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Kreskin: UFO Sightings In Eyes Of Beholders

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Subject: Kreskin: UFO Sightings In Eyes Of Beholders

Source: Las Vegas Sun, June 7, 2002,




June 07, 2002

Silverton UFO sightings in the eyes of the beholders

By Mary Manning


John Darger and his family came all the way from Salt Lake City
to catch a glimpse of a UFO predicted to appear in Las Vegas on

"We're in Vegas," Darger said. "What are the odds? Not good."

Darger, a building contractor, is a skeptic and an amateur
hypnotist and knows the tricks of the trade. But he said he was
willing to give mentalist Kreskin a chance to pull a flying
saucer out of the night sky.

The Amazing Kreskin, also known as George Joseph Kresge Jr.,
attracted about 300 people Thursday night to a dark desert lot
behind the Silverton hotel at Interstate 15 and Blue Diamond

The mentalist and entertainer had predicted that one of the
largest UFO sightings in recorded history would take place in
Nevada's desert in either May or June. Kreskin was so certain,
he promised that if nothing was sighted, then he would donate
$50,000 to charity.

But in the end Kreskin, who says he's not a psychic, never
expected to see anything otherworldly himself. He planned to
plant the idea in the minds of the audience to see alien objects
in the sky.

"It's not going to hurt you, it's not going to jeopardize you,"
he told the crowd in the showroom before the sightings. "It's
going to be fulfilling. It will be real to you, but it will be

"You are part of a gigantic experiment. Damn it, some of the
members of the intelligence community better raise their

The crowd headed outside, and at the drop of a hanky from the
67- year-old magical entertainer, the spectacle began. Kreskin
waded into the crowd, waiting for signs of other-worldly

People saw what they wanted to see, he said, adding he could not
believe what people reported. "A woman cried for 11 minutes. She
said she was not upset, but overwhelmed," he said.

He said he comforted the woman.

Nine men told Kreskin they saw a cloud with a strange color to

Shortly after 10 p.m., red and green lights began blinking in
the dark sky.

That wasn't too surprising, however, since people had gathered
under a flight path to McCarran International Airport. Four jets
streamed toward the expectant crowd.

And a total of 30 satellites, a rocket launch in Southern
California and a moonless night added to mysterious moving
lights in the sky.

No sooner had the green and red lights appeared, than some of
the people in the crowd began reacting.

"You may not be able to see anything," one woman cried, pointing
straight above her head, "but I can feel its presence."

Another woman grabbed Kreskin's arm and cried, "I saw a green

But there were skeptics in the crowd.

"May the farce be with you," said Derek Christiansen, a budding
writer, more interested in people's reactions on the ground than
anything in the air.

Three children played in the sand, ignoring adults playing mind
games above them.

Some people brought lawn chairs and watched the action with cold
beers in hand.

Many had come prepared for something to happen. "I'm an
abductee," Las Vegas resident Ginger Thompson said of a previous
trip she said she took on an outer space ship. "I was really
hoping for something."

Kreskin said the fact that people believed they saw UFOs proved
his point, and said he would not make the donation to charity.

He had an agenda in the announcement, he said, and it was more
than the publicity he received.

Since Sept. 11 he has realized that mind control such as he
practices could be used on the masses, and perhaps for evil,
Kreskin said.

"I want to share with the world the techniques of terrorism,
something we are not ready to combat," he said.

"Imagine how easy it would be if promises are made by some evil
dictator, a false messiah, another Hitler.

"I planted the seed," he said. "Imagine how a person, especially
today with mass communication, a person would cause people to
talk about it and spread it. I am ready to go on national
television to get a million people to act within 90 seconds. God
forbid a person doing it for half an hour or an hour."

That serious message escaped the believers, who enjoyed post-
  sighting euphoria as they left the casino clutching aliens made
out of green balloons.

"I can't wait to see those aliens," Las Vegas resident Joyce
Schweikert said.

John Darger gathered some of his seven children around him as
the crowd broke up about 10:30 p.m. "I'm going home tomorrow,
but it was fun and the truth is still out there."


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