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Re: UFO Frauds - Part I - Deardorff

From: Jim Deardorff <deardorj@proaxis.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 18:14:05 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 00:53:42 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part I - Deardorff

 >From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:48:52 EDT
 >Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part I

 >I confess that I don't understand how anyone can defend the
 >claims of the contactees in today's world. Billy Meier is just
 >the latest example, though he has had the good sense to move his
 >space brothers (and sisters) into another star system. His
 >evidence is no better than that of Adamski or van Tassel, but
 >we'll now hear from his defenders that we just haven't looked at
 >the evidence.

Thanks for the introduction, Kevin. I do hate to have to
classify you as one who accepts the false claims of Korff and
others about Mr. Meier's experiences. And I would hope that you
don't fall in the same category that Stanton often speaks of who
say, "Don't bother me with the evidence, my mind's made up."

The following evidence supporting Meier's experiences is all
unrefuted and stands firm.

A.1. Eye witness testimony of the ET, Asket, with Meier in
Mehrauli, India, 1964, and of her UFOs: Phobal Cheng, who, until
retirement recently, worked with the Cambodian embassy in the
U.N.; video tape of her testimony available in, "The Reopening
of the Billy Meier Case," Feb. 23, 1999, from the International
UFO Congress. Summary given at:


Her grandfather, who headed the ashram there, and her brother,
were also eye witnesses. Meier has about 10 B&W photos that
still survive of those UFOs (displayed in Wendelle Stevens'

A.2. Daylight sighting of "beamship" craft on 28 June, 1976
while waiting for Meier to return from a contact, by Hans
Schutzbach, Amata Stetter, Meier's wife and three children.
Drawing of the craft made afterwards by Meier's oldest boy.
Testimony is on video tape made in 1979. Summary at:


Daytime sighting with Billy in 1982 by Silvano Lehman. See


A.3. Nighttime UFO displays, while waiting in the hills ESE of
Zurich for Meier to return from a contact, witnessed by: Jacob
Bertschinger, 14 March 1976; by Hans Schutzbach & Jacob
Bertschinger, 27-28 March 1976; by M. Flammer, Margrit Rufer,
Olga Walder, Amata Stetter, Hans Schutzbach & Jacob
Bertschinger, on 3-4 April, 1976; Wolfgang Witzer (with Mr.
Fuchs, Hans & Conrad Schutzbach, J. Bertschinger and Mr.
Altensperger) on 7-8 June 1976; Guido Moosbrugger (with Conrad
Schutzbach and Mss. Stetter, Flammer and Walder) on 12 June
1976. Testimonies at


Various nighttime UFO sightings with Billy, by Eva Bieri; and
dusk sighting with Billy by Brunhilde Koye on 8 April 1983; more
nighttime sightings by Guido Moosbrugger; see


A.4. Witness to a telepathic response by Meier from ET in craft
overhead, spotted by Meier & witnesses only after he stopped the
car and they got out and saw the moving red light in the night
sky. See  'witnessa.htm' URL above.

A.5. Witnesses to Meier suddenly appearing out of 'nowhere'
after he had gone out on a contact (i.e. 'beamed' back): Jacob
Bertschinger, 7 Feb. 1977; Engelbert W=E4chter, Jr. (along with
Bernadette Brand, Jacob Bertschinger, and Engelbert W=E4chter,
Sr.), 20 February 1977, Re Contact #75; Englebert Waechter; see
testimony in 'witnessa.htm' and 'witness.htm' URLs above.

A.6. Witnesses to Meier suddenly not being present ('beamed
up'), while later returning from a contact: Wendelle Stevens (in
the video "Contact"), and in interview of Mrs. Meier in 1979
(see A.2. above).

A.7. Witnesses and photos of 'crop-circle' landing traces
visited the day after (or day of) quite a few of Meier's
contacts, 1976-78; too many to list here.

Photo evidence from the Meier contactee case. 35mm color

B.1. The Fuchsbuel-Hofhalden photo series of 9 July 1975, 11
surviving photos. Craft posed on various sides of a mature
evergreen tree. Forestry experts agree the tree was mature, and
thus not a 'baby' tree or small potted tree. See


and in greater depth in:


Tree trunk exhibits knurs where limbs had been pruned off.
Debunking claims by Korff on this case thoroughly refuted.

