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Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 09:25:02 EDT
Fwd Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 02:49:06 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

 >Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 02:12:16 +0100 (BST)
 >From: Larry Warren? <suemariemac@yahoo.co.uk>
 >Subject: Re: UFO Frauds Part 2
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net

Good Morning, List, Larry, All -

I have no desire to become caught in a quagmire of debate on the
Larry Warren's involvement, or noninvolvement, in the Bentwaters
case. I will, however, make a couple of comments here.

 >[Non-Subscriber Post]

 >I just had to respond to mr randles regular attacks
 >on my chariter on this list.

I don't believe I have engaged in regular attacks. Sporadic
would be the better word here. And attacks might be a little
over the top as well, though it is all a matter of semantics.

 >The latest, is the one in wich he hangs himself but good.
 >Kevin randle states that I was in germany on the two
 >nights of ufo activity at Bentwaters.
 >By now, kevin should know that it was three nights of
 >ufo activity on and near our airbase, Halt himself
 >backs this up, and so the mythical third night in fact
 >is reality, and i was indeed involved as my authentic
 >military records prove, along with the supporting
 >testamoney of others who place me on site.

I'm not sure that Halt backs up Warren's claims of three
nights. It seems to me that his letters, and his public
statements suggest two nights with confusion about the
dates because events began before midnight and carried
over into the next morning. I see no evidence of a third
night beyond what Warren himself has provided.

 >As for my being in west germany during the first two
 >nights, kevin is correct.

So, I'm not totally off the mark here. He wasn't there for the
first two nights which makes the third critical for him.

 >The audio tape kevin refers
 > to as discussions with Halt, are in fact the audio
 >tapes that Peter Robbins and myself provided to Halt
 >after we had recorded our interaction in washington
 >D.C. in 1992 the tapes were recorded with halts
 >permition and are transcribed in full in our book Left
 >at east gate. kevins selective edit of my conversation
 >with halt is in my oppinion slander, however it is
 >also a good measure of how this guy opperates.Folks
 >for the record, i have never been in dought concerning
 >what i saw in that forrest and on caple green. I do
 >question some of the aftermath, and state so to Halt
 >on the tape, kevins attempt to reword and invent
 >damaging text and then attribute it to me wont fly,

Peter Robbins said, in the context of the taped interview, "I
have a question for you [Halt]. Let's say there were real
unexplainable events that happened and they were taken advantage
of... That if certain of the men, Larry, Adrian, to name two,
remember certain things that were a mixture of what happened and
what was programmed for them to remember for other purposes..."

Halt is never given a chance to respond to this because the
conversation takes off in another direction. The implication of
the question, however, is that someone, or something, had
engaged in mind manipulation and seems to underscore my point
about Warren and his memories. They are not consistent.

 >and myself or my co author will be happy to let any
 >one have a listen, or better yet ,read the undoctored
 >transcripts in our book, you will then wonder what
 >tapes kevin is refering too ?.AS for my stating that
 >larry fauctt gave me a VSA, i never did, thus another
 >low life tactic by kevin. What i do state and infact
 >publish in my book left at east gate is this, on three
 >occasions in the early 1980s fauctt
 >tape recorded my testamony, after the third time iwas
 >fed up and asked him why he felt it nessesary, fauctt
 >told me that the CT state police had preformed a VSA
 >on the first two, and i passed, and he needed another
 >to continue the work. end of story, did he or did he
 >not ive no idea but just the same its what he told me.

On the tape Halt asked, "Have you taken a polygraph examination
to what you recall as the events that occurred related to you?"

Warren, after determining that Halt meant a lie detector, said,
"Not a lie detector test. I took a voice... where they check the

Halt said, "Voice stress analysis?"

Warren said, "Yeah, through Fawcett. Three times. Through the
Connecticut State Police actually."

Fawcett, on the other hand, told me on May 28, 1996, that he had
never subjected Warren to a voice stress analysis. Fawcett said,
"I never voice stress analyzed him."

Say what you will, I have accurately reported what I have been
told and been given. Warren admits that he wasn't there for the
first two nights and that he was in Germany. So, the question is
really, were there two nights of activity or three? If there
were but two, then Warren wasn't involved. If three... then


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