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Connors Open Response To Phil Klass

From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:02:51 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 20:25:35 -0400
Subject: Connors Open Response To Phil Klass

To the UFO Updates List:

This email was received by me on June 6, 2002. It is shared with
the readership and I answer it, here, on the UFO UpDates List:

Dear Wendy Connors:

Klass: In your recent 'Collective Mind of the CSICOP Cult', you
charged that CSICOP "is a cult of individuals whose commonality
and goal is to use any method under a twisted guise of science
to force a belief system THAT SCIENCE IS DAMAGED BY
in such research are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS TO SOCIETY." (Emphasis

Connors: That is my expressed opinion. Why the need for
"Emphasis added?" It didn't need to be and denotes shouting in
computer netiquette. I am of the opinion that I must have
rattled your sensibilities that you felt the need to shout.
Email is a text-based forum. It has no volume control. But, go
ahead and rave on if you feel you must.

Klass: For more than 35 years, I have spent many thousands of
hours investigating dozens of UFO incidents--a prominent
paranormal phenomenon. And for nearly as long I have been a
member of CSICOP's Executive Council--which sets CSICOP policy.
Yet I have NEVER encountered any CSICOP policy or actions which
would confirm your accusation.

Connors: Having read your work regarding the field of Ufology, I
would disagree. You have spent over 35 years opining and
pretending you've investigated the phenomena of crypto-
aeronautics. Your so-called research is based upon ignoring the
raw data, failing to do field investigations and conviently
selecting bits and pieces of others work and effort to make a
case that is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination
and caused great harm to decent people who honestly look at the

Connors: You have done so from the immediate position of the case
being anything but a prosaic explanation. In other words, you
have defaulted and deceived yourself more than bringing to light
anything of scientific substance dealing with the phenomena of
crypto-aeronautics. You engage in character assassination... re:
Dennis Balthaser and others. You've done so repeatedly when your
own sub-standard research has been questioned by competent
researchers and investigators. Your track record is an open book
on this point.

Connors: In reference to your being of the CSICOP cults exective
board and have set the policy for CSICOP I will offer this
personal observation. Big deal. Your hidden agenda as a cult is
to mute and castigate free thought and research, because it is
in some trumped up fashion, a violation of CSICOPian ideals. You
and your one-mind hive members go out of their way to discredit
anyone who may be interested in openly researching and
expressing their right of belief and personal understanding of
the world around them. People don't bow to the CSICOPian ideals
of scientific thought and they are smeared with such labels as,
"Believers, etc." Robert Shaeffer is on record as a CSICOP
member and provides ample proof of such labeling in an attempt
to discredit. These and other not-so-nice practices indeed prove
that CSICOP is a bogus scientific cult without any redeeming
social value.

Klass: I recall that a number of "pro-UFO" investigators have
accepted invitations to present their views at CSICOP
conferences, including Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. John Mack, Dr.
Eddie Bullard, Donald Schmitt and Dr. Leo Sprinkle. (To my
knowledge, MUFON has never invited a "UFO-skeptic" to speak at
one of its annual conferences.)

Connors: And after being so generous you expect what? Donald
Schmitt is not a competent researcher and has lied about his
background. I've been with him on field research and observed
his methodology. Let's just say it's pretty much lacking in all
areas. He tries, but certainly doesn't engage in character
assassination or demeaning labeling. As to the others, each to
their own on as to why they would waste their time on a cult
that has already made up their minds. I'm not accountable for
anyone's periodic lapse in judgment. But, I would venture only a
guess that they were honorable people and thought that they
might be received objectively. However, something tells me they
never went back, even if invited. MUFON, by not inviting a "UFO-
  skeptic" to speak at one of its annual conferences tells me
that for once they did something right. However, I have photos
of you attending many UFO conferences, so it isn't like you were
maliciously turned away or abused for being there. I don't
understand this inspid point you make anyway.

Klass: Reference the Blue Ribbon Panel of UFO Experts, created
by the National Enquirer in the early 1970s, the names of its
five pro-UFO members are listed in Chapter 28 of my book "UFOs
Explained," publlshed by Random House in 1975.  (I volunteered
twice to serve on the panel without pay, but my offers were not

Connors: Well, if this is true, I may have to rethink my
position regarding the caliber of people putting out that odeous

Klass: Finally, I invite you to provide specific actions taken
by CSICOP which you find objectionable.


Phil Klass

OK. I will. But remember you made the invitation Mr. Klass.

Ready UFO UpDate readers?

Here goes:

The MISAHA Newsletter (Monterey Institute for the Study of
Alternative Healing Arts) Edited by Savely Savaa, published the
following letter exchange he had with one of the Editors of
'Free Inquiry' magazine in the Jan-Dec 2001 issue of his
newsletter on page 28. 'Free Inquiry' is a magazine and
publication of the CSICOP cult.

Mr. Savaa prepared a paper dealing with alternative methods of
healing and thought that the CSICOPian magazine, with it's
respectable title of 'Free Inquiry', might be interesting and
sent an offer to exchange a copy of his newsletters for a copy
of 'Free Inquiry'. Following is quoted the actual reply Mr.
Savaa received from the CSICOPian editor:

"No thanks. Actually, one of the things we've learned through
inquiry is that there's no such thing as 'spirit', alternative
medicine is bunk, and people like you are the most repellent
sorts of con artists. Our sister publications, SKEPTICAL
done numerous exposes of your field. If we lived in a just
society you and all your quack colleagues would be in dungeons
somewhere, chained face-down to huge stone wheels and being
gang-raped on irregular schedules."

I rest my case Mr. Klass. My opinion hasn't changed. I still
believe CSICOP to be a cult that engages in psuedo-science and
is an illegitimate and bogus scientific organization that has
brought harm to legitimate science and leaves a legacy of
dishonesty in all that CSICOP professes to be. I truly believe
that if you had stayed with just being an aviation writer and
having the safety of being able to touch an airplane, rather
than venturing into a research area you were not qualified to
undertake and required you to be open in your mind to
contemplate the concepts of possibility and probability, you
would have stood a better chance of being loved and appreciated
by more than your like-minded cultists.

Consequently, I find you and your ilk irrelevant in all areas of
honorable scientific investigation. CSICOP is your baby, Mr.
Klass. You have the misfortune to have to live with what you
helped create. CSICOP Be Not Proud.

Wendy Connors

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