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Re: Blimps - Lehmberg

From: From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 06:14:00 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 16:56:00 -0400
Subject: Re: Blimps - Lehmberg

 >From: Paul Thompson <MrApol@aol.com>
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:58:24 EDT
 >Subject: Re: Blimps

 >>From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >>Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:02:55 -0500
 >>Subject: Re: Blimps

 >>Assuming these objects over Los Angeles in 1942 were Japanese
 >>Terror Blimps (JTBs), where did they get the non-flammable
 >>helium necessary to keep them in the air? Hydrogen blimps would
 >>have handily exploded in the well documented onslaught of
 >>American guns.

 >I've not been following this particular debate, but as a long
 >time airship aficionado,

Now that's puzzling; you've not been following the debate of
something you profess more than average interest in? That's odd,
and in a less than perfect world would be evidence of possible
duplicity and so perhaps there is some non admitted agenda you
would pursue... but only in an imperfect world.

 >I can tell you that hydrogen filled
 >airships do not explode when hit by ordinary munitions. Solid
 >bullets and shrapnel do not have sufficient heat to ignite
 >hydrogen in contained balloonets; you need explosive or
 >incendiary rounds such as the Brock or Pomeroy rounds developed
 >to combat WW 1 Zeppelins. Ordinary ammunition just pokes holes
 >in gas cells, creating leaks but not fire.

Thank you so much for your contribution, Mr. Thompson, but I
think it safe to say (simply as one with substantial military
experience, and beyond the prerequisites of simple common sense)
that our boys were putting a little more up there than .22
rifle, short-round, and rimfire slugs.

 >>The Germans had given up on blimps as a result of not being able
 >>to acquire helium from the United States just a few year prior
 >>to 1942, and if the Germans (with greater resources) couldn't
 >>get the stuff, how did the Japanese, with a much _smaller_
 >>sphere of necessary resources and raw materials, get an
 >>abundance of it? Moreover, if these helium (of necessity)
 >>balloons or JTBs were the objects actually sighted over LA, why
 >>didn't they rain death and destruction on the city when they had
 >>the chance? The only damage incurred, by report, was
 >>embarrassingly self inflicted with the shrapnel resulting from
 >>the shells exploded on the surface of the mystery object and
 >>falling dangerously back to Earth.

 >Zeppelins are not "blimps." A blimp is a lighter than air ship
 >whose shape is dependent on gas pressure.

Yes, sir -- thank you, that was -most- helpful.

 >A Zeppelin has a
 >metallic framework to maintain its shape no matter how much
 >lifting gas it contains.

Very impressive; your knowledge of the subject is rich with
fascinating, albeit useless, details.

 >Helium is found almost exclusively in natural gas wells in the
 >US (some, I think, in wells in the Caucasus as well, in the
 >former USSR). The US refused to sell Germany helium after the
 >Hindenburg tragedy in 1937.

Do tell! If the US sold Germany helium _before_ 1937, why was
the... what was it... (?) "Zeppelin"... Hindenburg filled with

 >Japanese Fu-Go balloons were inflated with hydrogen. They did
 >not start arriving over the US until much later. (As above, a
 >hydrogen balloon does not unfailingly explode when pierced by a
 >simple bullet. You need an incendiary round).

Ahh! Ahh! You mean like the tracers and large caliber
anti-aircraft rounds fired at, and exploded around, the "Fu-Go"
balloons over Los Angeles in 1942?

 >One bit of trivia you might find intriguing is the German
 >"Aphrodite" balloon. This was a small gas filled balloon,
 >launched from U-boats. It was a radar decoy, coated with
 >metallic paint and festooned with strips of metal foil. It was
 >designed to confuse Allied aircraft and warships hunting U-boats
 >with radar. I've never heard of the Japanese using such devices,
 >but the concept is simple and the technology easy to effect.....

Yeah... just the thing to mimic a UFO for the gullible, but
standing in sharp relief to my suspicion that there is not a
_shred_ of evidence from the, then, completely conquered and
then subjugated Japanese... that they (or the more powerful
Germans for _their_ part) had any PART in what occurred over Los
Angeles in 1942. Perhaps another questionable ally or outright
enemy? In as much as we had the helium, maybe it was one of
OURS, yes! That must be it! Occam's razor is satisfied and wins

I don't know you, sir, so I am going to give you the benefit of
the doubt and the sincerity of your comments will be taken at
face value. But if a couple of the other guys in the room had
made these comments this way in this discussion I would have
been compelled to point out their tiresome and reflexive
CSICOPian denial, deliberate obfuscation of the discussion's
main point, and some pretty scurrilous tactics in the debate.
So, thank you sir, for your clarification on a couple of
decidedly immaterial points, but nothing that you provided here
is very helpful or anything other than non nutritious straw.


P.S. A second look for you in the archives indicates we _have_
met before after all... and may I say you apparently continue
your tradition of inappropriate and distracting bottom fanning
and that it is just as ignoble now as it was then? Thank you,
sir, and Rebecca says "hi", <not!>

Finally, when you said, "Whatever else you can say about CSICOP,
they're not 'shadowy'." ...could not be any _more_ the complete
antithesis of the truth. They are _all_ shadow, not to put too
fine a point on it! They produce shadows, have shadows in their
membership, and live in shadow. One cannot readily _be_ more
shadowy than a "Center for the Silly and Insentient Commitment
of Obdurate Persons."
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