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Re: Got Sack? - Velez

From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 22:04:10 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 00:38:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Got Sack? - Velez

 >From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 14:51:50 -0500
 >Subject: Got Sack?

 >It's hard for me to be anything other than angry, really, as I
 >key this, especially as I consider the "hit" and disengage"
 >tactics of the shamelessly officious authoritarians among us --
 >those that write insipidly on the insipidly accused and become
 >insipid themselves, those outraged accusers of ad hominum (but
 >ironically first to practice it), and the reactionary 'sneering'
 >who use stodgy rationalization to engineer a deceptive last word
 >in the never-ending debate (and _weak_ stodgy rationalization at

 >"Time or inclination", indeed. "Lame", indeed. "Unscientific",
 >indeed. "Fringe", indeed.

 >Jim Mortellero was impugned, roundly castigated, actively
 >campaigned against, and _not_ a little humiliated when he tried
 >to share his story and contribution with us here on UpDates
 >(SDI) several weeks ago. He knew he was going to have a rough
 >row to hoe going in, of course, given the excessive 'conviction'
 >of his angered opposition, but he had convinced himself that he
 >had a definite and TRULY substantive contribution to make. He
 >pressed BACK! The guy's got _sack_!

 >I recently heard him on the Jeff Rense show (Thursday night on
 >the sixth. Errol gave us all a heads up on last weeks SDI ), and
 >every indication _is_ that Jeff Rense, and (did I hear this
 >correctly ?) ...two of the worlds three most _important_
 >abduction researchers, Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs (the
 >third, I think, is just otherwise engaged, as yet) ...are _very_
 >interested in Jim's aforementioned contribution. Additionally,
 >the audio tape of his chemical regression, a regression
 >voluntarily performed in an attempt to find out what _assaulted_
 >him during the five plus hours of missing time he recently
 >experienced (!)and which a 911 call would confirm (reflexively
 >dismissed here as the mechanism of an inept hoax) .has _some_
 >citation from the discreet medical team which performed it. Still
 >more, Jeff Rense is aware of sources on this medical team who
 >confirm key aspects of the story as told (and more... oh and
 >more...!), as is one (still unnamed) principal researcher at
 >UpDates (c'mon out! [g]), and finally by the well respected Mr.
 >Hopkins himself. Everyone's 'talking' to everyone else... That is
 >unusual all by itself!

 >Let's sum up. There seems to be an 'initiative' offered... (that
 >is grounded in science, is the providence of a diverse
 >collection of professionally oriented individuals of some note,
 >and which is actively engaged by _the_ most respected
 >individuals in the field...) promising to give abduction
 >research a real shot in its enigmatic ASS! .Seems to _this_
 >writer like some impressed golf clapping should be going up all
 >around, but it's not... on the contrary,  it sounds like Daffy
 >Duck in here, just sliding out onto an abruptly silent stage
 >after Bugs has exited... Listen a moment and hear the crickets.
 >What's up with that? One would think we're not _really_
 >interested in this 'thing' we purportedly investigate.

 >Additionally, I've missed Jim's literary contributions in here,
 >to be sure, as I've learned to admire _anyone_ willing to
 >challenge the, largely ineffective, ufological status quo (or
 >question the suspect mainstream), and someone willing to
 >overturn the covering rocks instead of pronouncing what CANNOT
 >be under them just warms my freaking cockles (whatever the hell
 >_they_ are). In as much as Jim's claims have achieved at _least_
 >enough vindication to counter the specious pronouncements made
 >against them, can some of these principals see it in their
 >hearts to invite him back so he can continue his literary
 >contribution to the ongoing aggregate of UpDates effort? _I_
 >miss his public input, and in as much as it seems he might be a
 >little closer to the sweet vein than noted others have indicated
 >(or that noted others even are!), perhaps his input has more
 >value than has been otherwise whispered, and he could be
 >persuaded to take an active part in it once again. Truly, even
 >an ardent detractor owes him an apology, forthcoming or not, at
 >this juncture.

 >Consider: Jim Mortellero may be unique in that he stands to make
 >a major contribution to abduction research while selected of the
 >the most outspoken abductees are arguably "lined up" against
 >him! This is forgetting that it just may be that he is the
 >'realest' thing ufology has going on right now! For that reason
 >_alone_ this community should think twice before driving him off
 >too far . Ironic really when he wanted to give this whole thing
 >(the same thing!) to Errol and those with an alleged interest in
 >broad horizoned abduction research right here at UpDates... the
 >unfortunate result of "once burned, twice shy", or something
 >more sinister?

 >I've admonished him to come back on myself, but he thinks that
 >it might be inappropriate given the viciousness of the
 >opposition that he seems to generate. He sees himself as a
 >detraction and distraction to an effort that he would otherwise
 >have a lot of respect for; he doesn't want to be the cause of,
 >or facilitate, a continued non-productive divergence or
 >corrosive digression; he wants the truth. ...As sappy,
 >unsophisticated, and juvenile as that sounds? He just wants the
 >truth. That's all it ever was. Like I said: Jim's got _sack_!

 >That's a dwindling commodity lately, good ladies and
 >gentlebunkies, as the best of us chases after a canted
 >mainstream that will _never_ accept them and the worst of us use
 >that chase as an opportunity to wear their more honorable
 >opposition down; let's reverse an egregious trend and welcome
 >'sack' back into the community.

Hello Alfred,

Wow, and I was wondering why it's been oh so peaceful on the
List for the last couple of months. :)

My thoughts?

Never have I seen _anyone_ go the lengths that Mr. Mortellaro
has gone to to promote himself, and to (forcefully) gain
acceptance for his 'case'.

Most abductees have to be prodded and cajoled into going public.
Mr. Mortellaro seems to be engaged in a non-existent popularity
contest which he approaches as if it was a sanctioned Olympic

He came onto this List and informed everyone that he was an
"abductee." Everybody seems to have accepted that and taken him
at his word. It seems that the only one hung up on Mr.
Mortellaro's status as an "abductee" is Mr. Mortellaro himself.
It makes me wonder just 'what' it is, _really_, that he is
trying, with almost breathless desperation, to prove to

If I recall, it was _his_ choice not to post because _he_ was
'upset' with the lack of response from List members. Now _we_
are supposed to "invite" him back? And according to you, with an
"I'm sorry," and a "pretty please with sugar on top."  (?)

In his quest for recognition and attention maybe he now realizes
how he has cut off his own nose and spited his own face by making
the premature melodramatic Hollywood exit that he made. EBK did
not throw him off the List, and neither did any of its members.
Why does anybody have to "invite" him back? _We_ didn't go
anywhere. He did!

Hey, how about _he_ asks us if he can come back on the List?
After all, it was he who chronically complained about how
screwed up the List is.

As far as I'm concerned he can post or not as he wishes.
Personally, I haven't 'missed' him at all.

BUT...  (big 'but')

I _reserve the right_ to respond to his on-list proclamations
and to express my opinions (as I choose to or not) when he does
post. No 'special' treatment. We're all adults here.

"If you can't take the heat... stay out of the kitchen."

John Velez

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