B.2. Meier's Bachtelhornli-Unterbachtel series of 8 March 1976,
62 photos survive. Underhanded attempt to discredit one of them
exposed. See


B.3. The Schmarbuel-Maiwinkle incident between the UFO and the
mirage-jet aircraft of 14 April 1976. 14 surviving photos, 10
showing UFO and jet in same frame. The pilot of the mirage jet
was finally identified by Zurich ufologist Erwin Muerner. Sound
track of event captured on tape and thoroughly analyzed. See


B.4. The Hasenbol-Fischenthal photos of 29 March, 1976. 33
photos survive. Debunking attempts by Korff discredited in:

http://www.tjresearch.info/hasenbol.htm .

B.5. The many hundred photos Meier took on his 5-day space trip
may need mention. He was informed by his ET contactor, Ptaah, in
the late 1990s that some of the film had been tampered with and
altered before Meier picked up the developed photos. Meier had
given those rolls of exposed film to a fellow who said he could
get a cheaper rate on getting them processed. As a result, Meier
since then has disavowed the authenticity of those photos.
Whether Meier was being told the truth by Ptaah on that, I don't
know, but there's probably no need to discuss those particular
photos if Meier himself doesn't now trust their genuineness.

Evidence from the 8mm movie-film footage.

C.1. The craft circling above the tree top on 18 March, 1975.
Its maneuvers resembled those of a model UFO at the end of a
string, except that the tree top did once suddenly swerve over
very briefly just after the UFO passed above it. Analyzed by
Bruce Maccabee at:


who concluded that if it were a model, it would have been about
a foot in diameter, circling above a tree about 3-ft in height,
at the end of a string 12-16 ft in length. He concluded the tree
would then have been some 55 ft away from the camera.



the problems with the hoax hypothesis are pointed out. (a) Some
four hoaxers would need to have been involved, to control a
model's motion when at the end of a string from a pole some 25ft
long. (b) With a 3-ft tree 55ft away, the lower portion of the
farmhouse in the distance would not be visible through and
underneath the canopy of the 3-ft tree, even if the camera had
been mounted close to the ground. (It is visible in the film.)
Instead, the previous year's dead meadow grass and/or clumps of
ground if it had been plowed, would have obscured any such view.
(c) Three hoaxers manipulating 3 lines connected to a model as
it repeatedly swung back & forth and around a tree top would not
be able to keep their lines from getting all snarled up in the

Serious consideration needs to be given to the evidence that
UFO-aliens have a strategy of dealing with us that includes
deception at times, such that the UFO coverup will not be
unraveled before they feel it is time. It is simple enough for
them to do this, through many other means than just UFO
maneuvers, so as to allow ufologists who cannot accept the
reality of it all to latch onto the deceptions while ignoring
the other evidence and witness testimony.

Maccabee's concluding advice, as to whether or not a model was
used: 'You be the judge.' That's good advice.

C.2. The Bachtelhornli-Unterbachtel movie footage of 8 March
1976.  At


one may (a) view the movie frame, along with preceding &
subsequent frames, at which the craft jumped suddenly from one
location to another. In one frame, it is visible in both
locations at once. Background clouds allow one to estimate the
maximum amount of time that could have elapsed between the
frames, if two models had been employed along with stopping the
film and later cutting and splicing it. About 15 seconds,
probably insufficient. (b) The length of a pole and string that
would have been needed to dangle a model that doesn't oscillate
is estimated and shown to contradict the hoax hypthesis. (c) At
one point the UFO becomes partially eclipsed behind the brow of
the hill in the distance.

C.3. Some five other of Meier's movie-film segments deserve
discussion if space permitted. In one of these, where rapid
oscillatory movements of the craft would sometimes suddenly
cease, the craft emitted a strong light beam of some sort. See:


or scroll 2/3 of way down.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, of course. Much more of
the data, presented by the initial investigators, which I
reference, also needs careful attention.

However, most of my website is devoted to analysis of the Talmud
Jmmanuel document that Billy Meier and another discovered in
1963. It is of more lasting importance than his UFO photos and
films, as it is shown to have been the source for the first
gospel of the New Testament.

Jim Deardorff

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