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Re: SDI 190 - 'Media Not Covering-Up' - White

From: Eleanor White <raven1@mail.nas.net>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 16:53:03 +0000
Fwd Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 19:55:44 -0400
Subject: Re: SDI 190 - 'Media Not Covering-Up' - White

 >From: Stan Friedman <fsphys@brunnet.net>
 >To: <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:19:17 -0300
 >Subject: Re: SDI 190 - 'Media Not Covering-Up'

 >>From: Eleanor White <raven1@mail.nas.net>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >>Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 07:48:06 +0000
 >>Subject: Re: SDI 190 - 'Media Not Covering-Up'

 >>>From: Dave Bowden <grafikfx@lineone.net>
 >>>To: <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >>>Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 16:03:05 +0100
 >>>Subject: Re: SDI 190 - 'Media Not Covering-Up' - Bowden


 >>>Three points I'd like to make here if I may.

 >>>1. You mentioned 'debunker' a few times in your posts. I hope
 >>>you are not implying I am a 'debunker' simply because I don't
 >>>happen to agree with your chosen methods.

 >>No, I don't know about your views and UFO-related work at all.

 >>Debunkers are the guys who say interstellar travel is impossible
 >>because nobody can travel faster than light, ignoring the fact
 >>that humankind does not know everything there is to know about
 >>physics. And do so at the _end_ of every UFO documentary or
 >>news item, which seems to be the only format the media is
 >>willing to use.

 >Don't forget that at 99.9% of the speed of light it only takes
 >20 months, pilot time, to go a distance of 37 Light Years
 >(Distance to Zeta Reticuli) .At 99.99% of the speed of light it
 >only takes 6months to go a distance of 37 light years. Go out
 >and come back and marry your grand child's best friend. The gift
 >of immortality. No reason to assume they come here from home
 >base each time. I once did 25 lectures in 35 days in 15 states
 >without being home at all in the interim.

I'm only an engineer, not a physicist, but the eye-popping
things being discussed by the theory guys tell me that it is
likely, (not certain I admit,) that other-dimensional travel
will completely end run around any number of light years.

(That is strictly opinion, based on the number of times science
has said "can't be done" only to have it done in time.)

I'd be happy if the naysayers changed from "impossible" to "may
or may not be possible".


 >>I haven't heard of any extended picketing for release of UFO
 >>information, so it probably hasn't been tried. Personally, I'd
 >>guess it might take a year of picketing in a well chosen spot to
 >>budge even those members of government who are in favour of
 >>releasing the files. Including bad weather days.

 >There have been incidents of UFO picketing in DC. Elaine Douglas
 >and the Right to Know group did it. Got some CNN coverage.

Right. Forgot about that. Needs repeating. Some years ago I
asked Elaine Douglass if any of her colleagues might be
interested in starting up again. She said no.

 >Frankly, I think trying to get any of the major media to spend
 >1/10 what was spent on Monica Lewinsky, Elian Gonzalez, Gary
 >Condit would be more productive.

Doggedly determined picketing might accomplish that. I can't
think of much else that would, given the not-often-stated but
overwhemingly-hinted-at censorship that passes between owners
and top managers, and working level journalists. By that I mean,
a brief snicker or facial expression or even body position can
censor as effectively as an official memo.

Picketing with the feeling portrayed by James Stewart in the
movie as a crusading filibustering senator - was it "Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington"? That's what's needed in this day and age.

 >On the other hand I am not at
 >all in favor of releasing all classified info we have gleaned
 >from measurments of the flight characteristics and from careful
 >evaluation of flying saucer wreckage.Why put advanced technical
 >data out on the table for the Husseins and Osamas of the

Not enough room to explain all that on a picket sign, Dr.
Friedman - I agree with you and if I were a UFO picketer, I
would be more than happy to simply have the existence, and lay-
person-understandable main craft capabilities released.

 >One can't tell ones friends without telling ones enemies.
 >Breaking open the Cosmic Watergate is one thing. Handing out
 >very advanced technology is quite something else. One of the
 >many problems with what Greer is doing is that he doesn't seem
 >to have any real understanding of security. But then the SETI
 >Cultists don't either.I do think I will join the SETI League
 >which includes SETV among its goals. (Search for
 >Extraterrestrial Visitations)

I agree - no need to publish enough so a backyard experimenter
can build his own personal UFO.

 >>I'm saying here that the importance of the issue deserves
 >>extreme effort, in light of what 50+ years of waiting has not

 >I think the very wide acceptance of UFO reality and new thinking
 >about government cover-ups have been real achievments. As has
 >been noted before, I have had only 11 hecklers after over 700
 >lectures and I come on very strong.

Interesting and encouraging - my other group is working for a
similar disclosure, and hecklers are practically non-existent in
the formal lectures, and relatively rare on the street picket
sites. That's what UFO folks need to realize - times have really
changed, and activism now has a chance to accomplish something
positive. Approaching the "engraved invitation" state, even.

 >Come on out to Roswell for
 >July 6 .My talk will be "Critiquing the Roswell Critics". Or
 >tune in to the Canadian Cable TV SPACE Channel on Wednesday,
 >June 19, 8PM, EDT, 9PM in the Maritime provinces and 9:30 in
 >Newfoundland for "Stanton T. Friedman IS Real" including
 >comments from Kevin Randle and Karl Pflock.

I'd love to, but all time and resources must go to my other
cause. Thanks for the info on the TV appearances. I've been a
great admirer of yours since I first heard you speaking about
the importance of getting the most basic information right, like
the correct name of the county!

Eleanor White

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