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Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:50:34 EDT
Fwd Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 16:24:55 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO Frauds - Part II - Randle

Part II follows

I am surprised that we still debate the legitimacy of Gerald
Anderson. He was caught forging documents. He invented a
telephone bill and was exposed. And even though I spent an hour
explaining the evidence against Anderson to a MUFON member, when
finished, the man wanted to know how I knew the government
hadn't just intercepted his phone bill and altered it to make
Anderson look bad.

Other than the fact the government wouldn't have known to
intercept that particular bill and alter it, the real answer is
that Anderson admitted he had done it. He forged the document,
as he had his high school transcript. Yes, I actually talked to
officials at the school so many years ago and they told me he
had taken Dr. Buskirk's anthropology class. When Anderson began
making noises about suing everyone, I suggested other ways we
knew he was in the class to protect those who had helped. But
the truth is, I knew he had taken the class based on a review of
his high records, and not the doctored version he handed around.

Get it here. It wasn't that I had talked to members of the
anthropology class, though I had. It was that I had worked with
the people at the Albuquerque High School and we learned that
Anderson was in Dr. Buskirk's class. Had he not been threatening
these kind people who helped me, we probably wouldn't have had
to put up with Anderson as long as we did.

After his admission, I would have thought we would eliminated
him from the UFO arena and his story would be reduced to a
footnote about a hoax invented after Unsolved Mysteries. And
with the SEALs exposing him, I would have thought it would be
the end of the Anderson story but he still lingers. Ufology,
like Lake Superior, just never gives up her dead.

Or what about Cliff Stone who emerged chasing Project Moon Dust
and Operation Blue Fly. Very good work on his part, bringing
these to programs to our attention. The letters the Air Force
wrote to New Mexico senator Jeff Bingaman show that often the
right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. But then Cliff
began spinning tales of clandestine meetings, terrifying
telephone calls in the middle of the night for rendezvous in
which government agents pointed guns at him and made all sorts
of demands. I never asked why, if he knew what would happen at
these meeting, he would go. I would have told them to suck eggs,
or ignored the telephone, or called the FBI. Instead, Cliff went
to the meetings, time and again.

And then, suddenly, he moved from just an observer and
researcher into a participant. Name a UFO event in the last
fifty, sixty years, and Cliff was involved. He saw the alien
autopsy film in 1969 by accident, by peaking through windows
while the highly classified briefings were going on. Well, no,
it just doesn't work that way and Cliff knows it. He had begun
to invent his stories and that should render the rest of his
work useless to us because we don't know where the truth ends
and the invention begins. But we'll continue to debate the
legitimacy of his stories because they hint at government
conspiracy and 57 alien species around Earth.

We can look at Don Schmitt. He self-destructed in a tissue of
lies about his occupation, his education, his drug-busting
duties, and half a dozen other things. He admitted, rather
lamely, that he had misrepresented himself and sort of dropped
out of sight. He has reappeared, lecturing about his
investigations, but how can we trust anything he has to say.
More importantly, what he could say that would be of interest to
us, knowing his background?

Tom Carey asked me, about a year and a half ago, how long I was
going to keep this up, meaning reminding all that Don Schmitt
had lied. I said that it would be about seven years from the
last lie, which had Schmitt kept his skirts clean, would be
about now.

I also told Carey that Schmitt had told people I was a
government agent who had been planted on him. I asked Carey how
he would like it if his new partner said the same things about
him. Carey responded that Schmitt had denied ever making such
allegations. Well, I have the proof and that means the statute
of limitations, which is Schmitt's way of ignoring his lies,
will continue until 2008.

Interestingly, Carey claims I'm doing damage to the UFO field by
reminding people that Schmitt has been caught in many different
lies. Keay Davidson suggested that I hadn't been vocal enough
about these lies. I catch it from both sides and my crime was to
believe that my friend was telling me the truth. I somehow catch
the flack for this while Schmitt lectures to various crowds who
couldn't seem to care less that he is not an honest man.

Larry Warren was not at Bentwaters on the two nights of the UFO
activities there. I have seen the video taped interview in which
Warren said that he was in Germany for the first two nights, but
he was there for the third. And I have a copy of the audio tape
discussion with Colonel Halt in which Warren says that he
doesn't know if he was a real participant or if he invented the
whole thing in his head. And in which Halt explains that Warren
has things happening on his mythical third night that happened
on the second.

No, this stuff isn't well known, but I did publish it in Project
Moon Dust (And yes, I have copies available for sale 10 dollars,
with two for shipping and handling to PO Box 1564, Cedar Rapids,
Iowa 52406). In it, I also report that Warren said that he had
taken a voice stress analysis given to him by Larry Fawcett.
Warren has said this on tape, so I called Fawcett and he told me
that he had not given Warren any sort of voice stress analysis.
His response was, "Never."

Say what you will about the Bentwaters case, but Warren wasn't
there and wasn't involved. He admitted that himself, and yet, we
still see him telling his sad tales, now complete with
government drugging and mind manipulation and even a story of
alien abduction.

End Part II

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