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Re: Connors Open Response To Phil Klass - Hamilton

From: Bill Hamilton <skywatcher22@space.com>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 07:07:11 -0700 (PDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 15:46:38 -0400
Subject: Re: Connors Open Response To Phil Klass - Hamilton

 >From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs@comcast.net>
 >To: UFO Updates <UFOUpdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:02:51 -0600
 >Subject: Connors Open Response To Phil Klass

 >To the UFO Updates List:

 >This email was received by me on June 6, 2002. It is shared with
 >the readership and I answer it, here, on the UFO UpDates List:

 >Dear Wendy Connors:

 >Klass: In your recent 'Collective Mind of the CSICOP Cult', you
 >charged that CSICOP "is a cult of individuals whose commonality
 >and goal is to use any method under a twisted guise of science
 >to force a belief system THAT SCIENCE IS DAMAGED BY
 >INVESTIGATION OF PARANORMAL AVENUES and that people who engage
 >in such research are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS TO SOCIETY." (Emphasis

 >Connors: That is my expressed opinion. Why the need for
 >"Emphasis added?" It didn't need to be and denotes shouting in
 >computer netiquette. I am of the opinion that I must have
 >rattled your sensibilities that you felt the need to shout.
 >Email is a text-based forum. It has no volume control. But, go
 >ahead and rave on if you feel you must.

 >Klass: For more than 35 years, I have spent many thousands of
 >hours investigating dozens of UFO incidents--a prominent
 >paranormal phenomenon. And for nearly as long I have been a
 >member of CSICOP's Executive Council--which sets CSICOP policy.
 >Yet I have NEVER encountered any CSICOP policy or actions which
 >would confirm your accusation.

 >Connors: Having read your work regarding the field of Ufology, I
 >would disagree. You have spent over 35 years opining and
 >pretending you've investigated the phenomena of crypto-
 >aeronautics. Your so-called research is based upon ignoring the
 >raw data, failing to do field investigations and conviently
 >selecting bits and pieces of others work and effort to make a
 >case that is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination
 >and caused great harm to decent people who honestly look at the

 >Connors: You have done so from the immediate position of the case
 >being anything but a prosaic explanation. In other words, you
 >have defaulted and deceived yourself more than bringing to light
 >anything of scientific substance dealing with the phenomena of
 >crypto-aeronautics. You engage in character assassination... re:
 >Dennis Balthaser and others. You've done so repeatedly when your
 >own sub-standard research has been questioned by competent
 >researchers and investigators. Your track record is an open book
 >on this point.

 >Connors: In reference to your being of the CSICOP cults exective
 >board and have set the policy for CSICOP I will offer this
 >personal observation. Big deal. Your hidden agenda as a cult is
 >to mute and castigate free thought and research, because it is
 >in some trumped up fashion, a violation of CSICOPian ideals. You
 >and your one-mind hive members go out of their way to discredit
 >anyone who may be interested in openly researching and
 >expressing their right of belief and personal understanding of
 >the world around them. People don't bow to the CSICOPian ideals
 >of scientific thought and they are smeared with such labels as,
 >"Believers, etc." Robert Shaeffer is on record as a CSICOP
 >member and provides ample proof of such labeling in an attempt
 >to discredit. These and other not-so-nice practices indeed prove
 >that CSICOP is a bogus scientific cult without any redeeming
 >social value.



I remember CSICOP's greatest fiasco which was revealed by one of
their own, Dennis Rawlins, when there was a study made to refute
the claims of the prominent French neo-astrologers Michel and
Francoise Gauquelin.

See: http://cura.free.fr/xv/14starbb.html

This is Rawlins' article as it appeared in FATE magazine in
October 1981 that led to a furor within the ranks.

- Bill Hamilton

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