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Re: Fewer Abductions? - Velez

From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 17:23:07 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 20:00:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Fewer Abductions? - Velez

 >From: Bill Hamilton <skywatcher22@space.com>
 >To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 06:20:47 -0700 (PDT)
 >Subject: Re: Fewer Abductions?

 >>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
 >>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >>Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 03:27:52 -0400
 >>Subject: Re: Fewer Abductions?

 >>>From: Bob Young <YoungBob2@aol.com>
 >>>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
 >>>Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 11:33:51 EDT
 >>>Subject: Re: Fewer Abductions?


 >>>Then, of course, there is the cultural hypothesis: times, they
 >>>are a changing, and the idea is fading.

 >>Hola Young Bob,

 >>When the truth of the existence of the UFOs and their occupants
 >>(finally) becomes common knowledge, some people are going to
 >>suffer over it more than others. I guess giving the other guy the
 >>benefit of the doubt (keeping an open mind) is passe and something
 >>that went out with the horse and buggy.

Hi Bill, hi All,

Ghod help all you Listers out there. I'm home recovering from an
operation and I have all this time on my hands. I hope that
explains the number and length of my recent posts. You've been
warned. :)

Bill, you wrote:

 >Hey, John, I am already suffering over it, suffering from all
 >these comments, opinions, and attitudes. Guess you and I are in
 >that slightly different category of experiencers.

I don't know about 'different category' but I sure as Hell am
tired of fighting an all uphill battle. The only thing that
keeps me going is; I still have hope for us all. If it wasn't
for that I'd be outta here faster than you could say, 'Betty
Hill!'  :)

 >>(If) this is all a cultural or psychological phenomena then you
 >>should all be quaking in your boots. If it can 'infect' the
 >>number of perfectly sane people that it has, then what makes you
 >>so smug to think you are somehow immune from 'catching it'
 >>yourself? Any way you look at it, you cut your own throat each
 >>and every time you dismiss these thousands of _honest_ reports
 >>as mere psycho-fluff with no possibility of having any basis in

 >Its the 'meme' phenomena. Consider the T-phage virus. A T-phage
 >cannot replicate itself; it reproduces by hijacking the DNA of a
 >bacterium, forcing its host to make millions of copies of the

 >Similarly, an idea can parasitically infect your mind and alter
 >your behavior, causing you to want to tell your friends about
 >the idea, thus exposing them to the idea-virus. Any idea which
 >does this is called a "meme" (pronounced 'meem').

 >Just think how we are spreading the UFO and alien memes on this
 >List and througout the Internet. My gosh, the whole world may
 >soon be infected!

Meem eh? Interesting concept. At this point I don't much care
'how' it getting through, as much as that it _is_ getting
through. Via 'meem' or otherwise. I don't know from "meems" and
I'm not seeking to sell any belief systems to anyone. What I do
know is; we all have a duty to our self, our families and to
others to stay the course. Regardless of the obstacles
encountered along the way. With the cold, certain and
unemotional conviction of a master martial artist we must all
stand our ground.

 >>If it is psycho-fluff... then please tell me why the mental
 >>health community has not acknowledged and addressed a phenomenon
 >>that is clearly manifest among a _significant_ number of people?
 >>World wide! They usually clamor to embrace anything they can
 >>throw Prozac or some other mood or mind altering chemical at,
 >>not to mention an opportunity to 'bill' for years of therapy.
 >>They continue to invent new 'disorders' daily but they have
 >>somehow not chosen to address one that is 'in their faces.'

 >Psychosis #5224: Abduction by aliens. A disorder characterized
 >by belief that one has experienced a period of missing time
 >within which alien lifeforms examine your body and mind followed
 >by a compulsion to tell others of these experiences with the
 >objective of finding a rational answer. (Note: also suffering
 >from psychological trauma induced by scoffing disbelievers who
 >often claim "its just hypnogogic hallucination")!

 >Ha! Will that fit the bill for an entry in the Encyclopedia of
 >Abnormal Psychology?

You'd think that it would have become a major topic of
discussion in the trade journals - at least. Not a peep. Maybe a
dismissive (and isolated) article skimming the surface of the
subject - at best. But no, nothing at all to speak of in terms
of the phenomenon getting the attention of the mental health
community. An odd, almost uncharacteristic response that I find
completely fascinating. If not revealing.

 >>All these folks, from all over the world Bob, _all_ reporting
 >>the _same_ details - symptoms to you Bob :) Yet the mental
 >>health community has _completely_ ignored it. Ya think that
 >>maybe they already know that these people - abductees - are
 >>_not_ suffering from any major 'mental health' issues? With
 >>exceptions I'm sure. And that _that_ knowledge is the reason
 >>why it has not been addressed by them as a body?

 >Ahh, symptoms. Vill you please relax on my couch and describe
 >your symptoms? Then ve vill propose a cure.

 >Hmmm, how did those strange triangles appear on your skin?

Physical marks and scars, certain chronic medical conditions,
ground trace and multiple witness cases need to be addressed. It
is insulting to us, and way too simplistic to write us all off
as suffering from some form of purely psychological disorder
without first defining that disorder.

If we're sick, then 'what' do we have?

 >>When the reality of UFOs and their occupants becomes common
 >>knowledge... worlds will explode.

 >Whoa, let's not go too far here with the imagery.

I should have added the qualifier 'inner' in front of the word
'worlds.' It would have made the statement clearer.  :)

 >>The shattering of world views will have the most devastating
 >>effect among those who cling to their beliefs as if they were
 >>carved in Krell metal. When the time comes, and it _will_ come,
 >>they will need comforting and understanding beyond measure.
 >>Imagine for just a moment what a humbling and truly educational
 >>experience it would be to receive comfort, understanding and
 >>help from the very people you have been routinely dismissing and
 >>insulting -without second thought- for so many years.

 >>Be more open-minded Bob. Not gullable mind you, just more open
 >>minded. Willing to keep certain questions open until _all_ the
 >>evidence is in. It wouldn't hurt, and hey, you may _really_ need
 >>us some day. :)

 >An open mind doesn't really hurt. Neither does a little cosmic
 >good humor. :)


Warm regards to you and Mrs. H

John Velez

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