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Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

From: Larry Warren? <suemariemac@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 02:12:16 +0100 (BST)
Fwd Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 00:39:35 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

[Non-Subscriber Post]

I just had to respond to mr randles regular attacks
on my chariter on this list.
The latest, is the one in wich he hangs himself but
Kevin randle states that I was in germany on the two
nights of ufo activity at Bentwaters.
By now, kevin should know that it was three nights of
ufo activity on and near our airbase, Halt himself
backs this up, and so the mythical third night in fact
is reality, and i was indeed involved as my authentic
military records prove, along with the supporting
testamoney of others who place me on site.
As for my being in west germany during the first two
nights, kevin is correct.The audio tape kevin refers
to as discussions with Halt, are in fact the audio
tapes that Peter Robbins and myself provided to Halt
after we had recorded our interaction in washington
D.C. in 1992 the tapes were recorded with halts
permition and are transcribed in full in our book Left
at east gate. kevins selective edit of my conversation
with halt is in my oppinion slander, however it is
also a good measure of how this guy opperates.Folks
for the record, i have never been in dought concerning
what i saw in that forrest and on caple green. I do
question some of the aftermath, and state so to Halt
on the tape, kevins attempt to reword and invent
damaging text and then attribute it to me wont fly,
and myself or my co author will be happy to let any
one have a listen, or better yet ,read the undoctored
transcripts in our book, you will then wonder what
tapes kevin is refering too ?.AS for my stating that
larry fauctt gave me a VSA, i never did, thus another
low life tactic by kevin. What i do state and infact
publish in my book left at east gate is this, on three
occasions in the early 1980s fauctt
tape recorded my testamony, after the third time iwas
fed up and asked him why he felt it nessesary, fauctt
told me that the CT state police had preformed a VSA
on the first two, and i passed, and he needed another
to continue the work. end of story, did he or did he
not ive no idea but just the same its what he told me.
Kevin felt it importaint to slander and distort other
aspects of my life , with his sad tales, abduction and
brainwashing comments, Never have i claimed to have
been abducted,although i do belive it happens, clearly
kevin does not, fine, infact he has every right not to
belive larry warren, but he does not have the right to
distort and alter peoples words to simply serve his
own needs, and i hope this is not the norm on this
list aswell,wittnesses deserve to have a bit more
if the person is crap get rid of them, but after
twenty years in this circus i know that my record of
and my account is sound and would stand up in any
court of law , and thats the fact jack!
kevin should you ever want to debate my role in the
case , in person, l for one would enjoy it, Bruni is
afraid to, you slander me so often , and yet you never
made a peep the last time we met, strange, lets have a
go! but please, not on the internet,as im a face to
face sort of guy. you cheeky monkey, cheers Larry

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