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Alfred's Odd Ode #367

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:54:15 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:29:50 -0400
Subject: Alfred's Odd Ode #367

Alfred's Odd Ode #367 (Monday, June 17, 2002)

Cohen wants the "Real Deal", perceived between the stars... to
live that new reality... proposed _above_ the present bar, and
though perhaps contentious or too quick on the offensive, he is
doing what he's doing to _confront_ what's been pretended.

And what are we pretending but the lie that we're alone, that
there is not _clear_ history, well writ in ink and solid stone,
that there is _much_ beneath a shroud our culture would impose,
ironic from an 'Emperor' bereft of _any_ clothes!

What are we pretending with our mainstream in its yoke,
contrived for corporate interests, so a lapdog -- an embarrassed
joke... denying what the masses are reporting without fail,
though they suffer for their trouble: slings and arrows -- even

What are we pretending as the 'robbers' run amuck, or perform
manipulations to ensure them means to _keep_ "good luck."
Business has a power that is near to absolute, and corrupted
absolutely is that power -- that's the truth!

What are we pretending as the Earth begins to warm, or consider
dying oceans as the start of what we'd blithely harm. We could
take the steps right now to "cleanly" move to space, but
psychopaths destroy us all in self-absorbed disgrace.

What are we pretending as our children starve to death, and those
who live are crippled by a hatred breathed with every breath? Too
true, we make our enemies... more often than is not, and that
would come from greed we show to those who haven't "got"!

What are we pretending with egregious tyrannies that discount the
individual who would rise from callused, beat-up, knees?
Invention's disrespected, if disturbing status quos... that would
have their way _regardless_, and become its greatest foe.

What are we pretending as we practice a denial that's an insult
to intelligence held against us at some, future, trial? Humanity
is judged, or not, by who's been said is there, not God or all
his angels but an ET, he would dare!

What are we pretending while ignoring, in the sky, the lights
that move so weirdly as they weave or bob, but clearly fly?
We've _enough_ reports from folks who claim they interact...
with an alternate intelligence, abducting them in fact?

What are we pretending as we hide and stretch the truth, or make
up pretty histories our kids reject _in fact_! What use?! A lie's
a lie and smells as sweet so transfers all too well...
contributing to an ignorance that sends us ALL to hell.

So he would stop pretending that we validate "best practice" in
ways that only signify, at _best_,  "convenient practice." There
is much, too much, at stake, much more than we could know, and
shall we find the denouement to reap what we would sow?

We're best served the real deal without the mad pretence, a
truth in our reality, _sincere_ forthcoming-ness! A place where
stealthy psychopaths are checked by 'rule of law' and where
there is fidelity, beyond the CSICOP's pawl!


CSICOP's pawl operates in reverse, of course, a catch in our
cultural wheel that by definition would otherwise ratchet
'forward' and not allow the backsliding slip to a previous
position... CSICOP is seeing its eventual recognition and
righteous identification as a hindrance to total advancement, a
barrier to efficacious progression, and as an organization
_toxic_ to creatively efficacious intelligence and even a
general quality of life. CSICOP is a ratchet in reverse, an
attempted slide to a previously held position and then locked
there awaiting another opportunity for a regressive slip...
CSICOPS days _are_ numbered, even if it's still, very
unfortunately, a _big_ number. The reader can take heart in

Like a Rush Limbaugh of the counter-paranormal, CSICOP ignores
the facts, creatively spins the evidence, and discounts the
proof embraced by institutions, individuals, or ideas contrary
to its own. It lacks the consistency it would otherwise demand
in others and it prosecutes its very canted agenda in a
decidedly one sided manner.

For example, it embraces intellectual, "think cloak" fallacies
like "extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence,"
which is only a clever dodge to ensure a CSICOP controlled level
of evidence that is constantly raising its own bar.
Additionally, it employs "Occam's razor," (a cant to the
simplest  explanation possible) which is used to justify
'BALLOONS' for hovering objects _not_ shot down in a hail of
antiaircraft fire over Los Angeles in 1942, and 'VENUS' for a
huge triangular craft witnessed by hundreds (and five counties
of police officers) over south Illinois in 1991...

If the reader has the slightest doubt regarding the preceding
they only have to take an enjoyably informative gander at Jerry
Cohen's _very_ excellent website at:


and compare it with the all-proclamation-and-churlish-
pronouncements, whiningly pontificated at the CSICOP site found


Cohen _deconstructs_ CSICOP at every turn he takes, rationally
negates many of CSICOPs ufological presumptions (blighting the
rest), and invalidates, magnificently (with some humor and a
dash of appropriate sarcasm), the presumed charter and even
_mandate_ of CSICOP's core organization. Don't take _my_ word
for it. Go see for yourself. The dragon, if not dead, lies dying
with Cohen's lance in its chest!

Mr. Cohen is old guard (...been around and diligently
researching for years), but he is descriptive of a new breed of
ufologist that uses the opposition's own arguments as evidence
of opposition fallaciousness. Mr. Cohen refreshingly goes,
unlike CSICOP, where the data leads. Rare bird, THAT.

He clearly provides citation along with his rational progressive
thinking in a hyper-textual manner that balances both sides of
the contentious argument (the complete antithesis of CSICOP).
Finally, he makes it transparently obvious that our cultural
deck is sullenly stacked by an _officious_ mainstream devoid of
the same veracity that it demands of its hapless adherents and
makes it _measurably_ clear that not only are we not in "Kansas"
anymore, good reader, maybe we were never in "Kansas", at all!

Read on.

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- Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scabrously specious scurrilous.

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