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Kreskin UFO No Show Update

From: Kurt Jonach - The Electric Warrior <eWarrior@electricwarrior.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 01:22:14 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:59:34 -0400
Subject: Kreskin UFO No Show Update

From: The Electric Warrior (Kurt Jonach)


The Electric Warrior : Web Log June 11, 2002

ufo & extraterrestrial intelligence

artwork: Electrogravitic Sunset (Classic Flying Saucers)

(The Electric Warrior) - News that a well known mentalist had
predicted one of the largest UFO sightings in recorded history
spread rapidly through the UFO community last month. Those of
you ready to believe the Amazing Kreskin's promise to make a
$50,000 charitable donation if it didn't happen may be surprised
to learn that the entertainer now says he won't pay.

Kreskin, who never expected to see anything unusual, says an
event that occurred in Las Vegas happened as predicted, when he
planted the suggestion in the minds of his audience to see
strange objects in the Nevada desert. The fact that people
believed they saw UFOs served to prove his point. So, he owes

How did he do this? That's a good question. Kreskin does not
claim to have any telepathic or psychic powers. The simplest
explanation is that Kreskin plays mind games -- "mental" slight
of hand. An amateur magician offers a good explanation at
Rense.com: "Kreskin is a 'mentalist' and hypnotist and none of
the things he does has anything to do with psychic powers. His
illusions are all well established tricks which can be found in
books available from any good magic store."

Kreskin's antics included a spot on Art Bell's radio talk-show
'Coast to Coast'. Those familiar with his act warned it was
probably a clever publicity stunt. The UFO community, which
offered speculative scenarios in expectation of the en masse
public sighting, now says Kreskin's UFOs were a hoax.

Peter Davenport of National UFO Reporting Center said, "The type
of prediction that has been made by Kreskin recently is exactly
what makes life difficult for serious minded investigators."

Sauceruney reports that 'Opie and Anthony', a syndicated radio
show out of New York City that hosted Kreskin following his
prediction, criticized him for backing out of his charitable
donation pledge. "They take the subject seriously, surprisingly,
and are just as annoyed with the nutcases who drag the whole
thing down as we are."

Kreskin himself describes the outcome in more heroic terms.
"You are part of a gigantic experiment," Kreskin told the crowd.
"Damn it, some of the members of the intelligence community
better raise their intelligence." The Las Vegas Sun reports that
the entertainer came to realize that the mind control techniques
he employs could be used on the masses, perhaps for evil.


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The Electric Warrior thanks Sauceruney for the email report
regarding 'Opie and Anthony'.


June 11, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA

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