself to it. It's
truly a shame - the Updates list is a superb forum - imagine how
much better it would be without the nastiness and derision.

Michelle Guerin


Many times I have wanted to join the UpDates 'discussion'
regarding abductees, but each time have reminded myself of the
horrid treatment some of the abductee folks have received - a
very vicious and public flogging by some who seem to consider
themselves the Ultimate Abductees. Judging by the events on
UpDates in the past month especially, it should not come as a
surprise that some of us choose to be just 'lurkers' on UpDates,
with no plans to change that and become active participants
under the current circumstances.

Ingrid Hanson


As a clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with 'experiencers'
since 1989, many abductees have shared with me through the years
how negative and unsupportive many sites have been. Because of
this they have chosen not to post or respond to others on this
subject matter. I do not have personal experience with the UFO
UpDates List, only what has been repeatedly shared with me
through the years.

I have heard and seen everything from downright nastiness to
name calling which is un-productive for everyone. This subject
matter has a tendency to bring out heated passions and strong
opinions; but for discussions to be beneficial, this behavior
cannot exist. Simply suggesting that posters avoid this type of
name calling and conflict isn't going to stop these attitudes,
for public Lists are visited by people of all backgrounds,
consciousness, and coping skills.

Rather than trying to change people, those who choose not to
participate in negative bashing are best off taking their
questions and sharings elsewhere. Like attracts like!

Most sincerely,

Deborah Lindemann C.H.T.


As my dear friend Katharina knows, it is hard enough to live
with abductions, without having other people judging the
validity of what you are saying. Most everyone I've told
anything to in my life thinks I'm crazy, or making it all up
(except other abductees ).

People who don't have these experiences, have no clue of the
trauma we go through, and I wish they could understand that
there is more to reality than what we have in our little day-to-
day worlds.

My life has been HELL because of them - then for others to say
I'm crazy or making it up - just cuts to the core of my being. I
don't want this in my life - never have - so to make it up is
absurd. I don't want or need that kind of attention.

Kitty Miller


I did forward your request to a few friends who are 'abductees'
and also interested in the subject matter. I have to admit I no
longer frequent the more mainstream party line UFO lists such as
IUFO or UFO UpDates because I get bored with the posts. I find
that many of these larger Lists are teaming with disruptors and
muppets who tow the party line Ufology. Most do not want to even
get near the mind control issues, milab stuff or genuine
dialogue from real 'aware abductees'.

So, I guess that is my reason. I blew off these Lists because
they haven't offered me any useful info toward what I think is
really important.  Oh well..... Hope I haven't offended anyone
here, but time is precious!



I don't post on _any_ Lists or visit any chat rooms regarding UFO
stuff. I found, in the past, that those places are full of
ignorant people and people who are afraid of the truth. I don't
have the patience I used to have.

I don't feel like I should have to defend myself when I talk
about what I have seen and experienced.  I don't care if anyone
believes anything I say. So I feel no desire to attempt to
convince anyone of anything.

I don't want to argue about something that I never chose to
experience in the first place. I have mostly wished it would all
go away and let me live my life in peace. It pisses me off when
people insinuate that I talked publicly about my experiences
because I wanted the attention. That was not the kind of
attention that anyone in their right mind would want.

I talked publicly because I felt beholden to Budd and to the
others like me. I felt compelled to reach out and connect with
other people who shared my experiences because I felt there
would be strength in numbers, I wouldn't feel so alone in it all
and maybe I'd feel less scared by it all. I was fulfilling my
destiny in this life.  I didn't ask for any of it to happen to
me. No thanks...

I am totally fed up with the blind fools who claim there is no
physical evidence to prove 'they' exist and have been coming
here. What is my back yard, my dead dog, my neighbor's and
family's testimony and independent witness to the events? What
were the test results on the soil and the photos and the medical
and psychological exams on me? Chopped liver?

These people don't want the truth. They aren't ready for it.
Not by a long shot.

('Kathie' from 'Intruders')


I can relate to and understand everything the people above have
stated. I think all abductees can. We have all been in similar
situations and have felt all of these emotions at one time or

The main reason I stopped posting was because of the way certain
people were behaving on the List. It seemed to me that things
were being written about the personal life of an abductee that
were completely unacceptable.

The rule I live by is not to ever divulge information about
another abductee or their experiences unless I have their
express written permission to do so.

The things that were written about one abductee in particular
crossed the line. The fact that it came from a fellow abductee
was one of the most distasteful things I have ever read on the
UFO UpDates List. As Michelle stated above, abductees experience
enough isolation and ridicule from the general public
[especially the debunkers] - to see this type of behavior coming
from one of our own is very sad and it is completely

Katharina Wilson

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