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Re: UFO Frauds - Part III - Randle

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:51:50 EDT
Fwd Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 16:26:33 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part III - Randle

This is Part III, which is the shortest of the pieces.

Should I continue? Wendelle Stevens spent years in jail for child
molestation... but continues to lecture. Oh, yes, the government set
him up... Yeah, sure. The Aztec UFO crash? Doesn't matter what
evidence is offered that it's a hoax, we still have to deal with it. Del
Rio? Clearly not an UFO event and based almost entirely on  half
remembered recollections and Todd Zechel's inventive reporting. J.
Bond Johnson? His memories of what happened in General Ramey's
office are so confused that even he can't keep them straight. This
week's tale is replaced by next week's. Derrel Sims the CIA man. The
CIA has never recruited in the fashion that Sims claims and he has no
documentation to prove his claims. He who shall remain nameless
lost his license because he was implanting his belief structure on his
clients and not because of government conspiracy. Edith Fiore lost
her license and in one case, when a client couldn't remember enough
material while under hypnosis, was told, "Well, make it up."

So what do we do? Let's picket. (I figured if I'm going to offend some
people, I might as well offend them all). That worked so well for
Operation Right to Know. No, let's all sign a petition. That worked
so well for the Roswell Initiative. Thirty thousand signatures and I
think that most of the petitions went undelivered. Those that were
contained a cover letter that shot down the whole thing. "I don't believe
this anymore, but I have these petitions and I think we're being visited
so let us know."

The real solution is very simple to state and nearly impossible to
implement. First we clean our own house. We stop listening to those
who have lied, who have hoaxed, and those who had misrepresented.
We start applying some strict standards to our investigations and hold
everyone to those standards. We begin to peer review, and I would
think that a representative from CUFOS, FUFOR and MUFON would
be the place to begin (probably with some at large members drawn
from the experienced base of UFO research). I would think support
for the Journal of UFO Studies and the Journal of Scientific Exploration
would be helpful. I would think that if we stop complaining about the
lack of science exhibited by CSICOP and start using scientific methodology
we would be miles ahead.

Yes, I have seen the idea for peer review come and go, but I think it
is now time to push for this idea. I think that we have bumped into
the walls, tripped over the truth, and fallen out the windows long
enough. Now we must decide if we are going to be serious about this
or if we're going to allow the status quo go for another 50 years.


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